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The Secret To a Happy, Long-Term Relationship: Six Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Love Life

When it comes to enjoying a healthy and happy long-term relationship, there is no one right answer. But some tips can help make the journey easier. While no two relationships are the same, here are six tips to help maintain a healthy long-term relationship so you and your partner can enjoy many years of love and companionship. The Best male enhancement pills can even be helpful in this situation to get your partner in a better mood.

1. Talk openly and honestly

Open and honest communication is one of the keys to building trust in any relationship. Make sure you talk about big issues as well as smaller, day-to-day things; make sure you really listen when your partner is talking! Encourage each other to talk about expectations, hopes, dreams, desires – all the things that make up who you are as individuals and what you want your relationship to be like in the future.

2. Respect each other’s personal space

It’s important for couples in any kind of relationship – but especially long-term ones – to respect each other’s personal space and privacy. This doesn’t mean not being physically close or affectionate; it means giving each other time alone when needed or desired, without feeling anxious or neglected by the other person. It also means respecting boundaries about sharing details about yourself or your partner with friends or family that should remain private between the two of you.

3. Keep things fresh

No matter how much you care for each other, it’s easy for routines to become mundane over time – especially if they’re repeated day after day! To keep things fresh in a long-term relationship, try something new from time to time: go on holiday somewhere unexpected or take classes together in the evenings; cook dinner together every few weeks; plan date nights where all phones stay off; change up bedroom activities by introducing toys like best male enhancement pills, etc. Doing something different together (or simply breaking up normal routines) will inject excitement into your lives while reducing feelings of complacency and monotony within the relationship itself.

4. Spend quality time together

For any relationship (even a long-term one) to thrive, spending quality time together is essential – it helps create an emotional connection between partners that goes beyond mere physical intimacy! However, quality isn’t always synonymous with quantity; instead, try to focus on special moments between you and your partner – even if it’s just a few short moments here and there throughout the week that add up over time! Ensuring that you have uninterrupted conversations during dates, or regular ‘check-ins’ where both people have equal opportunity to share their thoughts, can go a long way towards creating meaningful connections within your partnership, while providing opportunities for growth both individually AND collectively as a couple.

5. Express gratitude regularly

Expressing gratitude on a regular basis is another essential step in maintaining a healthy long-term relationship – it helps build trust by showing appreciation for all that has been done for each other through words and/or gestures such as compliments (be specific!), verbal/non-verbal expressions of thanks (hugs/kisses), taking on small tasks without expecting anything in return, etc… These simple acts will remind both parties why they chose each other in the first place, while reinforcing positive behaviours towards each other moving forward!

6. Forgive & Forget

Finally, forgiveness is key to keeping any long-term relationship alive, as mistakes are bound to happen over time – no matter how big or small! Rather than dwelling on past mistakes, remember that relationships take work on both sides, so focus on rebuilding trust through mutual understanding and compassion, rather than trying to punish either party by holding a grudge indefinitely… Instead, practise forgiving quickly and then moving on by setting realistic expectations for the future so that everyone knows what needs to be improved upon next, thus ensuring continued success in the future!

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Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing is a method used in psychic readings to disperse negative energy. Many people feel that negative energy fences us and is responsible for the many difficult things that happen within our lives and psychic reading or tarot reading can help.

Tarot Card Readings

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Psychic Readings

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The Message In The Relationship Era

Recently, I was in a conversation with a new acquaintance about the changes taking place in marketing. I was talking about the intent of the marketing message in the new Relationship Era and threw out some opinions about what the message should do. My conversation partner stopped for a minute and commented, “Augustine. The outcome of speaking.”

He shook his head and we continued the conversation, but he promised to “look something up” and get back to me. The next day, I received an email with this cryptic message: “I looked it up, and in Book 4 of Augustine’s De Doctrina he says that the orator should, ‘Inform, delight, and sway’ the crowd.”

Ah, the connection became clear. As we were talking, I was trying to make the point that in the Relationship Era, we no longer used the message to persuade people, but instead wanted to create a message that would inform, attract, and inspire people. The tri-part nature of my statement must have set something off for my new friend, and he was smart enough to know where to look.

