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The Perfect Social Media Post

Are you ready to create your first perfect social media post? Here are some ideas and tips to get you writing perfect social media posts in no time at all. Let’s go!

Social media posts are meant to spark an action from the reader. You want your readers to react by sharing, commenting, liking, re-tweeting, following or visiting your website. You don’t want to put anyone to sleep with a long-winded novel. Every post does not have to be some earth shattering, life changing event. Your post should be just long enough to get your point across.

That’s why shorter posts are generally better. Twitter has the right idea by limiting the number of characters that you can use in a tweet (as of today, that number is 140, although I’ve recently read that they’re considering increasing that number). The *recommended tweet size is between 70-100 characters.

This sentence is 43 characters with spaces. This added text makes it 83 characters.

Studies (Thanks to Buffer for the info) have shown that engagement increases dramatically when shorter posts are used on Facebook (40 characters). A site that I manage on Facebook, Hawaii Lovers Only, averages 80 characters on each post with excellent results! Of course. I always include an image and usually a link and a hashtag (more on that below). You’re going to have to do some testing to see what works best with your pages.

Below are some example posts to give you some ideas for different business types.

Restaurant Owner

  • Join us this week for our early bird dinner specials (5 – 7) and receive a free dessert!
  • Come in tonight and welcome our new chef to the family – Antonio Carlucci!
  • Have you tried our brick oven pizza yet? Veggie or meat?

Beauty Salon

Would you ever wear one of these wigs? Which color?

20% off Tuesdays all month long!

Are you getting the idea on how to craft the perfect social media post? We’re not done yet, you still need to add images to your posts. A picture is definitely still worth a thousand words, and

even more so on social media. Here are the same Facebook posts with images:

Do you see how much more engaging the posts are now with appropriate images? Sure you do!


I personally shoot thousands of pictures a year so I have quite a sizeable library of my own stock images. Sometimes I simply don’t have that perfect image of my own so I also subscribe to a few stock photo agencies. These do have a fee, but I never have to worry about copyright issues and I like supporting photographers.

You can also obtain “public domain images” (that are free) from hundreds of sources from around the web to use in your social media posts. Better yet, always keep your smartphone or camera handy at your business and don’t be afraid to use it! Fans love to see what goes on “behind the scenes” and they also like the transparency aspect of it.

What image sizes should I use for my posts? This is one of the most common questions that clients ask me. I have also pondered over this question for countless hours because I am a perfectionist when it comes to images.

If you would like to keep it simple across many social media sites, I would highly recommend an image size of 1280px x 960px. I have to agree with Ben Requena on the 4:3 ratio size as it pertains to smartphones and photography. See the infographic below:

If you use these sizes, be sure to keep the most important content towards the middle. Most sites optimize for a certain ratio and I will get into that a bit more in a future post. You should buy cheap instagram followers for your account when using Instagram as a platform for social media marketing. This is because it increases your chances of your business to grow fast over social media.


In the “free dessert” post above after the copy, you see this: #freedessert. If someone is searching for a free dessert to go along with their dinner tonight, your post may appear right in front of them. How great is that! Use hashtags sparingly and keep on topic!

Regular And Consistent Social Media Posting

Nothing Beats Regular and Consistent Online Posting

  • If you are looking for shortcuts to marketing with Social Media, then you need to look again.
  • The Benefits Of Active Social Media Profiles For Your Business
  • There are lots of benefits that SM can generate for your brand or business.

Better Rankings

With social and search merging today, having an active social presence online is now essential as it’s believed social signals can help to improve your rankings so you can generate renda extra online. Searchmetrics’ study found that the higher the number of social signals you gain from the below networks the better the position of your website in SERPs:

  • Google +1
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Total
  • Pinterest
  • Tweets

Therefore, creating and maintaining a strong profile could be hugely beneficial for your site’s visibility.

