Social Media

World’s Most Popular Social Networking Website: Facebook

Facebook is one of the most famous and powerful social networking website on the internet. Its mission is to give the users the power to share and make the world connected. Millions of users are joining the social community everyday to connect with their friends, family and discovering new friends. Facebook lets users upload unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and get to know what people are up to. Facebook is putting its social networking site with the latest technology every other day so that its users stay satisfied.

Individuals of different ages are seen meeting, communicating and making friends online. The online community offers much more than just meeting new people. Students as well as business organizations use the community to bring updates from schools or a certain employee announcing an emergency meeting in the morning or an important notice to be share with others.

When I first joined the community, I had a group of friends of only 7 which used to communicate with each other on different issues. As time passed, I started to search for my old school friends and found almost 30 of them. By the time I was graduating I had a database of more than 100 friends. All of them used to make plans online and upload to stuff for each other to share. I was really happy to re-unite with them.

The popularity of the online community is more among high school students and college students. Register yourself for a specific network and you are connected to all the users present on the community. Usually university or college students get to register themselves on communities representing their educational institutes so that they stay updated with the postings, happenings and friends.

All social networking websites bring in some advantages as well as disadvantages. Same way Facebook has some disadvantages or some may also refer it as an advantage just as developers say. Facebook does not let you communicate with all site members; you are limited to only those members who are on your friend list. Apart from communicating, you are also prohibited to view their profile and their photos if any uploaded. Developer’s at Facebook say that it is for your own safety.

Facebook is a modern day discovery for which Mark Zuckerberg has to be thanked as it is due to him that thousands of people on the opposite sides of the globe are virtually connected to each other as he didn’t believe in these creative names or dream of accolades but only for making social media what it is today.

Facebook allow its users to join workplace networks which are meant to bring a crowd together to communicate. Somewhat like a company opens the workplace and wants to discuss day to day updates as well as other things such as announcements it could be viewed by the employees of the company who are subscribed to the specific workplace. Permissions are granted as to keep control of the community.

Another feature which Facebook brings in is the applications. Using them you will never get bored as they bring the best games you can online with your friends such as Poker. Play with your friends as well as others on Facebook, win games, earn chips, trade chips online and make the best of your time on the social community.