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Get Your Ex Back The Right Way: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Many people who have just had a relationship breakup make common mistakes in their frantic efforts to win their ex back. Sure, it’s only understandable that you are desperate to get your ex-partner back, especially if you’re the one that was dumped! But doing things that are irrational and illogical can do more harm than you might realize.

One of the first common mistakes that you might be guilty of is calling or messaging your ex much too soon after the breakup. Added to this is the idea that the more often you do it, the better. Wrong! These two errors of judgement only serve to make you look needy or clingy, which is definitely not a good “look” when trying to get your ex back.

Next in line of the “silly” mistakes is hibernation! You go into the mode of sitting by your phone, anxiously waiting for your ex-partner to return your calls. You stay in your room, or never leave your home waiting, hoping, waiting, fretting…longing for your ex to contact you. But, the odds are heavily stacked against this happening. It’s highly unlikely your former lover will return your messages if you’ve been bombarding him or her non-stop since your relationship fell apart. This also makes you appear desperate and will only hinder you from being able to move on from your relationship demise.

Without doubt the biggest error you can make when attempting to win back your ex-partner is to actually confront them face-to-face, either at their home or workplace. This most often happens when the first two mistakes have been committed and there has been no result. It is definitely not the way to go and any hope you had of repairing your previous relationship with your ex will more than likely be reduced to zero. While interacting with the ex-boyfriend, there should be no committing of the mistakes. The relationship of the people will become great to find the right partner. A visit can be made at site for the best dating and communication results. There should be establishing of the commitment to get the desired results. All the mistakes are needed to be avoided to get the right results. 

Apart from the possible embarrassment your ex-partner may feel in front of family , friends or colleagues, is the real chance that he or she will probably not be ready to talk to you, and may shut you out completely from their lives.

The most disappointing thing of all this is that there is a fairly straight-forward solution. There must be a period of time where there should be no contact between you and your ex after a break up. Of course, this time can vary, depending upon the reasons for the relationship split up. However, sufficient time and space should be given before you and your ex even think about working things out.

All of these mistakes could have been avoided simply by giving your ex enough space, but it’s very hard to do that right after breaking up with emotions running high. However, given time, you’ll be thinking clearer and more rationally, and can make real, positive steps toward possibly rebuilding a relationship once again.

It’s also important to realize that your relationship might not be over, even if you’ve made one or all of these common mistakes. Just admit that you have made them and back off a bit so that the normal time of healing can run it’s course before you begin the challenge of getting your ex back.

Adobe Photoshop 7

“The long awaited is here and it was well worth the wait! Photoshop 7.0 takes digital image editing to new heights” Well this did not seem like such a long wait. The upgrade to Photoshop 6.0 was totally transforming and it seemed like years in the making. With it Photoshop fully entered the digital world of photo-editing and took control. And now with 7.0 the best photo-editing program on the market just has improved itself again with its logo of the magnified eye focusing its gaze both on digital photography and of course, the Web. Beginning with the incidental changes, Photoshop 7.0 has a new color tool bar. The colors in the toolbar below are grey and become the individual colored icons below when you pass your mouse over them to use them. Also new it the way that you change the size of the tool you are using. Photoshop now has a slide bar that you move sideways with your mouse to change with most of the tools: One of the most useful of the changes, and certainly the most noticeable change is the addition of the Filebrowser to Photoshop.

Filebrowser constitutes a major portion of Photoshop software in a big way and is considered a leading figure in this field despite getting competition from rival brands as photoshop mac free is a modern day norm that has become a huge game changer in the photoshop field through which people can use image editing at their will. 

Right in the center of Photoshop, either docked or floating, we can now browse our pictures as thumbnails. We can rotate them, view them in different capacities, and as you will note below at the bottom left of the browser, you can view all the details you could possibly need of any given photo. Just drag the photo you wish to use or double-click on it and the photo appears on the Photoshop desktop ready to edit: It is useful to note the menu choices below for the Filebrowser. At the bottom you will see a choice called “export cache.” This allows you to save any changes you make to the browser including rotating. But more than saving any rotation, if you save the cache you will not have to wait the next time you wish to access the folder. The first time you load the files, it takes some time to load all the thumbnails, but after saving the cache, the access to the folder is immediate. Using the Filebrowser you can rename files in a folder with a number of different options on how you might rename them. This is particularly useful with folders of large amounts of numbered files that come downloaded from digital cameras.

The cameras usually give a letter followed by numbers for the name of each picture. This makes it hard to identify pictures related to a given theme. The pictures below were from a church talent show and easily renamed themselves to talentshow01, etc. Here is the finished results now in the folder: There is a new Autocolor option in the Image menu which is very nice for basically doing automatically what has been available in the levels and curves option: The Autocolor is set by default to enhancing the “Per Channel Contrast”, but you can change it to find the dark and light colors of the image or to enhance its black and white perspective: Even on the fuzzy picture below of the boy jamming out on the piano the auto color option improves the picture quite remarkably. Here is the improved picture: The next tool, called the Healing Brush and its compliment, the Patch tool. In my opinion, this new tool is worth the price of Photoshop…it is that profound an addition to the tool bar. To explain this tool, let us first take a normal picture taken with a digital flash: How often do we see pictures like this where some part of the picture is which from the flash like the forehead of the woman and the glasses of the man. What the healing brush does is take a piece of another part of the picture and allows you to drop the piece upon releasing the mouse onto the area of the picture you wish to be changed.

