Forge Blokkit Living Block Mobs Mod For Minecraft 1.8

This mod won’t be up to date previous 1.6.four. I am not presently including any new content material both.

CAUTION: This mod is simply beta and nonetheless incorporates many bugs and is basically designed for alt accounts Minecraft. Please report bugs in an organized fashion. Thanks.

This mod options new pleasant residing block mobs known as “Blokkits”. These Blokkits could be composed of varied commonplace supplies, every with its personal perks and strengths. One can create a Blokkit military to destroy his enemies or just preserve one as a pet at dwelling. Every Blokkit can acquire expertise and stage up by battling mobs.

This mod had a number of seconds on BBC! Cool.

This mod incorporates an easy, but an efficient system to degree up your Blokkit. Blokkits acquire expertise by means of battling different mobs. At present, a Blokkit requires 250 expertise to stage up. Upon leveling up, a Blokkits’ HP will increase (and protection energy could enhance in a later model). By leveling up your Blokkit, they are going to turn into stronger and can function more practical protection. Each Blokkit begins at degree one. Upon reaching degree 5, you’ll have the selection to do one thing particularly together with your Blokkit.

There are fairly a number of kinds of Blokkits to select from relying on your style and/or supplies. The present out there varieties are:

Wooden Blokkit 

this blokkit just isn’t immune to fireplace

Glowstone Blokkit 

this blokkit lights the world around it (WIP)

Every blokkit sort has a special quantity of hp and ap.

All blokkits have two easy instructions: observe and keep. Proper click on whereas in both mode to modify to the opposite. If in observe mode a blokkit is ready to warp to the participant if the participant will get far sufficient forward as with wolves. One may also view a blokkit’s stats by urgent SHIFT+proper click on. A blokkit could be healed at any time utilizing an apple (5 HP).

All blokkits have the power to defend the proprietor by attacking harmful mobs when in observe mode. Blokkits will solely assault, nevertheless, if the goal mob has attacked the proprietor or has been attacked by the proprietor. Blokkits will combat attacking mobs earlier than going after ones attacked by the participant. Attacking mobs permits a blokkit to achieve exp. A blokkit’s ap is determined by its sort.

Blokkits could also be advanced into particular sorts upon reaching sure ranges. Presently, just one means of evolution is offered. As soon as a blokkit reaches LVL 5, you’ll have the power to improve it into a bigger blokkit utilizing a golden apple. At the moment, there are solely 2 bigger variations of blokkits: Massive and Large. Big is the last word and largest type of a blokkit, however can nonetheless stage up for extra well being. Every Big blokkit has its personal distinctive look. When a blokkit evolves into a brand new sort, its exp is reset to zero.

For survival mode, crafting recipes can be found. By utilizing these recipes, one can create merchandise with which you’ll spawn 1 block it. These things are usually not stackable. CAUTION: RENAMING THESE ITEMS WILL NOT CARRY OVER A NAME TO THE SPAWNED BLOKKIT. YOU MUST USE NAME TAGS. The recipes are as listed under