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What Do You Think Of When You Think Of Marketing

When we were kids we used to play a game where you had to say the first thing that came into your head after hearing a word. They do it in interviews sometimes. It’s normally called “quick-fire” or something like that. I’m not sure. I never cared about the name. The reason we played, though, was to see what people would instinctively say when they couldn’t think through the consequences of their response. Of course, being boys, our questions tended to focus on…well…I probably don’t need to elaborate.

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Twenty years later and it strikes me that the reasoning behind the game is still sound. How often do we change our answers when we think about the consequences they might mean. I may think that the guy I’ve just been in a meeting with is a complete tosser, but I probably say something neutral like “he had some interesting ideas”.

(well, I’m probably not the best example of this game as I have a unfortunate habit of saying whatever is in my head at any one point in time. It’s endearing to some, infuriating to others)

This has got me thinking. Can I do an experiment with people I know in business and through in the word “marketing” so that we can finally see what people really think?

The reason this has crossed my mind lately is the sheer number of businesses I have met over the past year who have, in my opinion, a pretty warped idea of what marketing is really all about.

Hot answers?

Clever Words

Well, it can be. That certainly can help. You do sometimes need the ability to sell what’s on the table and the right words can have a big impact. Sure that’s part of it. I’d say roughly 5%, but I’ll give it to you. Pretty Pictures

Again, OK. It can help. If you’re trying to sell beautiful car it helps to show it. If you’re selling your services as a painter it helps to show a beautifully painted room. People react to visuals. They get drawn in. So I’ll give this another 5%. Social Media

This can be part. It doesn’t have to be a big part and it can also be a HUGE part. It sort of depends on who you are and what you’re selling. It depends on your customers and it depends on your team. But I’ll put this in the mix. Another 5%? Leaflets & Brochures

Anyone else guess what I’m about to say? I don’t need to, do I? We’re now up to 20% aren’t we? Websites

I may disappoint you when I say this is going up to 10%. It is. The web is the easiest marketing tool you have – the most flexible, the most cost-effective… It’s a pretty important consideration and it’s brought us up to 30%.


30 percent!

Seriously. That’s where I’m putting the majority of answers I get.

I’ll put it more bluntly. The majority of businesses I meet spend most of their marketing effort, attention and money on 30% of the marketing mix. That’s a pretty shocking set of numbers isn’t it? And if you think about it, you know it’s true. I know it. You know it.

Why is this?

I suppose in some ways the 30% they think about represents the easiest parts of marketing. The gloss. Well, that’s not fair. It’s not the gloss. That’s a bit demeaning. It’s more like appreciating a really good meal without knowing how to cook. A bit like the kids on Jamie Oliver’s shows who don’t realise that steak comes from cows. They see the finished product by itself and never think about the underlying work that needs to be done to get to that stage.

You can appreciate a house all you want, but if you’re going to build one, you better make bloody sure of the foundations. Otherwise, that pretty bit of art-deco finishing on the top of your stairway bannister is going to look slightly less pretty at the bottom of a collapsed building.

And that’s kind of the point anyways, isn’t it? I ask ten business owners I know about marketing and the majority of them think about the 30% they can see and feel. Not one of them think about the foundations of the house. They may be lucky. They might be built on the most solid foundations around. They might not be lucky.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use CRM Software?

If you are running a business, then one should create proper strategies that will help you in achieving success. Thousands of smart businesses are out there, and they know that a happy customer has become one of the biggest assets. Satisfied customers will surely be able to stick around for a lot of time. Make sure that you are spreading the positive word regarding business. Advancement in technology has already simplified the overall practice of building the best relationships of the customer. It is also helping the businesses offer the top-notch quality customer satisfaction. A lot of companies are making the use of Customer Relationship Management software to attract customers.

Customer relationship management is considered a set of the best strategies, tools, practices, and technologies that allow great customer interactions. It will enable the businesses to develop the best relations with customers. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss seven important reasons why you should use CRM software.

