Weight Loss Success Eating Fat

Through my adult life, I have struggled with weight problems, and with finding ways to regain control of my weight. My gradual weight gain started when I left school and settled into a 9 to 5 work schedule, and I could never quite understand why I was gaining so much weight. I did not change my eating habits, and I stayed very active, more physically active than most people, yet I could not stop my weight from steadily going up. Frustrated, I have tried many different weight loss approaches, from low fat diets, to calorie counting and even going vegan for a period. None of them worked, the more I exercise, the more food I seem to crave, calorie restriction leaves me feeling like I have no energy and I constantly have to battle my own strong urges to eat more food.

While all these different diets failed, I grew more and more frustrated with my own lack of self discipline and willpower, something that puzzled me a great deal since in most other aspects of my life, my self discipline and willpower are very strong. I was wondering why my body and mind felt so terrible if I was trying to eat healthy, and could not understand why my body was craving more, when I supposedly was giving it the best possible foods already.

The turning point in my long history of diet failures came from a newspaper article about an extraordinary man that had lost 100 pounds while eating nothing but meat and oils. As I read his story, I recognized many of the same patterns that I had experienced in my own weight battle and I was inspired to read more about his theories and method. The man was Sven Sture Skaldman, a Swedish writer who had just released his personal journey of defying all conventional nutritional wisdom, and in the process regained his health.

The basic theory behind his weight loss was a low carb diet, but having never heard of that philosophy, I was stunned and shocked when I read what kind of meals he recommended. Eggs, bacon, steak, as much as you want, covered in as much butter as you can handle. All the foods that I secretly loved, and always felt that I should not eat. Not only were they allowed on Skaldmans diet plan, they were encouraged!

According to the theory, people of Scandinavian decent like myself, are particularly well suited to convert fat in the food to body heat, compelling stories about the typical Inuit diet of nothing but seal meat, and firm rebuttals of most of the things you hear about the dangers of eating fat had me convinced. I would give the diet a shot.

As I started the diet, midway through the first day, I got a terrible headache. The kind of headaches I had gotten before when I hadn’t eaten in too long and my blood sugar level fell too low. A couple of days later, I felt like I had gotten a pretty harsh flu, and my stomach started acting up something awful. Had I not discovered a very helpful website with low carb information, I would certainly have ditched the diet after such a disastrous start. Reading that the symptoms I had were normal reactions when switching the body from running on sugar to burning fat for energy made it easier to stick with the plan. That the food I was eating was very satisfying and I never had to go hungry was also a big help, but most of all, seeing that I had lost 8 pounds in the first week made me start to wonder if the absurd notion that eating as much fat as you can will make you lose weight was true.

As I get better at understanding my own body and how it reacts to different foods, I find it easier and easier to lose weight and stay happy on my diet. When I first started out, I ended up eating bacon and eggs or an omelet for virtually every meal. Of course, I grew tiered of eggs and bacon under such overexposure. At a point, I started skipping meals because I did not want to eat eggs. The way out of the food rut, was once again through the experiences of other low carb dieters on the internet. As I read more about what nutrients are in foods, I started to gain a better understanding of how I could expand what I ate, and still keep to the effective diet I was on. I started adding some vegetables carefully, eventually starting to eat home made salads for many meals, salads that are more than a little heavy on cheese cubes, salami, bacon bits, hard boiled eggs, olives, avocados and more, and always with plenty of oil based dressing. Adding different foods made the diet a lot easier as I was getting fed up of all my meals being fried, and always seeming to include fried eggs in some form.

As I expanded my awareness of food, I started adding more fish and certain vegetables to my diet, using low carb principles I’ve been able to eat more varied than ever before, the few foods I miss are well worth the extraordinary benefits I’ve experienced, including losing over 30 pounds as well as many other positive affects on my health. The best part is I am doing it all without having to ever go hungry or feel guilty about wanting to eat. By replacing sugar as my main source of energy by fat, I am well on my way to regain a normal weight.

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As it turns out, the low carb principles are not without controversy, and some suggest that not eating carbs is unhealthy. I have no medical credentials, but I go by my own personal experiences when I say that a low carb diet is the right diet for me. I believe that the positive health benefits I am experiencing, the effortless weight loss and my overall feeling of great wellbeing, is a lot healthier than the desperate hunger strikes I have attempted earlier. For me, low carb is the way I want to live.