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Causes And Treatment Of Hair Follicle Damage

Our daily lifestyle can expose our hair to various unfavourable conditions, damaging them temporarily or even permanently in some cases. In comparison to the previous Times, there are now increased hair care problems such as excessive hair fall, balding, excessive itching, scabbing, scalp inflammation, and more. 

Our hair follicles are delicate and require regular care to ensure that they secrete adequate amounts of natural oil, facilitating the healthy growth of hair. Prolonged exposure of hair follicle two harmful conditions can damage their ability to repair the hair and regrow hair in hair loss. Here are some of the common reasons hair follicle damage might occur.

Common reasons for hair follicle damage

Our hair can get damaged due to many reasons and routine that we unintentionally follow. Some the most common reasons for it are:

  • Using hair styling tools excessively: Using hair styling tools that are operated with the help of electricity and heat the hair to form it or straighten it can cause significant damage to the hair follicles. Excessive use of styling tools can lead to follicles losing their strength and resulting in hair loss. These styling tools worked by breaking the natural bond of hair through the heat and ultimately giving the desired look to the user to compromise the quality of their hair. 
  • Bleaching: Bleaching is one of the most torturous punishments that you can give to your hair follicle. Bleach products are highly rich in chemical concentration and can change the basic structure of the hair, making it more prone to getting hair damages. Damage done by bleach products takes a lot of time to get repaired. 
  • Hair colouring: Coloring all dying hair in the desired colour demands today’s fashion sense. People agree to colour their hair of any desired colour without even giving it a second thought. Excessive colouring and highlighting the hair can lead to loss of natural oil and moisture from the scalp, ultimately damaging the hair follicles for the worst. 
  • Too tight hairstyles: Sometimes styling hair means that a person needs to bread or tie their hair in extremely tight hair ties or make hairstyles that require excessive pining and clipping of hair. This can lead to pulling hair from the follicles or even breaking its in the middle, ultimately damaging the hair follicles. If the hair is pulled off from my hair follicle repeatedly, it can ruin the ability of the follicle to reproduce hair again. 
  • Excessive shampooing: The hair follicles produce natural oils that help in the healthy growth of hair. However, with excessive washing of hair, the layer of those oil secreted is washed off as well. This can lead to the weakening of the roots and leading to excessive hair fall. 
  • Over combing: Many people believe that combing the hair more frequently leads to better hair growth as it stimulates the scalp. However, that might not be the case; excessive combing and brushing can weaken the hair follicle and increase hair fall. 

How to treat it? 

There are various remedies that one can find to repair weak and damaged hair follicles. A few of the most popular remedies include oiling the hair regularly. Using hair oil made up of natural ingredients can help the hair follicles replenish the lost oil, which is important for stimulating hair growth. Moreover, one can also try head massaging while oiling to stimulate better blood circulation and better reach of oils and moisture to the hair follicles. 

Hair follicle damage requires special care, which can only be done with the right hair follicle detox shampoo. A good detox shampoo helps clean the scalp without creating an imbalance in the level of natural oil secreted. Before buying a good hair detox shampoo, one must check out that the product contains all suitable ingredients that will help promote healthy hair growth according to the specific needs of the persons here. 

Apart from oiling and washing hair regularly, consuming food items rich in nutrition such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Iron, Zinc, and protein can help prepare the hair follicles. 

By avoiding the practices mentioned above and implementing these simple treatments, the damaged hair follicles shall get repaired gradually and stay healthy in the long run.