Fortune For Scorpio

Bold and busty or petite and feisty, this woman is unmistakable! She’s always the most dominant force in the room, she gathers people to her side like a magnet and holds their attention like superglue! She’s a, “Hide it and Ride it,” kind of gal: IF any thing intimidates her, any one at any time, the FIRST thing she does is hide it! The NEXT thing she does, is figure out how to get on top of it and ‘ride it.’ Once she owns it, it’s hers and hers alone: a job, a man, a friend, a goal, a prize or a pay off. She rises to the occasion no matter what the need. She is fiercely devoted to her dependant charges, whomever they are. She can place anyone before herself, if needs be, and then revert to ‘job one,’ in a heartbeat.



Try to sell, persuade or change the mind of this woman and before the end of the discussion, you’ll be the one buying, agreeing or converted to her way of thinking! Her motto is, “Save a horse; Ride a cowboy,” no matter how proper the exterior appearance may be. Tame this Stinger and you will have the thrill of your life or spend the rest of it trying to recover from the encounter.

Did you ever buy a piece of expensive real estate without, ‘walking around it,’ examining each square foot, poking into closets, sizing up each room, testing the water pressure, examining each tree, investigating the view from each vantage point, knowing the bottom line cost, the comparative investment value? No. Probably not, if you’re sane. Most of us never invest in a, ‘big ticket buy,’ without at least kicking the tires. But many woman blithely waltz into the arms of this entrancing man, become enamored, sold and vested without ever, ‘really knowing him.’ He is the most stilled pool in the Zodiac and still waters, My Friend, DO run deep! His ties to mother and family are critical, regardless of the success or failure of its history.

His image of himself, indelibly imprinted and rooted in the relative relationship to the, ‘authority figure of his youth,’ usually his ‘father,’ or grandfather. That dynamic, is your key and the place to start. Examine it closely and know all there is to know about its length, depth and breadth, for it will be the answer to what kind of husband, father, provider and companion through life that he will be, along with what level of loyalty and devotion you will receive. These men are dynamos in the bedroom, the boardroom and in ‘the good old boy network.’ The movers and shakers; so if you land one of these Big Fish, you’d better have the bait it takes to keep him. To learn more about your astrology, horoscope and any other related concepts, you may visit www.astropro.co.il. This site will give you more insight and Ideas about your zodiac sign.