Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cool on Hot Days

In the old days, some people were lucky enough to have a summer kitchen. A summer kitchen was a room that was not connected to the rest of the house and it was used to cook in the summer so that the rest of the house stayed cool. There was no air conditioning so your house was only as cool as the outside was. Most people don’t have summer kitchens and if you don’t have air conditioning or you want to keep air conditioning costs down you may want to practice keeping your kitchen as cool as you can that are provided by

Using an oven will heat up a kitchen quickly. You may want to keep the oven off on hot summer days. Choose cooking foods that do not require the use of an oven. Or you can use a small toaster oven for foods that need to be cooked in an oven. You can make small pizzas or roasts in a toaster oven and keep the big oven off.

Anytime you can use the microwave to cook then do it. A microwave cooks food well without heating up the room. For example, if you want to cook some corn. Cook the corn in the microwave instead of boiling the corn on the stovetop.

Make hamburgers, melted cheese sandwiches, or any other grilled food on a grilling machine like a George Forman instead of heating up a frying pan on the stovetop.

Summertime is the time of year when cold food is good to eat. Choose foods to eat that do not require cooking like salads and fresh fruits. Eat cold sandwiches and chips instead of cooking.

Grill outside on hot days. You can make hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and chicken in a variety of was outside on the grill. You can use a slow cooker outside instead of inside the house. Just put the slow cooker in a place where no one will bump into it as it cooks outdoors.

You can also order food out and have it delivered to your home. If you aren’t cooking your kitchen will stay cool and when your kitchen stays cool so will the rest of the house.

You can save money if you follow these simple tips to keep your kitchen cool on hot summer days. You will also be more comfortable if your house is not heated up with cooking in your kitchen.