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In What Ways Can A Hooded Hair Dryer Benefit You?

One can easily make out with the help of the name ‘hooded hairdryer’ that this appliance is in the form of a hood which gets mounted on the head of a person. A hooded hair dryer is unique and different from the ordinary trial you may have used until now. However, usually muscles seen them in big salons. This appliance has a lot of advantages when it comes to its use and proves to be a better option when a person considered as buying a hairdryer. 

The appliance is in the shape of a stand with a hood attached at the top end of the appliance. The hood of the dryer does the main job. The vented chambers inside the hood blow out both hot and cold air. There are not just two or three chambers but a lot more to work uniformly on the entire head to dry your hair perfectly. One just needs to sit with the hood applied on the top of their head and the wet hair starts drying and dries completely within minutes. 

Factors One Should Consider Before Buying A Hooded Hair Dryer

The following factors should necessarily be considered for buying the best one: 

  • Heat Meter:

A Hooded dryer with a setting option for altering the heat transmitted is always the best one. Not everyone has the same hair type and therefore their hair needs a certain level of heat only otherwise it can lead to hair damage. 

  • Switch Timer:

One should very necessarily buy a hooded hair dryer which has a switch timer which one can sit and relax as it will automatically turn off. A timer prevents you from the hassle of keeping a check on the time. 

  • Cold Air Setting:

A perfect model should always have a setting for blowing out cold air as it can help the hair to resettle before and after blowing heat. 

  • Speed Setting:

This is one of the most important factors which should necessarily be considered. Speed settings can help you adjust the airspeed depending upon the type of hair you possess. If your hair is thinner, make sure your model has an option of low speed.


3 Important Benefits Provided By A Hooded Hair Dryer

Following are the three most important benefits one is entitled to after buying a hooded hair dryer: 

  1. Deep Hair Conditioning: Most of the people want soft and shiny looking hair. Using a hooded hair dryer conditions your hair uniformly and deeply to obtain a hair type that you’ve been aspiring for. 
  2. Facilitates Wet Setting: It always easy to set your hair the way you want when it is wet but people also want the hair to look dry while it is set. The hooded hair dryers are capable of drawing the hair while a person sets it when the hair is wet without altering the style. 
  3. Faster Setting: Hooded hair dryers certainly very quick and complete their job. Using this device can save a lot of time and help the person get ready very fast. 

One can easily find these models on sale online on various online shopping destinations and also get the best deals on it. Also, one can get more information about the appliance on websites like

First Person: Selling Used Books on Amazon Profitably

For many years now, we have seen sellers on the Amazon platform selling “penny books” and driving down the ability for many sellers to develop a profitable business. Amazon has started to combat this process by raising their fees on some of the process of the Fulfillment by Amazon platform. If you are looking to get into selling used books on Amazon and turning it into a business, learning how to list your items correctly is essential.

Why Sell Penny Books in the First Place?

This concept became popular as many once realized that Amazon would credit sellers the $3.99 shipping fee when they sold their book on their platform. When media mail shipping was rather cheap, sellers could profit from this process. If a book sold for $0.01, there was no referral fee as 15% of a penny is nothing. Then they credited you the $3.99 shipping fee and took from that the $1.35 variable closing cost fee. This left the seller with $2.65 in their pocket. A few years ago a book less than one pound could ship media mail for about $1.80, plus an envelope that cost about $0.10. At the end of the transaction, a penny book would net the seller $0.75. With most books costing the seller less than a quarter, they made a $0.50 profit from this deal. In 2012, media mail costs much more to ship and the shipping fee has not increased. The profitability of this method is all but dead.

The Fulfillment by Amazon equivalent to this concept was to sell a book for $4.00, and in many cases less than that. Before 2012, FBA charged fees of $0.60 to pick and pack the item, $1.35 for a closing cost and a $0.40 per pound shipping cost based on the weight of the item. After fees on a one pound book, FBA sellers would net a profit of $1.05. With the recent increase in pick fees (now $1.00 per item) and the shipping fee of $0.37/lb rounded to the next whole pound, this method has become less profitable at the penny book price point.

How to Combat Low-Ball Pricing

When you are pricing your inventory, develop a spreadsheet that will enable you to calculate all of your costs into the retail price your books. In that calculation, include a flat rate that you would be willing to make as profit per item sold. If the spreadsheet is done right, the only variable you would need to enter per book is the actual weight. When you enter the actual weight of the item, it will give you the retail price you need to charge to clear your desired profit amount per book.

Do not concern yourself with low-ball pricing competitors. In most cases, the sellers have not bothered to go back and manually recalculate the prices of their existing inventory after the price increases and they know they are taking a loss on those sales. Once those lower priced items are sold or returned to the sellers to update the pricing, your prices will sit better on the page. In addition, by providing more accurate item descriptions and looking into some of the other Amazon marketing programs, you will find a way to sell your items faster despite the higher retail prices.

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