Successful Online Marketing: My 2009 New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s resolution for 2009, is to finally achieve some success in my online marketing campaigns. I’ve been learning the tricks of the trade for about 6 months now, and I’m ready for success in 2009.

Let me explain:

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to be a webmaster as soon as I could possibly become one. You see, I’ve been a student with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a year and a half now, studying Interactive Media Design. Along the way, after learning a little HTML, I decided that I liked the idea of building, updating, and designing websites in general. Then, after I felt confident that I new a little more than your average Joe, I decided I was ready to start targeting my work to make sales. I was tired of working for other people, and I decided my New Year’s resolution for 2009 would be to achieve online success. I have 5 different key areas I need to work on to get there.

Discipline-I feel that discipline is may be what I am slightly lacking to achieve my goals. Without discipline, one can hardly accomplish general goals, not to talk of a life changing one like mine. It’s pretty simple. I must do what I plan on doing every day, no matter how tiring or bothersome it might seem. After all, it’s worth it, since it will lead to success. No more playtime until all the work for the day is accomplished. In 2009, meeting my resolution will take carefully cultivating more discipline in me.

Organize-Even the most simple of chores and goals are hard to accomplish without a good deal of organization. I’ve discovered that, with a little organization, some of the seemingly hardest tasks in life can be accomplished very quickly. Without organization, one can run about in circles forever and never get anything done!

Follow Through-I have had a problem following through with ideas that might pop into my head. I know it’s a good idea, and it can work. It’s just that, if you’re not serious or determined, some ideas lead to nothing unless one is willing to work hard on them. Follow through is the key because it sets things in motion. In 2009, my resolution for success will be greatly spurred on by more follow-throughs on my part.

Health-I can’t tell you how many times I have felt so much better just from exercise and a healthy meal. It clears the mind, and provides back up energy you never knew you had. Sometimes it’s easy to remember to have a salad with those baby back ribs! No more in 2009! Exercise schedules and good eating habits are very important to keeping a clear head and achieving success in whatever field.

Adequate Rest- Last, but not least, is rest. I’m talking about real rejuvenating rest, here. So many times, I have jumped out of bed and started with my busy day, when I knew I could lay out a little longer. I’m not saying I’ll lie around in bed all day; I’ll just make sure I get good quality sleep. I have a lot of work to do to keep my 2009 New Year’s Resolution to achieve online success. I think that writing and submitting this article is a step in the right direction.

“Google Me:The Movie”

Technology has become such an intricate part of our lives. We find ourselves checking emails, researching information, watching videos and sometimes gathering advice on the many websites available through the world-wide web. It seems however, that no other internet research tool has made an impact as GOOGLE. Webster’s Dictionary has even added the word as a verb officially making it a part of the English Language. The definition of Google is to look up, to investigate, to explore.

Now, one man Jim Killeen has taken this phenomenon and turned it into a documentary which is currently in production. According to, Mr. Killeen is working on this documentary which traces his story from the day he “Googled” his own name. The information goes on to describe how the filmmaker begins traveling to meet “himself” in many different cities, towns, professions and circumstances. One of the interesting stories was of a Jim Killeen from Tucson, Arizona who was found dead in his home after three weeks of being missing. This story catapults the filmmaker into an investigation and takes him on a journey that includes psychics and a wife that is praying for his “resurrection.”

Googling oneself could be seen as vain, or self serving but how many of us have not wondered and perhaps gone through with putting our name in that little rectangular search box to see what the results would be. I know I have done it a few times myself and have been surprised and amazed at where I’ve shown up. What makes Jim Killeen’s concept interesting in the age of technology is that when he finds his namesakes, he takes it a step further and connects with all his other selves. They say that technology has made things impersonal and created a society of unconnected people but this exercise illustrated by Jim Killeen through film shows that technology can help us find ourselves in many different ways as we search to understand our own journey. There is something inate in all of us that makes us want to find our ROOTS or connect with like minded or similar individuals. Just look at the numbers on AC, a community of content producers sharing their art and establishing networks that might not have ordinarily been possible without technology.

