Protect Your Kids Belongings: Label Them With Iron On Clothing Labels

Explaining the concept of personal belonging and responsibility to kids is difficult. Your kids are most likely to lose their belongings. They are also very likely to get their clothes mixed up with some other kid from the class. You can’t magically make your kids responsible. But what you can do is mark their belongings. Especially their clothes.

To label the clothes and other belongings of your kids you can use the iron-on clothing labels.

What are iron-on clothing labels?

Iron-on clothing labels are name labels designed for clothes. They’re different from other variants of clothing labels or name labels in that they do not use any adhesive or sewing. You can put them on clothes with the help of an iron. 

They’re used to mark different types of clothes. Name labels on clothes are an easy and economical way to mark your belongings. It not only helps you in keeping your belongings separated but also helps you in identifying them if they should ever get mixed up. 

How to use iron-on labels?

The usage of iron-on labels is pretty simple. It does not require any special skills. All you need is a permanent marker, an iron-on name label, and an iron. Follow the steps listed below to use an iron-on label on a piece of clothing:

  • Write down the information you would like to put on the said cloth with a permanent marker in clear legible handwriting. Make sure not to smudge the writing so that it can be easily read.
  • Turn on your iron and put it in the middle setting (or the wool fabric setting).
  • Place the label on the cloth where you would like to put it, and out the cloth on a flat surface.
  • Hold your iron horizontally over the tag and press down for around 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure you are not moving the iron around or wriggling it. You only have to press it down and hold it.
  • Let the cloth cool. And you are done!

Are iron-on clothing labels safe for your kids?

This question can trouble many parents. After all, the products for kids should be used with care so that they do not harm their sensitive skin. You need not worry, iron-on name labels for clothes are perfectly safe for your kids. They are free from any harmful chemicals or dye. They are soft and safe for the skin of your kid.

They are durable, so you need not worry about the label coming off in the washer. Put the labels on the inside of your kid’s clothes to protect his/her identity. 

Iron-on clothing labels work well with any type of garment and almost every type of fabric. You can use them to tag all the clothes of your kids so that they can differentiate between their belongings. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely useful in schools, gym classes, swimming lessons, etc.