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What Is The History Of Hip Hop Jewelry? Grab The Complete Details Here Now!!!

In the modern world, the trend comes and goes, but one thing that remains constant is that a hip hop culture. You would be familiar with the points that hip hop jewelry has changed a lot since the 70s from beats, the lyrics, the message behind songs, and lastly, the artists as well. 

However, one thing that has remained constant is the hip hop jewelry culture. Traditionally, hip hop jewelry that was actually put to use for the oppression segregated people of color and lower-income brackets for expressing themselves better. We are taking a closer look into the aspect for learning regarding hip hop jewelry for better understanding of hip hop jewelry then continue reading. 

History of hip hop culture!!

Two aspects that played a significant role in the culture in the 70s was activism and resistance. Rap music was actually used by the people in poverty to climb out of that. People actually used hip hop jewelry to show the achievement that they have. It would be the actual perfect way for one to show privileged how hustlers make their way out of all the odds. 

We can learn from the aspect that hip hop jewelry and luxury mens is the direct symbol for one. Hip hop was actually born in the 70s and brought to limelight by djkool herc where his famous block parties were held, and he performed it over there. At first, a certified hip hops record by Kurtis blow when jewelry began to appear. The artist flaunted several gold chains on the cover of his albums, and the same kept following for the years. Further artists of hip hop culture followed the same thing and are following still the same trend.

It was very difficult for people to climb out of poverty when they were not open to so much privilege, and still, they made their way to success. Hip hop culture and jewelry go hand in hand as that explains that hardships that people must have been gone through to make it happen. 

Hip hop jewelry in the mainstream!

In the further years, hip hop jewelry was taken as a symbol of milestones in careers. In the mid-80s, hip hop finally began to come into the mainstream. With the broadcasting of hip hop, it started to make money. When the money started to become larger, then it added to more bling and diamonds. 

Artists started to get more rope chains, gold watches, four rings, and even added expensive sneakers to their iconic look and managed to look great. The trend was so popular that artists started competing for creating an amazing look. 

In the 90s hip hop culture became popular in itself and finally became the industry as well. This was the most commercialized genre among all the others, and jewelry made a big impact in attracting people around the world. When artists started to wear bling items like chains, Iconix Jesus piece, then it became advertisements for big records and labels around the world for hip hop records. Rappers actually started to drop accessories, chains, and other accessories as well. You must be familiar with the hop topic of the 80s of news of $10000 dollar chains being marketed and dropped by the rappers. 

Hip hop and millennials

There is no denial into the aspect that millennials and hip hop culture actually became best friends. Rappers become the legit choice for most of the millennials, where they fell in love with them. Rappers are getting projects from all around the world and have all kinds of projects outside the industry as well, such as energy drinks, liquor brands, sneaker lines as well. Along with the new status of hip hop into mainstream hip hop, jewelry evolved as well.

Hip hop artists are surely picking up for the jewelry that is more evolved, such as diamonds and other things that look really great on them. The term bling bling has become a natural symbol for hip hop artists and allows people to enjoy the iconic look for people. Famous rappers are being really selective regarding hip hop jewelry and allowing themselves to have basic and sophisticated look very easily. 

These simpler and sophisticated items of jewelry cost more than bling bling hip hop jewelry, and hence they are becoming a style statement for people surely. Millennials are seen opting for hip hop jewelry and copying their very favorite celebrities into hip hop culture. It is a perfect idea for people to get started with incredible hip hop trends that add to iconic looks. 

Lastly, picking hip hop jewelry is a great way to enhance your personality in simpler ways and add to the significance as well. There are chances not everyone can make to the greater path of success that actually hip hop rappers did back in the 70s and 80s. 

The summary 

In summary, we can conclude to the choice that it would be optimal for people to pick for the hip hop jewelry as that makes it look sassier and successful. Hip hop culture and jewelry evolved over time from bling it has changed to sophisticated surely. In addition, hip hop jewelry actually symbolizes the great success that hip hopers managed to attain in the 70s and climbed out of the poverty even being less privileged. We hope the details highlighted above helped you to understand the history and evolvement of hip hop culture.