What Men Want In Women The Perfect Way To Better Your Relationship

Most people think that the female mind is difficult to understand. It is rather hard to perceive what actually goes inside a woman’s mind. However, this intrigue is something what makes a woman the most sought after thing for a man. In addition, if there were someone who is head over heels in love with you, he would do just about anything to have your mystery unraveled as you move out into this mystic journey called love!

Nevertheless, is that all there is to it? We women often think that male minds are nothing but an open book. Playing ladylove is rather easy. But, as obvious as it might seem, the male mind too has a unique pattern of thoughts and if you wish to be the perfect partner for him you should know exactly what men want in women. You might be the best-looking thing he has ever seen or a lucky catch for other men in competition. However, if you wish to get your man hooked for life it would be indispensable for you to know what he wants out of you.

Look Good Both On The Inside And The Outside

Men are attracted to pretty faces. As much truth this line holds, it is a reality that men seek more than just a great face. They want their women to look presentable and have a good shape but then they want beyond just the facade. They look for someone with a good soul, someone who is honest and trustworthy.

Hence, if you are the possessor of good looks and at the same time a better person from within then you might just be what men want in women.

Have a Drive For Life And Be A Fun Person To Be With

Men do not like women who act silly and behave immature. This ticks them off big time. The least a man wants is a woman with tantrums. Maturity and independence is what men want to see in their women and like them to have a definite drive towards life.

As much as men like women who are serious in terms of life’s big decisions they also want them to be fun loving and have a good sense of humor. This makes them want to spend more time with their partners than searching for a respite in their male friends. Finding people on Christian dating sites or any other one is not a bad thing.

Keep Your Relationship Devoid Of Any Manipulations

You might be able to succeed in pulling off playing a role in the first few dates. However, it is after this that your traits would actually show. If you are a whiner about things around, then this would certainly tick your man off and he would start repelling you. To add to the misery if you start resorting to manipulative games to attract his attention then you can kiss your potential relationship good bye.

Men get very irritated with the sick games that desperate women play to want their attention. They despise clingy partners who have a pile of expectations for them to cater. Be a sensible partner, as you do not want to be liability for him. You would rather be someone who helps him release his pressures, and be a substitute to his male compatriots. This is really, what men want in women.

Respect Your Man’s Space And Stay Committed

It is important for a woman to understand the fact that men also need space to keep the relationship going. Ample space is something that they wish to have. Do not seem needy and clingy for it will only drive him away. Have a life yourself and concentrate on other important things than only the relationship. Apart from this, men want commitment. So keep these things in your mind and see your relationship grow stronger with time.


It is necessary to know the person, to talk to them, to be open to them about everything and your thoughts, and if required it is important to date them if you are thinking of something to take forward with the same person because there are a lot of difficulties one might face in future but being clear about it is important.