What are the most popular Hemp Strains in 2020 & How To Choose the Best one?

Smoking CBD flower will have a considerable amount of beneficial effects. To purchase the hemp Flower then you will have to find out a reputed and certified grower who will able to offer the best hemp strains. Hemp is a versatile plant, which has played one of the most important roles in mankind’s history. For the last several years, the hemp industry has experienced a significant amount of ups & downs. 

CBD business has gained a lot of popularity because of legal recognition in a variety of countries. CBD products come with the antique terpene profile that will encourage the specific effects. To learn more about the best hemp strains, then you should read the following paragraphs carefully.

  • Elektra

Nothing is better than Elektra that is manufactured using Early Resin Berry & ACDC. It is considered a Sativa-heavy hybrid, which is considered for its piney aromatics.  Any person can make use of Elektra at any time of day. 

  • Special Sauce Premium

You should buy Special Sauce Premium because it comes with a high terpene profile. More than 15 different kinds of terpenes are available in the standard special sauce that will surely make an unforgettable flavor experience. Few flavors are giving an exotic floral taste, such as fenchol, farnesene & phytol. 

  • Sour Space Candy

If you are new in the CBD world, then you must initiate with Sour Space Candy. This hemp strain is created using the blend of the Early Resin Berry & Sour Tsunami. It has become a perfect option for social occasions. This hemp strain is known for its powerful fruity aromatics.

  • ACDC

When it comes to CBD rockstar, then ACDC is the first aspect that comes to our mind. In case you are searching for a relaxed buzz, then ACDC would be a great option for you.  It has become powerful CBD strains. 

  • Lifter

A lifter is great CBD hemp strains that are supplied by the famous CBD strain Suver Haze.  This hemp strain is unnaturally dark as compared to other strains. If you are using such strain earlier in the day, then it will boost the daily routine. 

These are some best hemp strains that will able to rock your world. You should purchase the hemp strains as per requirements.

How To Select Right Hemp Strains?

The popularity of the hemp strains is on its hype. Different types of hemp strains are available with its antique flavor & effect profile. You can try out the interesting & new strains to see how they taste & feel. To experience to be enjoyable, then you should purchase top-notch quality hemp flower. In case you are buying a poor-quality product, then it will not going to taste perfect. A bad quality flower will not able to give you the level of effects that you are searching for. Before choosing the hemp strains, you should pay close attention to the following important things. 

  • Check the smells of hemp.

Before selecting the hemp strain, you will have to pay attention to the hemp smells. The smell of the hemp totally depends on the terpene profile of the herm. You should purchase the hemp strains with great concentrations of terpenes that will have a powerful smell. You will not have to purchase the hemp strains with low terpene content that will not have a great smell. In case you are getting the moldy smell, then it isn’t high quality hemp terpene.  When you are buying the great hemp, then it will have a great aroma.

  • Pay attention to Trichomes.

You should purchase the hemp strains that are manufactured using a hardened resin that will store a considerable amount of cannabinoid & terpenes that will make the hemp useful in the first place. If you are purchasing the great hemp flower, then it will surely have a significant amount of visible Trichomes on the surfaces of leaves. It means hemp flower is handled with proper care during the harvesting process. If you want to buy a healthy hemp strain, then you should check the homepage of every company that is offering hemp plants.

  • Genuine hemp plants

You must buy healthy hemp plants that will never create a negative impact on health.  A person should not purchase the hemp strain that is already exposed to the insects. The majority of the companies are offering the hemp strains that were exposed to dangerous chemicals during production. All you need to invest money in the genuine quality hemp strain.

  • Fresh & healthy hemp flower

You should find out the right company that is storing the hemp properly. It will take a lot of months or years to be noticeable if hemp strains are stored properly. In case anyone is storing the hemp poorly, then it will break down in a few months. Before buying hemp strain, you should pay attention to the harvest date of hemp. Make sure that you are purchasing hemp flowers that are older than almost 6 months. 

Conclusive words

These are important things that you must take into account while purchasing the hemp strain. Bear in mind that not every hemp is the same. Some strains are sedative, and others are analgesic or euphoric. In case you are using hemp for a particular application, then it is quite important to purchase the perfect strain for the job.