Introduction To Foldable Bikes – See Here For Details

What are foldable bicycles?

A foldable bicycle, just like the name suggests, is a bicycle that can be folded easily and can be carried anywhere. Because of its bendable and adjustable frame, you can take your bike inside your building, public transport, even on an airplane, boat, and car. It can be easily stored on any compact paces. The folding mechanism varies so does the price with its features like fast-folding, easy folding, weight, durability, etc. It was designed as an experiment to make our vehicle consume less space.

Are folding bikes slower?

Folding bicycles is considered slower than mountain and road bicycle because of their looks as they have smaller wheels, few or no gears, and upright position of sitting for rider (more wind resistance). Still, as they said, “never judge a book by the cover” you can see here that, unlike their looks, most folding bikes with 16- 20 inch wheel frame can get a speed up to 10-12mps (depending upon the fitness of rider and ability to generate enough velocity). An experienced cyclist can increase its speed up to 16mps in a short time. It also depends on the road on which you are riding. Certain factors decide the bicycle speed are frame weight, tire pressure, tire size and range of gears it offers as you can see these factors are similar for other cycles hence folding bike are not slow.

Benefits of bicycles

The truth is benefits of folding bikes are limitless than what we can imagine, but let us see here some main advantages of having a folding bicycle:

  • Convenience and portability: Normal bicycles can cause a lot of problems, taking them with you anywhere like on a bus or train is a pain, on the other hand, you can carry your foldable bike anywhere, and you can even store it by folding it in your car or public transports.
  • Operating is easy: Operating them is easy than you imagine.
  • Save a space: Depending on the place you live, a standard bicycle might get some issues related to space, unlike foldable bicycles that took less space to store, you can even put them in the closet once it is folded.

Should you buy it?

As we discussed the advantages above, there might be no issue deciding which bicycle is the next you will buy. Folding bicycles are much more convenient than standard bicycles as they save space. Because of their lightweight and small frame (after folding), you can care for them easily. You can save a lot of money that you might have used in purchasing petrol or borrowing a vehicle. You can carry them with you in transport that is not in the case of standard bikes.

How to pick the right folding bicycle for you?

You should consider some points while buying your new folding bicycle. Some of these points are the bicycle’s size, weight, folding mechanism it uses (which you can find easy), wheel size (as bicycle speed depends on it), and gear. These are some points that you should look at according to your need to find your perfect bicycle.