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ViewSonic VA1931wa Full Review : Does price reduce quality?

The new LED monitor from ViewSonic VA1931wa -LED is energy star 5.0 certified and is very environment friendly, The 19” wide-screen monitor features LED backlight display which provides more efficient energy usage, approximately around 40% less than that of other LCD monitors, This monitor delivers astounding graphics, stunning visuals and mindblowing gaming visuals.

The ViewSonic VA1931wa is the monitor of choice for any pc enthusiast, pro gamer, digital artist and just regular users as well. This monitor is ideal for use in both home and office environment and has a very handy auto aspect ratio adjustment feature which helps you to set the monitor up under any condition with any type of personal computer.

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The ViewSonic VA1931wa – LED monitor is the best, most durable monitor currently being used by the higher end users of the pc. Well, I am quite sure that as soon as you get the monitor, you will understand why I gave the above statement. The ViewSonic VA1931wa utilizes the best industry technology to deliver to you the feature packed LED monitor which will deliver the life like display to your monitor. This monitor is equipped with the best industry standard materials and equipment and this is what makes this monitor run so great.

The ViewSonic VA1931wa – LED monitor is the perfect monitor for all users. It is very user friendly, it is very efficient and consumes approximately around 40% less electricity and is much safer for the environment compared to the LCD monitors which need fluorescent backlighting to work. The LCD monitors cannot display true black colors because of the fluorescent backlighting which has been fixed in the LED technology and now you can get the true black color using the latest LED technology.

The ViewSonic VA1931wa – LED monitor has a very long warranty time when compared to the other manufacturers. A stunningly lengthy 3 years of warranty, where as other manufacturers provide around 1 year or 1.5 years of warranty. The lengthy warranty period specifies the durability of the product as the lengthy warranty has been issued because the company is assured that the quality of product that they are ensuring is the best and the product is not likely to break down within the warranty time period.

“I´ve had this monitor for six months now and I love every bit of it. From the bright colors to the sleek design of the monitor, it is great and I love it. This monitor is worth every penny that I spent for it.¨


Cheap, cheap, cheap is the key, but now I am only talking money. The quality of the monitor is great considering it’s a $100 price. All in all, I only suggest you buy this if you’r on a budget and doesn’t do any advanced stuff. Overall choice for the budget user. The main aim of people behind choosing the best dual monitor setup for gaming is to experience the the ultra-wide monitor experience. This makes the display bigger and clearer hence making it better for the players to understand things. Mainly it is used by the gamers.