Unique Gifts for Nursing Home Resident

So, your elderly loved one is now living in a nursing home. You want to get them a gift, but you are not sure what to buy them? Try out these gift baskets Canada, which is a perfect gift for the elderly. Along with that give them a gift that reminds them of home. Choose something sentimental, unique, and functional. Choose one of these great gifts.

Picture collage

A picture collage is a great unique gift for a nursing home resident. It provides a way to celebrate family, and remind the nursing home resident of the home. Gather some of your loved one’s favorite pictures. Take them to a photo center and make those pictures into a collage.

Family Collage Blanket or Throw

Another unique gift to give your elderly loved one is a family collage blanket or a throw. Uses these fleece blankets to display your favorite family photos. The blanket will warm hearts and bodies. If you don’t want to do a blanket, you can opt to have your favorite photos made into a beautiful throw.

Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames are a wonderful way to show off sentimental photos. They display pictures as a beautiful slide show. All you have to do is upload your favorite photos and select the amount of time between each picture. Digital photo frames make great gifts, and they are guaranteed to hold your elderly one captive.

Music Boxes

Remind your favorite elderly family member of days gone by with some beautiful music. Get them a beautiful music box. Music boxes can play songs from your loved one’s childhood, their first dance, or even their wedding. Music boxes can also be used to decorate your elderly loved one’s nursing homeroom.

Anniversary Clocks

Help your elderly love turn back the hands of time. Give him or her a beautiful anniversary clock. Anniversary clocks are elegant and sentimental, and they can also be used to decorate your loved one’s nursing homeroom.

Talking watch

Let’s face it. As a person ages, telling time with a regular clock or watch can become difficult. What’s the solution? Give them a talking watch. These watches have large numbers, and they verbally announce the time.


Did your elderly loved one like gardening or working in a flower bed before they moved into the nursing home? If they did, then a plant will make a perfect gift. Plants can liven up any place. Not only are they pretty, but they require love and attention. So, they will give your elderly loved one something to take care of.

Inspirational books

Being in a nursing home can be depressing. So, give your elderly loved one some encouragement. A small book of inspirational quotes or words can be just the thing.

Are you wondering what to give your elderly loved one now that they live in a nursing home? Give them a unique and sentimental gift.