Brand Awareness

SM offers your business a perfect way to be seen by your target audience’s eyes and build awareness around your brand/company by posting things other than your own company. Remember that regular posts about the latest industry as well as company news will help your business be seen as an authority within the industry.

That’s not all… SM can increase more than awareness. A perfect example is Saatchi Art which showcases the latest work on their very visual Tumbler Account.

So people who like art and scrolling through pretty images might be also potential customers who are willing to purchase.

More Traffic

New and regular high-quality content (curated or original) will help you keep your business/brand in mind and in front of the eyes of your existing as well as potential customers. Your SM accounts are perfect for increasing the amount of times existing and potential clients are exposed to your company which in turn will have a positive impact, driving traffic to your website.

According to Social Media Examiner study, 75% of marketers stated increased traffic as second best benefit they managed to gain from Social Media marketing.

However, don’t be a spammer and post only links to your website; make sure that 80% of the Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn posts, etc are relevant to your industry and target customers and only 20% is about self-promotion.

Increase in conversions

With more people coming to your website from SM there is a higher chance that also your conversion rates will be higher. Plus you can use your SM accounts to spread exclusive offers and discounts. Come up with an attractive offer and pair it with a strong call-to-action and you’re half way through to higher conversion rates. However, ensure that your customers feel that there’s value in clicking on your offers/ads/posts, and avoid making them feel that they’re being sold to.

If you’re sceptical about the effect of SM on sales, a latest study suggests that 77% B2C and 43% B2B companies have acquired clients from Facebook.(Source: HubSpot)

Give Your Business A Boost Free Video Marketing With Google Search Stories

With the growth of online videos and smart phones we are watching more and more videos online. Just to put that into perspective, according to Google last year we watched 2 billion videos on Youtube alone and uploaded hundreds of thousands of videos daily. We also need to recognize the influence these videos are having on us, according to Entertainment Media Research, more than one in three users have bought an item they saw advertised on YouTube. How To Get Free Views On TikTok? The information is provided to the people to have the best results. The advertising and promotions of the videos at different platform is beneficial for the business people. With the free views, there is an increased entertainment for the people. 

Here at Social Media Manager London, we have found a gem of a program that will help you post a video online that’s quick and easy to set up, but it is also cool and trendy to watch. We know some of you guys have been reluctant to embrace video marketing so when we came across this resource we decided to share it with you. Why? Because it is simple to set up and it’s free!

Google search stories gives you a creative outlet to express yourself and thus far, increase your exposure and be a part of YouTube’s 2 billion a month statistic of videos being watched online.

So your wondering What is it? Basically you can make a 35 second video clip that allows you to tell a story,so if you need a video to promote your company or product and have limited funds its a great way to start . We’ve tested it for you guys and here is our demo .

As you log on to the site, you are able to see some demos that Google have created to spark your imagination. Admittedly as you might expect, the quality of these clips are of a high finish and are a bit misleading on how you can edit your videos. But the main point of this feature is if your not using video marketing you can get started quickly.

Step 1 Log into your YouTube account and go to to

Step 2 Next click create your own, here you are presented with 7 steps which all follow the same format. Enter your text in the first box and then go to the next box and choose from the following options:Web search, Images, Google maps, News, Blog Search, Product Search and Books. So your video uses the Googles search facility to make your story more entertaining. Rinse and repeat this process for all 7 boxes.

Step 3 After this you can choose the music to go with your story and you have a choice of 9 themes, ranging from fast paced action or a more slow romantic melody. Then press play and see your story come to life. You can then edit the music or a search term if you find the right story isn’t being told.

Step 4 Upload your masterpiece straight to Youtube and to your website for the whole world to enjoy.

Here at Social Media Manager London, we would love to know what your thoughts are on Google Search stories and to see your video marketing in action.

What Is Social Media Thought? How it is useful?

