Pokemon Go- Better than a Hollywood Action Adventure

It takes a lot of time to establish your credentials in a level playing field like movies where there is entertainment galore with competition all around that makes artists to change their course every now and then in order to make things relatable to the current generation.

There are many forms of entertainment in existence and one article isn’t enough to cover all of them in one go because we all have our personal favorites that we cannot bear to see getting upstaged by others despite them being just as talented or even more so than our idols.

Speaking of entertainment, movies and sports aside, video games too instantly come to mind when people keep recalling the times they spent during childhood envisioning themselves as super Mario, Contra, Swat Kats, Dangerous Dave and others because you simply cannot separate them from the 80s and 90s generation.

Brief Study

However the millennial generation love Pokemon Go more than the ones mentioned above as they feel that nothing can come close to it when it comes to action adventure games with many of them going so far as to declare it head and shoulders above any Stallone or Schwarzenegger flick with their rippling muscles.

First off, Pokemon was first launched way back in 1997 when where it had to struggle to establish its identity with some big names ruling the roost and so it did not generate that much of a positive response in the first few years.

Fortune favored the company and soon it became a top notch game around 2001 that slowly but surely established its credentials in a level playing field, which inspired its makers to come up with a Pokemon Animated Series a year later on cartoon network that became a monstrous success worldwide.

There was a time when kids would stay glued to their television sets watching Ash Ketchum and his friends out on their adventures in capturing Pokemons and keep them away from the antagonists Jessie, James and Meow with Pokemon merchandise being a massive hit.

Similarly, in the new age of social media, Pokemon Go was launched in July 2016 that soon found its way into our mobile phones, which incidentally completed four years just a few days back.

Highest Grosser

Pokemon Go has now grossed nearly $3.5 million in just a few years and that alone speaks the mammoth following that it continues to enjoy to this day that it hasn’t allowed any new game to come anywhere close to it in the popularity stakes.

This has encouraged more kids to buy pokemon go accounts and set their path on the same field even though some are also fascinated by Dragon Quest Walk, a newly launched game by Square Enix.

With Pokemon Go available on both Android and Apple, a significant share of earnings goes to both Google Play Store and App Store, thereby prompting them into a huge spree where there are rumors of talks being held between them to invest a fortune into Pokemon Go or entering into a joint venture with them in due course.