Get Your Ex Back The Right Way: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Many people who have just had a relationship breakup make common mistakes in their frantic efforts to win their ex back. Sure, it’s only understandable that you are desperate to get your ex-partner back, especially if you’re the one that was dumped! But doing things that are irrational and illogical can do more harm than you might realize.

One of the first common mistakes that you might be guilty of is calling or messaging your ex much too soon after the breakup. Added to this is the idea that the more often you do it, the better. Wrong! These two errors of judgement only serve to make you look needy or clingy, which is definitely not a good “look” when trying to get your ex back.

Next in line of the “silly” mistakes is hibernation! You go into the mode of sitting by your phone, anxiously waiting for your ex-partner to return your calls. You stay in your room, or never leave your home waiting, hoping, waiting, fretting…longing for your ex to contact you. But, the odds are heavily stacked against this happening. It’s highly unlikely your former lover will return your messages if you’ve been bombarding him or her non-stop since your relationship fell apart. This also makes you appear desperate and will only hinder you from being able to move on from your relationship demise.

Without doubt the biggest error you can make when attempting to win back your ex-partner is to actually confront them face-to-face, either at their home or workplace. This most often happens when the first two mistakes have been committed and there has been no result. It is definitely not the way to go and any hope you had of repairing your previous relationship with your ex will more than likely be reduced to zero. While interacting with the ex-boyfriend, there should be no committing of the mistakes. The relationship of the people will become great to find the right partner. A visit can be made at site for the best dating and communication results. There should be establishing of the commitment to get the desired results. All the mistakes are needed to be avoided to get the right results. 

Apart from the possible embarrassment your ex-partner may feel in front of family , friends or colleagues, is the real chance that he or she will probably not be ready to talk to you, and may shut you out completely from their lives.

The most disappointing thing of all this is that there is a fairly straight-forward solution. There must be a period of time where there should be no contact between you and your ex after a break up. Of course, this time can vary, depending upon the reasons for the relationship split up. However, sufficient time and space should be given before you and your ex even think about working things out.

All of these mistakes could have been avoided simply by giving your ex enough space, but it’s very hard to do that right after breaking up with emotions running high. However, given time, you’ll be thinking clearer and more rationally, and can make real, positive steps toward possibly rebuilding a relationship once again.

It’s also important to realize that your relationship might not be over, even if you’ve made one or all of these common mistakes. Just admit that you have made them and back off a bit so that the normal time of healing can run it’s course before you begin the challenge of getting your ex back.