  1. Enhance The Productivity

CRM tools will able to replace the redundant regular activities. It will help you in saving a lot of time & will surely able to stream sales the operations to a large extent. Mobile CRM has already brought higher flexibility by enabling quite easy access to the insight of customers. Make sure that you are creating proper strategies that will take your business to the next level. Packages of CRM will help the sales & marketing staff to store important information of the customer in a proper manner. A lot of people totally depend on the CRM package because it is providing a 360 view of the consumer contact details. One will able to make access to important information of all the interactions with every consumer.

  1. Best engagement of the customer

You will find every consumer wants to be treated properly. If you are offering everything properly to the customers, then one can easily take the business to the next level. Automated customer service tools are continually resolving the issues and complaints properly. If you satisfy the consumers, then they will surely stay loyal and will able to refer the brand to others. If you don’t want to face any problem, then one should use the CRM package.

  1. Best thing

The popularity of CRM is at its peak. It is considered a buzzword in modern business. It will be surely able to add overall value to the business. It will allow you to grow the sales & will enable the consumers happy. It is really beneficial which is quite easy to use, highly intuitive, and flexible. If you want to attract a considerable amount of customers to the business, then one should use CRM software.

  1. A Perfect tool

Nothing is better than CRM software that will be surely able to boost sales. You can easily improve overall sales with the CRM. It can also improve overall customer service in every single number. Every client comes with various reasons why they need several products. When you are using CRM, then you can easily automate the daily sales operations properly.

  1. Genuine data for the best reporting

A lot of businesses totally depend on the CRM because it can easily whip out the machine-generated files and numbers that are important in giving the managers a proper overview of weekly, daily, and monthly data. You can also get access to genuine performances of the agents in their interactions with the customers. CRM systems are continually making the variety of sales data like processing of the important data.

  1. Quicker sale

The main aim of the CRM software is to assist the streamline the complete sale process and will able to close the deals quicker. CRM is packed with a variety of software solutions that will enable you to capture & qualify leads efficiently. One will able to manage the customer meetings properly. If you are using the CRM software, then you can easily follow up everything systematically & can easily prioritize overall sales activities according to the preferences of the customer. This will surely allow you to close overall deals in the sale pipeline quickly. Majority of the businesses totally depends on the CRM applications that will able to improve overall sale by almost 29% sales.

  1. Best marketing

The majority of the dynamic customer demands are continually pushing several businesses to scale up overall marketing activities to stand out in the market. CRM has become one of the best tools that will enable businesses to automate marketing activities. It will help you in achieving great results. It will allow the business to analyze overall marketing trends. You can easily supervise consumer behavior closely. It will surely allow the marketers to plan & manage the campaigns properly. It is offering lots of benefits to the business because they allow the marketers to plan & manage the campaigns properly. If you want to engage the consumers successfully in the long run, then it would be beneficial for you. Make sure that you are choosing the Top 10 free CRM solutions for 2021.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, if you are one who is using the CRM effectively, then you will surely be able to earn high revenues from beloved customers. Make sure that you are optimizing the strategic marketing campaigns properly. CRM is a really helpful tool that can easily improve overall communications within an organization.

Why Corporate Video Is Important – Know the reasons!!

There has been a huge leap in marketing capability in the last 5 years. That marketing sea change is due by the advent of the smart phone. The smart phone has allowed seamless access to the internet and videos online anywhere. Now seeking goods and services does not have to wait until you get to a computer; you can whip out your smart phone and search for a provider. Most times those searches are for video since most web content can still be challenging to read on a smart phone. Phoenix Video Production will produce smart, impactful first impression videos for your service or product.

You should know the reasons for choosing the best nyc production company to edit the videos. The services for the production are smart and unique for the people. The content of the videos is excellent to satisfy the needs of the individuals. The learning about the facts is also beneficial for the people.

Video Production Arizona

Arizona Video Production Companies create videos for every campaign and purpose. Marketing by video is the commercial field seeing the largest growth. Corporations are contracting video production consultants for trainings, public relations marketing, product and services marketing and also associate and employee information campaigns. The first class Phoenix Video Production firms will offer these points of service –

• Creative consulting services — A top-notch Consultant will Mastermind with you and offer creative insights for your video campaigns. They will offer to script and cast your video project if you so chose.