From a marketing perspective, Jim Killeen scores big! What a concept to use this worldwide tool and cinematography as a means of branding one’s own name. You can bet your bottom dollar that by the time this movie hits the big screen it will have established a cult following, creating huge audiences EVERYWHERE. This project is truly an interesting commentary on society and how technology has transformed our lives. It is also pure marketing genius that will be referenced in theory and practice for years to come. Right now, I’m thinking D***, I wish I’d thought about it first! Since I didn’t, I will give kudos to Jim Killeen and congratulate him because “Google Me” is sure to establish him as a household name.

The next question remains, is GOOGLE affiliated with this film? According to a Google spokesperson, they are in no way affiliated with the film but they have heard about it and have blessed the endeavor by giving Mr. Killen permission to use their name. They also worked with Mr. Killeen to explain aspects of what goes into making the search engine such a powerful effective tool.

Personally, I could not wait to see what the documentary looked like so I immediately did a google search to find out if there was a trailer out there. I also wanted to make sure that my information was correct. Well all sources where correct because there it was! When I hit the link and arrived at on the homepage, I was immediately greeted with the filmmaker’s full name in the search box, and a quote below that read: “It all started when I Googled my own name…”

Quick Ways to Switch Between Bold, Italicized and Underlined Text

Everyone uses bold, italicized, and underlined text on many occasions to help organize their work, make titles and other facts stand out, and for many other reasons. But with the power to have the ability to switch the formats from one to the other, there is downtime when reaching to click the Bold, Italics, or Underline button, which certainly adds up over time. There is a tactic that I use, and that you can use, to speed up this process, which in time will help you produce your work faster and more efficiently. Also, don’t forget that you can mix Bold, Italics, and Underline formats with your text as well.

In this guide I will tell you to hold the “Ctrl” button and another button, depending on which format you would like to enforce on your text. So it its “Ctrl + B”, that merely means hold the “Ctrl” button and press the “B”, or whatever button you are looking for that correlates with the effect desired. To revers the formatting process press the same buttons again.


Bolding texts makes it stand out more, especially in big walls of texts. Also, bolded text is used in titles to make them stand out as well, and asserts their meaning. Bolded text stands out more in big paragraphs more than italicized text since italicized it still as thin, or more think than the text surrounding it. Bolding a letter, a word, or even a sentence is definitly the way to go to emphasize something.

So how do you bold your text without having to drag your mouse all the way across the screen to click the Bold button, and then reclick it when you’re done? Well, first you must select or highlight the text that you would like to bold and press “Ctrl + b”. This turns the text that you have highlighted into the Bold format.

If you would just like to type in bold automatically from a specific starting point, put the cursor in the text field where you would like to start typing, and press “Ctrl + b”. The text from that point on will be bolded. To turn off the bold, simply repeat the “Ctrl + b” keying process.


As you can see, the title above that says “Italicized” is both in Italics and Bolded. Italics is used to hold out a word, or emphasize it as well. Italics are also used when displaying sarcasm in text, or trying to hold out the sounds of words in texts.

To create italiced text, highlight the text in which you would like to italicize and press “Ctrl + i “. If you would like to start typing in italics and the text isn’t there yet, simply press the “Ctrl + i” keying process prior to typing whatever you desire to type continous italicized text. To stop typing in italics from a continous text setting, hit “Ctrl + i” once again.


Unerlined text is used in many areas such as citing certain information, composing definitions, and underlining titles. To emphasize something by underlining it in a paragraph doesn’t make it stand out that so much, so I suggest bolding it as well for more emphasis.

To create underlined text press “Ctrl + u”. You can either turn text that has already been typed by highlighting it and using the “Ctrl + u” process, or simply press “Ctrl + u” and start typing a new line, and then you will be typing continous underlinded text.


You can mix any two of the text settings (bold, italics, and underlined), or even all three. To do this just use the keying process of “Ctrl + x” (x being whichever you want [b,u,i]) The order in which you put in the formulas for bold, italcs, or underlined text doesn’t matter. You can turn off one effect at a time as if you were only using the one, and the other two effects will stay.

This information will definitly help speed up your typing process, especially with writing papers or guides that have a lot of sections. Using the bold, italics, and underlined processes in the way I have explained above will make it easier to switch between text effects with ease, and it makes guides and papers more professionalized as well when implemented the right way.