What the tool then does is blend or heal the whole area by matching the light and shade of the area around the area to be healed. The effect is to blend the dropped areas seamlessly into the new area. Just look at the results below. On the woman, I dropped another piece of the skin tone onto her forehead, and onto the man, I took the bottom part of the glasses that had no white flash in them and placed them on the lighted part of the glasses. All of this took about 5 seconds and you have a clear picture below with little effort. The patch tool does a similar thing with larger areas. For it, you use a lasso cursor to make a circle around the area you wish to change. I have lassoed the whole flash area of this fish tank. What you do next is drag that lassoed area to another area of the picture and it will blend the new area into the originally lassoed area, blending the color, the brightness and the texture. Below you see the results. The flash is gone and it merely looks like a brightness coming from the top of the tank rather than a flash onto the glass. Both of these tools allow for adjustments such as feathering the area to the degree you wish.

I for one used the cloning tool quite often, which tends, when you clone an area to leave a tiled look that anyone who knows of the tool will recognize the picture as doctored. You really have had to spend a good deal of time on a larger area to get it to look professional. Some of this is truly cured by the healing and patch tools. Photoshop now has a vast range of brush of brush strokes with plenty of different textures and appeals: If, for example, you use a stylus pen, there are many setting below to aid in the way the stroke goes onto the desktop pallet. The brush strokes have also gotten bigger, allowing for strokes above the 999 pixel limit in earlier versions. Here is one result with tracing around the woman below with one of the textured brush strokes: Another quite useful tool is the Pattern maker, which allows for the creation of seamless patterns. Let me show you how useful it is by showing you the two icons below. I want the one on the left to have the same gold color as the icon on the right. When I have used the clone tool before, the pattern has been far from seamless. I click on the icon at the right above in Photoshop and then access the pattern maker: When the box comes up, the icon or picture I just accessed is in the box.

To the left is a little square that when you click on it and then move your mouse to the picture, you can take a piece of the picture of and then have it tiled. After the first tiling, which places it non-seamlessly on the page, you can keep generating the tile unit it no longer has any seam in it. Then you same the seamless tile in the stamp pallet. So it now, by your own making, becomes a stamp stroke that you can access when you select a brush stroke: From there it becomes quite easy to select the stamp tool below and then make the halo the color of the stamp. The process is quite simple: Another quite nice feature is the Picture Package. You can take one picture on your Photoshop desktop, click on the picture package, and select from the layout choices below: I selected 2 4 x 5 picture and several other sizes. To have it print out nicely, I also selected a resolution of 300, and you can see below the other choices. The other thing that I can do that is so very convenient is to change any selection to another photo by double clicking on the photo. What comes up is the file access that allows me to put any picture in any of the boxes.

Then I click OK and the photos are made on my Photoshop desktop, ready for printing. Though there are many other changes as well, I will add that the new spellchecker is a very nice addition for checking spelling right in Photoshop rather than in some other word processing program. So you can see that the program is filled with new features and improvements that make upgrading an absolute pleasure.

Healing Brush to effortlessly remove artifacts such as dust, scratches, blemishes, and wrinkles while preserving shading, lighting, and texture Web output enhancements to easily apply transparency or partial transparency to Web page elements, including seamless edges that blend into any Web background Single, enhanced Rollover palette to manage Web page rollovers, animations, and image maps more easily New “selected” rollover state for creating more sophisticated Web site navigation bars without hand-coding Customizable workspace for saving the arrangement of palettes and settings for tools, and instant access to a personalized Photoshop desktop Publish hi-res, modem friendly, zoom and pan images for any Website with ease using Viewpoint ZoomView Pattern Maker plug-in to create realistic or abstract patterns such as grass, rocks, and sand simply by selecting a section of an image Enhanced Liquify (distorting) tool to allow you to view other layers, zoom, pan, and undo multiple steps — even save custom meshes and apply them to other files Photoshop 7.0 Scripting plug-in ( Mac Win ) to automate repetitive tasks and key workflows using rich scripting support for JavaScript, AppleScript, and Microsoft Visual Basic Password protection to limit access to Photoshop PDF files, helping to secure image integrity Built-in Spell Checker for search-and-replace operations and spell-check in multiple languages within the same file Enhanced Picture Packages to allow you to print multiple images on one page, choose different page sizes, and add custom labels, such as copyright notices or captions More Web Gallery templates to easily show work online by posting a gallery page of images, and include watermark and copyright information to protect images Full compatibility with Mac OS 9 and support for the newest enhancements of Mac OS X and Microsoft® Windows® XP XMP support for embedding metadata in application files to easily repurpose, archive, and automate files in a workflow Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT® with Service Pack 6a, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2, or Copyright (c) 2002, GMP Services Inc., All Rights Reserved

Spring Cleaning Services in Portland, Oregon

As spring approaches, it’s time to clean out the cobwebs and air out the furniture. The house can be a bit musty and dusty after a long winter indoors, and the sunlight illuminates every smudge on the walls. By tradition, it’s time for spring cleaning.

a rSpring cleaning is more than just your average weekly or monthly housecleaning. It’s real deep cleaning of the house. Usually it involves cleaning underneath furniture, washing windows and blinds, cleaning carpets, and other projects that don’t get done on a regular basis.

