Top Stores to Buy Energy Star Kitchen Appliances

So you are ready to upgrade your home for energy efficiency? Congratulations! If you are in the market to buy energy star kitchen or home appliances, there are stores you should keep in mind for best quality products and great deals. Here is the list of stores to checkout so you can buy your energy star products and begin to save money. You can also go to for list of products that are truly energy efficient and where to buy them. Good luck!

The Home Depot

The Hope Depot is a great place to shop for man y home appliances including energy star kitchen appliances. Beginning August 28, through September 3rd you can now save 10% on appliances that are $399 or more. Save on refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, like the LG Electronics Kitchen Series Tall Tub dishwasher which is currently selling for $1499.00, and other kitchen appliances that are guaranteed to make your kitchen look like new while saving you money on energy use. Go to for more information and purchases.


Save a lot this Labor Day weekend when you shop at Lowe’s for your energy star kitchen appliances. From August 28 through September 1st, Lowe’s is having 10-25% off sale on selected appliances. Check online and enter your zip code for your local location and type of appliances available. . They also have other home appliances that are energy star quality, including clothes washers and dryers.


Walmart is known for selling pretty good items at dirt cheap prices. They have quiet a selection of energy star kitchen appliances including energy star portable dishwashers, energy star designer compact refrigerator for your home or office, which is selling for $183.98. There is even the Danby 4-place setting energy star compact countertop dishwasher for $229.98, and more items from Danby. Save even more on energy star kitchen and home appliances this Labor Day weekend as they are bound to have some specials. Visit Walmart online at for more info or to shop on the internet.

Appliances Unlimited Located at 23326 Lyons Ave, Newhall, California 661-255-0260. The top stores will offer the best kitchen products to the person. Along with the available information, find more information about the working for the purchase.  The rankings of the store should be great to offer the benefits to the person.  All the information available should be correct and true about the kitchen products available at the stores. 

Get your energy star clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, and refrigerators here. They are located in Old Town Newhall on Lyons Avenue. They have been in business for over 24 years and have quality products including whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Maytag, and Frigidaire to name a few. Visit them and get a great deals and superb services. They are always open online at