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When and why should you change your mattresses?

When our clothes and things get a tear or become old and less useful, we know its right to get a replacement. But people often get confused when it comes to a mattress when it’s the right time to buy a new mattress. Buying a new mattress never crosses the mind even if you get poor quality sleep. There is no rule set when to change your mattress, but it is good to change when it becomes uncomfortable to show the signs that it needs to go. 

Over time, the allergens and the bust mites accrue on the mattress, and people with respiratory conditions or allergies must change your mattress timely. It has been studied that a mattress has a duration of just about 8 years. But it highly depends on the type and quality of mattress that it will last long less or more time. Definitely, the type of mattress matters and high-quality materials will make the mattress last long. Get to know about the Zeopedic Gel Cooling White Essentials Collection as there is a huge collection of memory foam that is best known to provide support and cooler sleep.

Why should you replace your mattress?

There can be multiple reasons for replacing your mattress, but the imperative one is comfort. Along with time, a mattress tends to start to sag and lose its shape; this creates lumps and dips in the mattress. A saggy mattress will never provide a good night’s sleep and will cause uncomforting. Let us talk about some other major reasons to change the mattress:

  • Mites and allergens

It might feel uncomfortable when you think about it, but yes, the old mattress is of little critters, mites, and many other types of allergens. The mites and allergens in the mattress can cause allergic reactions and make you sick. People with allergic problems or respiratory issues must ensure to get a new mattress free from critters or mites. A new mattress will provide a hygienic, clean, and safe sleeping area that won’t make you sneeze or cringe. 

  • Discomfort in sleep causing pain

The crucial reason you should replace your mattress is over usage of mattress that becomes saggy and provides discomfort. As mattress sag, it starts causing pain in joints and muscles, and this is the right time to change your mattress. Some people prefer buying firmer mattresses while some prefer the softer ones, you must buy the better for back pain. It is always suggested to buy a medium-firm mattress as it is not too soft and will not make your spine sag. 

  • Sweat, dirt, water and other nasties

Another reason why you should change your mattresses timely is that they get dirty. Mattresses tend to absorb things from their surroundings when we use them or not. In summers, it will absorb your sweat, humidity from the air, which contains millions of toxins and pollutants. Replacing your mattress regularly will provide a good and clean sleeping surface. You must look for the mattresses that have a level of waterproofing as it will not absorb your sweat and won’t make them smelly. 

  • Needs of couples

Couples are more prone to replace their mattresses timely as the partners always have different sleeping needs. Old mattresses become sag because of the motion transfer of one partner. Replacing old mattresses with memory foam mattresses can help to eliminate or minimize the level of motion transfer, causing an equivalent sleeping surface. With a new mattress, partners can motion transfer, and the other person won’t even feel about it. 

  • To stay healthy

Old mattresses that collect dirt, sweat and tend to sag make it uncomfortable to have a good sleep. Researchers have found that having a good sound sleep can help in good health by reducing joints and muscles’ pain. Buying a new mattress according to your preference, can provide you better quality sleep. With good sleep, you can stay fit and healthy. 

Old mattresses need to be replaced timely to get the benefits of a new mattress. You can live a healthier life by sleeping well at night. There can be many reasons to change your old mattresses, which are mentioned above.