What I do know is that I am a social media participant. An excitable learner, early adopter, a vocal advocate and critic. I am attempting to put it out there by being real and being involved. If this is leadership then that’s great. but that’s not my goal. My goal is to continue growing and learning. And my business is to help companies and colleagues learn to do the communities and conversations part better. Learning of the benefits of YouTube will offer growth and development to the business. Voy Media YouTube services will advertise the products at the platform. The understanding of the features of the brand is effective for meeting the desired needs. Complete help is provided to the business companies to have success. 

It’s easy to point atand a handful of others and get the idea of “thought leadership on social media.” And in this tender young enterprise the definition would be spot on. But what about the rest of us hoping to add value and make some insightful observations about social media? What does “thought leadership” mean exactly?By exploring and actively participating in social media, the practitioners begin to get some ideas of how things could be done better, ideas about what would make the social media for business proposition more fruitful.

Does that make us social media thought leaders? Simply by writing about social media I would guess we are trying to “become” thought leaders, but what if the observations are proven false? Is it better to put it out there and get it wrong, to engage in the discussion about social media and then watch as the crowd goes another direction?Brogan is great because in addition to evangelizing social media he practices what he preaches.

He has WORKED in the business of social media for years. Perhaps now he is speaking more than participating. Perhaps he’s even “thought leadering” more than he is helping companies execute on refined social media strategies. But a certain amount of time in the trenches trying to figure it out, trying many different things, learning from failures, does, in my mind, qualify Chris Brogan as a thought leader on social media.So what about the rest of us? I certainly have spent 4 – 5 years working to build “communities” and add “web 2.0 features” to corporate websites.

Heck I even got to work within the famed Dell Global Online team and work with the Communities and Conversations group to define, build and launch Telligent’s Community Server platform. And boy did we learn a lot in that process.So maybe I AM a social media thought leader. Or maybe I’m just a social media thinker. And perhaps the “leadership” part of my thoughts comes from insights that are echoed, challenged or refined by others. It’s in the doing and the participating in social media that I have learned my greatest lessons. And I continue to attempt to lead by putting these ideas out there, onand several other blogs where I contribute.I am excited announce that I will be joiningon his social media team, as part of. For as Bob lead the majority of Dell’s social media programs, and guided me on several projects, he is a voice for rational business objectives and how we can better accomplish them using leading edge technologies and innovative community ideas.

Take Note That Social Media Trends Drastically Changes From Time To Time

Social Media keeps on ravaging old business today. If you think that hiring a social media consultant to increase youtube likes is nothing but a waste of money, you better anticipate a disgraceful exit from the business endeavor you wish to belong to. Yes, you might be a graduate of mass communication or business ad; but, do you really know how to smash all the great opportunities that businessmen can get from running a trade?

Posting ads on a Facebook page might not be as effective as what it was a couple of years ago. As I was saying, everything changes. Change is the only thing on earth that never changes (anyway).

Moving forward, having thousands of Twitter followers guarantees nothing. You might have learned that there are so many advertising companies and agencies today that offer social media services to both small and big businesses. But, only very few of them know how to meet efficiency and effectiveness in between.

 Being efficient in carrying out various platforms through social media sites doesn’t mean getting a high volume of loyal customers who have the willingness to stay close to your trade no matter what happens in the competition.

Please don’t think that I’m exaggerating. As much as I do, my intention remains focused on steering you clear from the bad experiences I had when I was still a newbie in the industry. I must admit, I’ve been a victim of an incompetent social media advertising company at some point in my life as a businessman.

If you would just allow me to buy you some time, I would be very honored to share the things I learned from the harsh experiences I had when I was just starting over my career in business.

Know whom to trust. A social media consultant who makes promises that are too good to be true deserves a second look. This doesn’t mean that earning loads of profit and building a better name in business are never attainable by integrating these social media sites in your business operation.

Of course, achieving these previously mentioned goals is the sole reason why social media advertising exists. But, it requires enough time and effort. It is impossible to have all the profits in the world in just a matter of days.