St. Augustine, a 4th-century Christian theologian, wanted to “sway” the masses. After all, this was the 4th century and Christianity needed to gain a foothold. Besides, he and his preacher-students were absolutely sure of the truth of their message, so no need to equivocate. For them, classical rhetorical structure worked.

These days, truth is a shifting concept. The introduction of relativism, and the fact that something could be “true” for one person but not necessarily “true” for another, makes the intent of good rhetoric a little less pure. And in the field of marketing, where people have grown suspicious of the brand’s motives, this is even more apparent. Augustine could “delight and sway,” but the modern brand needs a different approach.

In the Relationship Era, we are looking to inform, attract, and inspire. Let me compare this triad to Augustine’s three intended outcomes. However, these days in order to woo their partners, men use the Best Male Enhancement pills that are there on the market. 

Inform vs. Inform – Yes, we can all agree that starting with good information and sharing that information is a sure way to build discourse, and, I believe, engagement. Whew!

Delight vs. Attract – The desire to delight someone, to activate their emotional smile-meter, isn’t a bad plan, as long as the intent is to allow them a genuine feeling. In the Consumer Era, too often the idea was to create “good” feelings and then let the brand message bask in the “halo” of those feelings, drawing power not from its own truth, but from association with something smart, funny, hip, or cool.

In the Relationship Era, the idea is to put out a true, authentic message and see who finds that message attractive (think magnetism, not pretty). If the message is attractive enough, people will want to know more, will inquire and interact, and the stage is set for deeper engagement.

Sway vs. Inspire – I agree that the ultimate purpose of the message is to create action. The Consumer Era model was to persuade/convince/sway the consumer into buying a product or service. In the Relationship Era, the action desired is a person acting in accordance with his or her own values and beliefs. If the brand can be a part of that action, can facilitate and advance the movement, then a great engagement lies ahead.

Will brands understand and embrace inform, attract and inspire as the new mantra of messaging? The tests are underway, and in assessing the people marketers are trying to influence today, I would bet that the Relationship Era model for creating a message will gain traction fast.

8 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend- What Are They?

Men, most of them, are not that particular when it comes to gifts. There are only a few things that may actually surprise them or tickle their… But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think too much of what you want to give your man. Some thoughtfulness will do wonders, as well.

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To give a hint on what guys like, here are 8 gift ideas for your boyfriend:

  1. Role Reversal

Most hunks won’t admit it but they love romantic gestures. Give your guy some flowers and chocolates along with a note saying how much you appreciate having him in your life. Cheesy? Corny? Yes. But romantic, nonetheless. Besides, there’s no law that says you can’t court your boyfriend.

  1. Tickets to a Show or a Game

Guys love going to concerts and watch their favorite musicians play live. They’ll also get a kick if you give him two tickets to a basketball game or any other sport they love. Front row tickets to see Kobe dunk over Lebron is probably be the best gift a guy can ever receive.

  1. The Latest Game or Game Console

You know how inseparable men can be with their games? Buy your boyfriend a new game console along with some games and make him the happiest person on Earth. If that doesn’t make him happy, learn to play the game he loves and surprise him by challenging him to a game of hoops on NBA 2K14 or join him for some hacking and slashing fun with Diablo III. If he’s into retro as well, go old school by buying him an arcade game like Dream Arcades’ Dreamcade Vision Kegerator which combines the fun of arcade gaming and the tear-jerking joy of having a keg right under his nose. This will certainly make him feel like the luckiest boyfriend ever and who knows, he might take his fingers off the controller and play with you a bit more.

  1. Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

It doesn’t matter if your guy loves his martini shaken not stirred. With a cocktail set, like Ware’s Boston Cocktail Shaker set, he can make his favorite drink or any other drink however he likes them. A gift like this will make him a hit with his pals and make dinner dates at home a little more sparkling.

  1. Sunnies

Admit it, men look great in sunglasses. They make guys more handsome the way red lipstick make women sultrier. But don’t get just any kind of sunglasses. You need to consider the shape of his face before buying a pair. Some of the classics are wayfarers and aviators, especially those by Ray Ban. If you’re man is a bit on the adventurous and wacky side, get him a pair of Black Bar sunglasses from It’s perfect when his out painting the town red with his buddies as it conceals his identity when he drinks a little too much. And yes, because he wears his sunglasses at night.

