Why Corporate Video Is Important – Know the reasons!!

There has been a huge leap in marketing capability in the last 5 years. That marketing sea change is due by the advent of the smart phone. The smart phone has allowed seamless access to the internet and videos online anywhere. Now seeking goods and services does not have to wait until you get to a computer; you can whip out your smart phone and search for a provider. Most times those searches are for video since most web content can still be challenging to read on a smart phone. Phoenix Video Production will produce smart, impactful first impression videos for your service or product.

You should know the reasons for choosing the best nyc production company to edit the videos. The services for the production are smart and unique for the people. The content of the videos is excellent to satisfy the needs of the individuals. The learning about the facts is also beneficial for the people.

Video Production Arizona

Arizona Video Production Companies create videos for every campaign and purpose. Marketing by video is the commercial field seeing the largest growth. Corporations are contracting video production consultants for trainings, public relations marketing, product and services marketing and also associate and employee information campaigns. The first class Phoenix Video Production firms will offer these points of service –

• Creative consulting services — A top-notch Consultant will Mastermind with you and offer creative insights for your video campaigns. They will offer to script and cast your video project if you so chose.

• Scout locations and Project manage — From the first conversation to the last cut; a credible video production firm will manage every aspect of the dramatization of your message.

• Demonstrate expertise in all the video production techniques – Motion graphics, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, Editing, Special effects and coloration, encoding and compression and most importantly; video for the web optimization.

A well produced and edited video is the best way there is today to reach the public. Phoenix Video Productions can re-introduce an established business to the public or make a new business worthy of checking out.

Web Video as the Evolution of Commerce

The internet has just recently reached the stage that television was when it became the premium marketing medium in the 1950s. Before the mid 2000s the internet was generally a text and photo driven media. Not that text and pictures will become obsolete; but videos for product presentation and service announcements are quickly becoming the major business enhancement technique.

Why Web-Video Will Become the Top Marketing Tool

With the explosion of wireless communication, many people are now being entertained, informed and reached for marketing online through video. Following are the major reasons to use video marketing Phoenix to reach the public 

• Return on Investment (ROI) — Adding video to an online marketing campaign can potentially reach millions of eyeballs at a fraction of the cost necessary to reach those eyeballs just a handful of years ago. A website with a video presence increases dwell rate by 20% and dwell time by 100%.

• Increased Engagement with Site Content — Video keeps site visitor engagement with the content stimulating. Visitors spend more time on a website that features well produced video content. Videos improve close rates by 20% and online registrations by 25%. Phoenix Video Production firms can provide higher close rates and site registrations.

• Give Your Site Traction – states in a 2009 study that 85% of people online watched an average of 10hrs of online video per month. That rate has been growing steadily since 2009. 26 billion videos were viewed online in September of 2009 alone.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — No question that video presence on your site will improve SEO. Google’s launch of Universal Search from Google in 2010 ushered in the era of Google prioritizing sites with video in the search returns.

• Video is the Top Marketing Priority — Since 2010 video has been the top marketing tool online. Surveys have found that video content is seen as more important than SEO, social media, PPC and email marketing for effective customer attraction.

Video will continue to be an ever-evolving medium for marketing and education. Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer spoke in 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about the ‘convergence of screens’. Tablets, PCs, mobile devices and TVs are coalescing into one giant entity of information distribution. There will not be distinct television, mobile or internet content. All of it will converge into one media entity. So will getting and receiving consumer education and information about you and your company. Video Production Arizona companies will create imaginative, effective video content for you with these new media strategies.

The costs of devices for viewing movies, surfing the internet, large screen HD televisions and mobile technology are falling rapidly. Much like the days when there were only a few telephones in the neighborhood; to the time when every home had two or more phones, access to video content on the web will reach saturation like the telephone has. A web presence is necessary; a web presence with video will be optimal.

The trend to rich video and social networking market strategies creates a multitude of opportunities and some definite challenges. Arizona Video Production Companies will maximize the opportunities and handle every challenge. The opportunities are focused on outreach to the public. The challenges are bandwidth usage amongst others such as –

• For business-to-business and business to consumer market strategies, the expansion of video marketing will require heavy upfront investment in the technical capabilities; or hiring video marketing consultants like Video Production Arizona firms.

• Businesses will be required to learn new ways to communicate with their audiences. Simple broadcast advertising will become obsolete. The line between information and entertainment will have to be adjusted.

• The workplace-viewing screen will be anywhere, not just at work or home on the computer. The explosion of the smart phone, ipods, ipads and google books will make imaginative video presentations for trainings and community outreach by companies a challenging endeavor.