• Scout locations and Project manage — From the first conversation to the last cut; a credible video production firm will manage every aspect of the dramatization of your message.

• Demonstrate expertise in all the video production techniques – Motion graphics, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, Editing, Special effects and coloration, encoding and compression and most importantly; video for the web optimization.

A well produced and edited video is the best way there is today to reach the public. Phoenix Video Productions can re-introduce an established business to the public or make a new business worthy of checking out.

Web Video as the Evolution of Commerce

The internet has just recently reached the stage that television was when it became the premium marketing medium in the 1950s. Before the mid 2000s the internet was generally a text and photo driven media. Not that text and pictures will become obsolete; but videos for product presentation and service announcements are quickly becoming the major business enhancement technique.

Why Web-Video Will Become the Top Marketing Tool

With the explosion of wireless communication, many people are now being entertained, informed and reached for marketing online through video. Following are the major reasons to use video marketing Phoenix to reach the public 

• Return on Investment (ROI) — Adding video to an online marketing campaign can potentially reach millions of eyeballs at a fraction of the cost necessary to reach those eyeballs just a handful of years ago. A website with a video presence increases dwell rate by 20% and dwell time by 100%.

• Increased Engagement with Site Content — Video keeps site visitor engagement with the content stimulating. Visitors spend more time on a website that features well produced video content. Videos improve close rates by 20% and online registrations by 25%. Phoenix Video Production firms can provide higher close rates and site registrations.

• Give Your Site Traction – states in a 2009 study that 85% of people online watched an average of 10hrs of online video per month. That rate has been growing steadily since 2009. 26 billion videos were viewed online in September of 2009 alone.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — No question that video presence on your site will improve SEO. Google’s launch of Universal Search from Google in 2010 ushered in the era of Google prioritizing sites with video in the search returns.

• Video is the Top Marketing Priority — Since 2010 video has been the top marketing tool online. Surveys have found that video content is seen as more important than SEO, social media, PPC and email marketing for effective customer attraction.

Video will continue to be an ever-evolving medium for marketing and education. Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer spoke in 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about the ‘convergence of screens’. Tablets, PCs, mobile devices and TVs are coalescing into one giant entity of information distribution. There will not be distinct television, mobile or internet content. All of it will converge into one media entity. So will getting and receiving consumer education and information about you and your company. Video Production Arizona companies will create imaginative, effective video content for you with these new media strategies.

The costs of devices for viewing movies, surfing the internet, large screen HD televisions and mobile technology are falling rapidly. Much like the days when there were only a few telephones in the neighborhood; to the time when every home had two or more phones, access to video content on the web will reach saturation like the telephone has. A web presence is necessary; a web presence with video will be optimal.

The trend to rich video and social networking market strategies creates a multitude of opportunities and some definite challenges. Arizona Video Production Companies will maximize the opportunities and handle every challenge. The opportunities are focused on outreach to the public. The challenges are bandwidth usage amongst others such as –

• For business-to-business and business to consumer market strategies, the expansion of video marketing will require heavy upfront investment in the technical capabilities; or hiring video marketing consultants like Video Production Arizona firms.

• Businesses will be required to learn new ways to communicate with their audiences. Simple broadcast advertising will become obsolete. The line between information and entertainment will have to be adjusted.

• The workplace-viewing screen will be anywhere, not just at work or home on the computer. The explosion of the smart phone, ipods, ipads and google books will make imaginative video presentations for trainings and community outreach by companies a challenging endeavor.

Interesting Ideas to Do Crude Oil Marketing Without many hassles!!!

Petroleum is one of the significant things nowadays that have taken over economies surely. It is great for people to pick for the optimal petroleum that provides quality. Marketing for petroleum is equally important as any other business. 

Crude oil marketing needs to be done precisely instead of randomly promoting bogus points or simply exaggerating simpler things. If you are a beginner crude oil and don’t know how to practice marketing, then choosing for below mentioned guide would be the optimal option for you surely. 

Interesting ideas for crude oil marketing!

