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Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Face Lifts

Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure performed for a facelift. To grasp your beautiful and younger look is possible today with the help of cosmetic surgery which can correct the deformities. Cosmetic Surgery facelifts can help in removing loose skin and sagging skin, and improving the overall contour of the face and neck. There is even under-eye filler surgery that is there, just follow this link here to learn more about the under eye filler Calgary cost and procedure.

At the time when you have taken your decision for having facelift surgery, it is of prime importance to choose which type of rhytidectomy surgery you are willing to undergo. There are around four types of facelift surgery which are :

  • Mini lift
  • Mid – facelift
  • S-lift
  • Traditional facelift

The mini-lift is a procedure that is performed on a smaller area of the face than a conventional facelift. This mini-lift is to improve the loose and sagging skin around the neck area and in general to remove the signs of aging and wrinkles jowls. This surgical procedure is less time consuming and many of the patients undergo this surgery on a Friday and are back to their routine work on Monday, this type of surgery is also named weekend facelift surgery as it shows no visible side effects. In this type of surgery, the plastic surgeon makes an s-shaped incision from near the ear on the patient’s face and towards the hairline or hair around the ear. The surgeon tightens the loose skin by connecting the tissues underneath the skin and surgically removes the excess fatty skin and within two hours of the operation closes the incision with help of sutures or skin staples.

Mid Facelift is a procedure where the plastic surgeon performs the incision above the patient’s ear and inside the mouth with help of an endoscope and tightens the loose drooping skin in the area of the cheekbones. Here in this process, the fat pads in the cheeks are pulled up and over the cheekbones to tighten the skin.

S facelift is a procedure performed on the lower part of the face. This type of cosmetic surgery is less time-consuming and the entire process helps to smooth out the wrinkles jowls and neck area. Here the surgeon separates the skin from the tissues under the skin after the local anesthesia is injected into an area near the ear for the surgery. The tissues and muscles are tightened when the skin is lifted.

A traditional facelift is a procedure where the plastic surgeon makes an incision from the hairline at the temples to the ear hairline area. The skin is separated from the fat and tissues underneath and the excess fat is removed and later the skin is tightened. The skin is pulled back over and the incision is complete with the help of suture and skin staples.