Spring Cleaning Services in Portland, Oregon

As spring approaches, it’s time to clean out the cobwebs and air out the furniture. The house can be a bit musty and dusty after a long winter indoors, and the sunlight illuminates every smudge on the walls. By tradition, it’s time for spring cleaning.

a rSpring cleaning is more than just your average weekly or monthly housecleaning. It’s real deep cleaning of the house. Usually it involves cleaning underneath furniture, washing windows and blinds, cleaning carpets, and other projects that don’t get done on a regular basis.

If you’re too busy for spring cleaning, you can hire a cleaning service for this purpose, even if you don’t use a house cleaning service on a regular basis. Here are four house cleaning services available for spring cleaning in the Portland, Oregon area.

Merry Maids is a national franchise operation that is available in Portland, Oregon. Merry Maids employees are carefully screened and trained to clean quickly and thoroughly in each home. Merry Maids house cleaners are employees of the company, so residents do not need to worry about paying employment taxes or filling out paperwork. House cleaners bring all of their supplies and equipment with them, but Merry Maids does not make any particular effort to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. For the attractive look of the house, people should found a apartment cleaning service here at online search engines. The paperwork requirements are less in the selection of the services. With the cleaning services, a positive attitude is there among the residents of the house. 

Spring cleaning rates depend on the size of the home and the cleaning services needed. One-time spring cleaning service might run anywhere from $200 to $450. Merry Maids’ Portland office can be reached at 503-262-0537.

Clean-a-Maniacs is a Portland-area, woman-owned cleaning business. It’s owned and operated by two sisters, Boni Courtright and Jean Nations. Clean-a-Maniacs offers standard house cleaning services as well as air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. House cleaners are employees of Clean-a-Maniacs and not sub-contractors. They use pH neutral, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Spring cleaning rates depend on the size of the home and the amount and type of cleaning needed. The hourly rate for cleaning starts at $35 per hour, but the number of hours and number of employees required depends on the house. Spring cleaning service includes the standard housecleaning package plus moving and cleaning under and behind light furniture, cleaning the refrigerator and ovens, inside and outside window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. For contact information or to request a free estimate, visit

Domestica is another local company in Portland, Oregon, specializing in environmentally responsible cleaning. Domestica uses truly natural cleaning solutions. For instance, their all-purpose cleaner is made from organic essential oils, pure castile soap, vinegar and borax. The service does cost a little more, at $42 per person per hour (your total depends on the size of your home and the services needed). An initial, one-time deep cleaning (like spring cleaning service) typically starts around $275 to $325.

Domestica does not offer extras like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. For more details and contact information, visit

NW House Cleaning is a family owned and operated cleaning service in Portland, Oregon. They offer both regular and one-time cleaning services. NW Housecleaning uses environmentally safe cleaning products, and uses washable cleaning rags to minimize waste. They do not do carpet cleaning or duct cleaning, and window cleaning (for an extra charge) is limited to the inside of windows that can be reached with a small stepladder. Customer MercuryPDX says that NW House Cleaning offers “extremely personalized service” and is “very accomodating and easy to work with.”

Rates depend on the size of the home and services required. For spring cleaning service, a team of two costs around $62 per hour; three hours of cleaning would cost $186 (but the number of hours required depends on the home). Details and contact information are available at