Crude oil is one of the most traded commodities across the world. It is the most common problem between how to market crude oil for having a profitable business. Crude oil requirement is increasing day by day, and as a result, fluctuation in its price is more often seen. Crude oil traders have to go through a different set of issues to deal with oil marketing and has to be consistent to attain profit in crude oil trading. 

Traders in the field aim to make substantial profits over low capital outlays, CFDs along with oil ETFs as well as futures contracts. Extreme volatility in the market would help with oil trading, in particular, even in the extreme volatility in the market. The risk factor in crude oil trading is higher, especially with derivatives due to factors entirely beyond the trader’s control. 

There is no denial in the fact that oil trading has a higher risk of the oil commodity. oil trading and marketing has both ups and down as well. You are actually provided with the tax advantages when you are dealing with crude oil—the potential for huge profits margins upon good discovery as well as exploration.

If you are looking for the primary reasons why people are highly inclined to this particular crude oil and petroleum business, then diversification seems to be its prominent reasons surely. Along with diversification, inflation hiking, and lastly, but not least speculation that makes a wild swing in the commodities prices for trading oil futures and derivatives that can assist in making instant profits. 

Additionally, oil and petroleum aren’t something without the competition that is renewable as well as nuclear resources that are highly in demand but not enough to meet everyone’s requirement, so as a result, hiked prices can be seen in the shell, petroleum and crude oil. 

Wrapping up 

let us wrap this up as we have seen different guidelines regarding how crude oil trading can be practiced for making things better for you. in addition, there are considerable advantages of the crude oil that is really helpful with the taxes and profitable market that can keep up with the previous losses surely. However, you cannot miss the high volatility leading to a higher risk of facing unwanted losses. You can surely look to the royal dutch shell company that has maintained in the market for a longer time. We hope you find details stated above helpful in understanding more about the shell oil, and other petroleum. 

5 Key Internet Marketing Terms Defined

If you’re looking to begin a career, hobby or part-time job in online marketing, you have to get your facts straight from the beginning. If your goal is to make money by working from home and building websites than these internet marketing terms will also come in handy as you make your journey. Here are some key words and phrases that a beginner internet marketer must know.

Affiliate marketing –

In affiliate marketing there are two separate parties involved. You have the advertiser and then you have the person showing the advertisement or otherwise spreading the word. The person showing the ads or recruiting people to get to a different website don’t actually sell or offer anything, rather they get commissions or fees for getting customers for the advertiser. When you become an affiliate, you can display ads on your website, write blog posts about products or engage in countless activities geared towards generating sales for somebody else, which you then receive a portion of.

Search Engine Optimization –

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of fine tuning a website, article or other online presence towards being found and rated highly on the search engines. Google uses a complex algorithm for ranking web pages based on their Page Rank system, keywords, page titles, links into the site and more. When you participate in SEO activities therefore, you’re literally optimizing your content by trying to supply what a search engine like Google is looking for, in the form of appropriately placed keywords, keyword density, quality content and so on.

Search Engine Marketing –

It’s easy to get search engine marketing (SEM) confused with search engine optimization (SEO), which is described above. The main difference is that everything you do with search engine optimization you are doing organically, meaning that you aren’t paying for anything. Search engine marketing also incorporates paid elements of marketing a website, product or other online content online. This can include advertising in search results on Google, paying for directory listings on Yahoo or paying for other marketing services.

Pay Per Click (PPC) –

When you advertise on a search engine such as Google, you are participating in a pay per click, or PPC, program. Just as it sounds, you are paying an amount based directly on how many people actually click on your ads. So if nobody clicks on your advertisement, it was free! Of course, then nobody actually went to your website and you didn’t get any traffic either. When you rank highly in Google using SEO techniques, you’re said to be fostering organic search engine results. PPC or sponsored listings on the top or side of a Google page are not counted in organic results, but rather as paid results.

Niche store/niche website –

An online niche store or niche website is a very narrowly focused website that offers information about a specific subject. The more narrow the focus of a niche website is, the more likely it actually falls into the “niche” range and is generating highly interested traffic. A website about tools would not be a niche website, but a website about cordless power drills would be considered a niche website. A less focused website may gather more visitors but have most of them be uninterested to buy a product, click a link or sign up for something.