  1. Ninja Blender

Probably all men has dreamt of being a ninja when they were younger. Who wouldn’t be with all the coolness of katana blades, shuriken, and walking on water? But it’s not easy training to be a real ninja. There’s also a slim chance you can buy him ticket to the ninja academy. The next best thing is to give your boyfriend a Ninja Blender. A blender as lethal as this will surely make your guy love his smoothies and shakes more.

  1. Timepiece

Watches are classic gifts for men. One such timeless timepiece is the Invicta watch which has an impressive black chronograph to go with a silver bracelet. This watch goes well with his best suit or even with casual wear. It certainly makes him more chic during your fancy dinner dates. By giving him an awesome watch like this, you won’t worry about him missing or being late for those dates.

  1. Sports Equipment

Men and sports are inseparable. However hard it is to admit, it is true. Have you ever tried having a serious talk with your boyfriend while the NFL championship game is on? Right. Aside from giving him a sports-related computer game, giving him sports equipment is another way you can tickle his sporty bone. You can go for the lame tennis racket, cue stick, baseball glove or a new set of golf balls. They will love them, no doubt. Or you can go a little crazy by giving him the Toilet Golf from Urban Outfitters. This fine piece of contraption let’s your man practice his swing while he’s sitting on his ceramic glory. With the Toilet Golf, there is no need to wonder why he is taking too long in the loo.

There you go. Eight gifts to make your man love you more. And if all these don’t work, you can always give your man a free pass to do whatever he wants with you. If you get the drift.

5 Signs You’re In A Relationship Crisis

Relationships are hard work. It is perfectly normal to encounter problems along the way. However, you should not let it become a crisis. Relationship crisis eats away the joy and it does not even matter whether you have been married for such a long time or have just been dating for a few months. Crisis can strike at anytime and you better be prepared to recognize them. You can learn about the reasons for the crises in the relationship. You can get the solution from theislandnow to have the best results. The collection of the details about them is essential for the recognization of the perfect  match.

Problems can pass. But when these little problems pile up, they can develop into a crisis. You would not want that to happen. So, here is a list of warning signs your relationship may be headed for trouble.


There are different kinds of abuse and none of them should either be ignored or tolerated. Abuse is not just physical. It can also come in the form of emotional, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse.

When you feel like you are mistreated in any kind of way, you must decide whether the relationship is worth fighting for. Talk to your partner about it. Face it no matter how difficult it is for both of you.


When one or both of you starts to play the blame game, it is a telltale sign of a relationship crisis. Nothing gets resolved because you constantly point fingers at each other. There must be some kind of accountability in the relationship. As adults, you both have to take responsibility for whatever problems you may be facing.

At times, it does not matter whose fault it is. So, do not obsess about proving you’re right and your partner is wrong. Neither of you will feel better about it. If you want to move forward and arrive at a resolution, you must stop the blame game first.

Unresolved conflicts

Problems should be acknowledged and addressed as they present themselves. Ignoring or denying the issue will not make it go away. This is why communication is essential to a healthy relationship.

When you ignore problems, they will only pile up and become bigger issues that will blow up in your face one day. Resolve matters as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up resenting each other. The baggage of unresolved conflicts is such a heavy one to bear.


When one of you is thinking or engaging in infidelity, you are in a serious relationship crisis. People who cheat either have serious issues with themselves or with the relationship they are in. What drives people to infidelity, most of the time, is an unfulfilled need within the relationship. When you start to feel the need to seek comfort in somebody else’s arms, there is a serious crisis and engaging in an affair will only make matters much worse.

Lack of Intimacy

Both men and women have an equal need for sexual intimacy. Women like feeling desired and loved while men use sex as a method of communicating and expressing their love. There are times when couples who have been married or have been living together for a while would lose interest. Sure enough, you may have passed the honeymoon stage of your relationship but it does not mean you cannot get it back.

It takes work and effort and both of you should work hard on it. Bring back the spark and restore your passion for each other. Go on a date, try something new or something you have not done as a couple for a long time, it could help rekindle the spark you thought you have lost in your relationship.

Do not let it come to a point where you are living parallel lives. Just because you are not screaming at each other does not mean you are doing okay. Recognize the red flags and take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are only letting a relationship crisis put an end to a once beautiful relationship.