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The Best Timing For Your Pre And Post Workout Meals

When the question is about health, there can be no compromises or adjustments whatsoever especially in times of Covid-19 where many people have realized, at their and family’s expense, the importance of eating healthy but if you add rigorous exercises to the schedule, then you can maintain good health and live longer than expected but apart from Ntaifitness weight benches for training, a good diet plan too is necessary so let’s look into the food part.

What you eat before as well as after a workout is almost as important as working out itself. Depending on what you put in your body you can improve performance and desired results, including building lean muscle and losing weight. The ideal meal takes into account calories, amount of protein and fat, and what type of carbohydrate it is. The amount and combination of these substances can impact the effectiveness of your work out because it fuels your body properly (or not) and, when you have the right nutrients you maximize your performance. What you eat after a workout is equally important. It helps your body recover from the stress of your workout. It is important to get both meals right.

As stated above, the purpose of eating before your meal is fuel. The two things you need are carbohydrates and protein. This will reduce the depletion of glycogen and proteins in the muscles and cortisol levels post workout. The amount of protein and carbohydrates to consume are a hotly debated topic among trainers and nutritionists. The conversation usually centers around what is the BEST option for maximum results. Fortunately, the difference in results is negligible and as long as you get both carbs and protein you will be fine. What is most important is to do what works for you. You don’t want to eat so much your body is weighed down or so little that you are hungry in the middle of your workout. Usually a meal eaten about one to two hours before exerting yourself is best.

The best carbs to eat are of course whole wheat pasta, whole grains, complex starches like sweet potatoes or fruit. There are so many good sources of protein but the best is a lean one that your stomach can break down easily–chicken, fish, and tofu are all good options.

The post workout meal is used to help your body recover and repair itself. You want to maximize the benefits of working out your body and what you eat can help you maintain that energy. Not surprisingly you need carbohydrates and proteins again. Eat this meal no more than thirty minutes after you are done sweating. Having a meal with enough carbs and proteins to benefit your body may be the last thing you want after a workout. A good option is a liquid meal consisting of a powdered protein (like whey) and a carbohydrate like dextrose, found in sports drinks. A meal like chicken and rice is another good option.

For some people timing a work out meal can be difficult only because they forget to eat at least an hour before they are scheduled to be at the gym or attend a spinning or workout class. There are several tools that can be used as reminders and if you are at your desk all day, an online alarm clock is a safe bet. Set the alarm clock for 2 hours before you are set to leave work and arrive at your workout for maximum benefits.