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Crossfit Workout For Beginners

Being fit means being physically healthy with a sound mind and heart. Being healthy also makes you feel better and look better. And you can only achieve this if you exercise daily and eat good food. Doing exercise will control your weight. It will also help you combat health conditions and diseases. If you are fit, you will see that your mood improves. Doing exercise also boosts energy, promotes better sleep. Along with that, you can add the best testosterone boosters that are there in the market to improve the effectiveness of your workout sessions. If you are married, it will also improve sex life. Above all, being fit is fun!

Try the Next Level

However, exercise is just basic. If you want to really make it a sport because you are an athlete and want to develop your body fully, you must try Crossfit Workouts. This is a high-intensity type of workout program that constantly varies in functional movements. The good thing about Crossfit is that it works for anyone. You don’t have to be scared to start because there is a designed Crossfit workout for beginners like you.

The Crossfit Workout

You might even use the Crossfit program in your home if you have the materials. Its beginner-friendly yet a challenging workout for you. It will make you wet all over down to your feet. This program will inspire you and motivate you to be fit and healthy by these 5 beginner-friendly workouts. All you need to do is follow it every day so you will experience the fuller result.

Workout of the Day

The first Crossfit workout of the day is called Half Cindy. This takes 10 minutes as many reps/rounds as possible. Half Cindy is a combination of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. If you can make it through for the first time, you can do some modifications and follow it all after your body has adjusted.

The second workout is Crossfit Total. This one focuses on lifting. A combination of 5 back squats, 3 overhead presses, and 3 deadlifts completes this workout. Lifting is a scary thing to do but you don’t have to be intimidated. You will not make it very successfully the first time, but you can do it by practicing slowly but surely.

The third one is called Helen. This is composed of three rounds for time. This consists of a 400-meter run, 21 American kettle ball swings, and 12 pull-ups. Take note that when you run, don’t run as fast you can for the first time. You will get yourself tired. Just run smoothly as long as you can. Endurance is important here so you need to finish running.

The fourth one is Wall Ball, Burpees. This is 21, 15, and 9 reps for time. Wall ball-burpees is a good combination in the worst possible way. It works on the legs and all shoulder muscles too. Be sure to use your hips to throw the ball as opposed to your shoulders.

The fifth workout is Sit-ups, Lunges. This takes 3 rounds, 3-minute rest as many reps/rounds as possible. This is a composition of 15 sit-ups and 15 lunges. This is an interval-style workout that demands you to push as hard as you can for three minutes. Sit-ups and Lunges help in cardiovascular and endurance.