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Online Social Networking: The Hottest Form of Relationship Building

Many people can attest to the fact that online social networking is one of the fastest-growing trends on the Internet today. Countless men and women go home each day, looking forward to going online to check if they have any new friend requests or messages from old friends.

Perhaps the earliest form of this trend came in the form of, a website dedicated to the hottest Internet trend on the planet: linking up with old friends, and discovering new ones in the process. Launched in 1997, this pioneer networking site contained the basic features of today’s newer and more-improved versions: profile creation, and, of course, the most important aspect, a Friends List. Later on, several Internet companies sat up and took notice of how well-received the website was, and soon, more similar websites starting popping out all over the place, including Classmates, Friendster, MySpace, Bebo, and today’s most popular version TikTok. In order to attract people to their profiles, you can also Buy TikTok likes for your posts and make yourself popular on this online platform. 

In fact, online social networking became so popular that newer versions were created to target a particular niche. For instance, LinkedIn is a networking website that targets professionals and executives as a way to make more contacts in the wider global workplace. Other versions became more localized to a specific country or region, such as Eskwela, a social networking website targeted at Filipino students and alumni.

Facebook is today’s premier social networking website. Previously exclusive to students in American colleges, it has opened up its doors to the rest of the world, and today, one can find people there from practically any walk of life or origin. Known for its clean layouts, which set it apart from its competitors, Facebook has also expanded its services to include fun and serious applications and programs, which members can add to their profile and take part in, along with their friends.

It is really no wonder that this has become such a fast-growing trend all over the world. Social networking is a great way to extend your hierarchy of relationships beyond your physical vicinity; it also allows you to make friends from different places and cultures, and, thanks to a Search Tool, you can also specify what type of people you want to meet.

However, as this is a trend that is growing on the Internet, there are still many perils to social networking on the Internet, the biggest being security. Unfortunately, because the reach of the Internet is so wide and access to it is virtually possible anywhere you are in the world, one cannot really monitor whether or not young children are using these websites appropriately. There have been several news reports of young people getting molested by older men or women, after parading themselves on these websites and posing as young adults.

It is, therefore, safe to say that while this is one trend that seems to be etching a permanent mark in today’s society, online social networking is one that needs to be monitored carefully so that it benefits users rather than harms them.