If you’re too busy for spring cleaning, you can hire a cleaning service for this purpose, even if you don’t use a house cleaning service on a regular basis. Here are four house cleaning services available for spring cleaning in the Portland, Oregon area.

Merry Maids is a national franchise operation that is available in Portland, Oregon. Merry Maids employees are carefully screened and trained to clean quickly and thoroughly in each home. Merry Maids house cleaners are employees of the company, so residents do not need to worry about paying employment taxes or filling out paperwork. House cleaners bring all of their supplies and equipment with them, but Merry Maids does not make any particular effort to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. For the attractive look of the house, people should found a apartment cleaning service here at online search engines. The paperwork requirements are less in the selection of the services. With the cleaning services, a positive attitude is there among the residents of the house. 

Spring cleaning rates depend on the size of the home and the cleaning services needed. One-time spring cleaning service might run anywhere from $200 to $450. Merry Maids’ Portland office can be reached at 503-262-0537.

Clean-a-Maniacs is a Portland-area, woman-owned cleaning business. It’s owned and operated by two sisters, Boni Courtright and Jean Nations. Clean-a-Maniacs offers standard house cleaning services as well as air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. House cleaners are employees of Clean-a-Maniacs and not sub-contractors. They use pH neutral, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Spring cleaning rates depend on the size of the home and the amount and type of cleaning needed. The hourly rate for cleaning starts at $35 per hour, but the number of hours and number of employees required depends on the house. Spring cleaning service includes the standard housecleaning package plus moving and cleaning under and behind light furniture, cleaning the refrigerator and ovens, inside and outside window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. For contact information or to request a free estimate, visit

Domestica is another local company in Portland, Oregon, specializing in environmentally responsible cleaning. Domestica uses truly natural cleaning solutions. For instance, their all-purpose cleaner is made from organic essential oils, pure castile soap, vinegar and borax. The service does cost a little more, at $42 per person per hour (your total depends on the size of your home and the services needed). An initial, one-time deep cleaning (like spring cleaning service) typically starts around $275 to $325.

Domestica does not offer extras like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. For more details and contact information, visit

NW House Cleaning is a family owned and operated cleaning service in Portland, Oregon. They offer both regular and one-time cleaning services. NW Housecleaning uses environmentally safe cleaning products, and uses washable cleaning rags to minimize waste. They do not do carpet cleaning or duct cleaning, and window cleaning (for an extra charge) is limited to the inside of windows that can be reached with a small stepladder. Customer MercuryPDX says that NW House Cleaning offers “extremely personalized service” and is “very accomodating and easy to work with.”

Rates depend on the size of the home and services required. For spring cleaning service, a team of two costs around $62 per hour; three hours of cleaning would cost $186 (but the number of hours required depends on the home). Details and contact information are available at

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cool on Hot Days

In the old days, some people were lucky enough to have a summer kitchen. A summer kitchen was a room that was not connected to the rest of the house and it was used to cook in the summer so that the rest of the house stayed cool. There was no air conditioning so your house was only as cool as the outside was. Most people don’t have summer kitchens and if you don’t have air conditioning or you want to keep air conditioning costs down you may want to practice keeping your kitchen as cool as you can that are provided by

Using an oven will heat up a kitchen quickly. You may want to keep the oven off on hot summer days. Choose cooking foods that do not require the use of an oven. Or you can use a small toaster oven for foods that need to be cooked in an oven. You can make small pizzas or roasts in a toaster oven and keep the big oven off.

Anytime you can use the microwave to cook then do it. A microwave cooks food well without heating up the room. For example, if you want to cook some corn. Cook the corn in the microwave instead of boiling the corn on the stovetop.

Make hamburgers, melted cheese sandwiches, or any other grilled food on a grilling machine like a George Forman instead of heating up a frying pan on the stovetop.

Summertime is the time of year when cold food is good to eat. Choose foods to eat that do not require cooking like salads and fresh fruits. Eat cold sandwiches and chips instead of cooking.

Grill outside on hot days. You can make hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and chicken in a variety of was outside on the grill. You can use a slow cooker outside instead of inside the house. Just put the slow cooker in a place where no one will bump into it as it cooks outdoors.

You can also order food out and have it delivered to your home. If you aren’t cooking your kitchen will stay cool and when your kitchen stays cool so will the rest of the house.

You can save money if you follow these simple tips to keep your kitchen cool on hot summer days. You will also be more comfortable if your house is not heated up with cooking in your kitchen.