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The Woolly Mammoth Diet and Other Weight Loss Plans

It seems like every month there is a new diet fad sweeping the nation, probably because no human can live on Chrystal Lite and vegetable skins for more than thirty days, and when on the point of starvation, are forced to devour a whole chicken, half a chocolate cake, thirteen dinner roles, a box of cookies, and six ham sandwiches, ruining their diet and causing them to start the whole process over. And it may be just me, but it seems like the weight loss fads are getting crazier as the months go by. I think the problem stems from the fact that the brain needs glucose to function, and the inventors of these diets are obviously a bit glucose-deprived. To help you sort through all this diet mumbo-jumbo, I am going to eat a large chocolate bar, down a grande mocha cappuccino, and look at this from a sane standpoint along with these leptoconnect reviews that you can read if your are interested in weight loss programs. 

The All-Rice Diet

Supposedly there is a man in Thailand who has existed for several years solely on long-grain rice. He eats very little, meditates most of the day, and (legend has it) never has to use the bathroom. In theory, this is a wonderful idea: it would save you a ton of money, and you would never have to get up from the middle of a crowded movie theater to do your business. However, I’m pretty sure that if you didn’t practice complete mind/body control through intensive meditation, you would die from a vitamin deficiency.

The No White Foods Diet

This diet is easy to follow: anything white and edible is out. White bread, white rice, bagels, milk, the marshmallowy cream inside Peeps, are all strictly forbidden. Sounds great, right? We all know white bread is a one-way ticket to Diabetesville, and that bagels are just another excuse for an extra cup of coffee. But just because a food has color doesn’t make it good for you. Here is a typical meal plan a determined unhealthy eater can use to still avoid vegetables:

Breakfast: Blueberry pie, coffee, eight slices of bacon

Lunch: Large Hershey bar, four hamburger patties, a bag of skittles

Snack: Extra-large smoothie

Dinner: Mac and cheese, T-Bone steak, can of Pringles (red, yellow or green — no plain chips for you!)


This diet helps you control your portions by allowing you one container of food a day. Basically, you pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner into one box, and that’s all you get. What a great option — if you never leave your house. When everyone else at the office opens their salads and sandwiches, you pull out the Food Bucket. Hopefully, you are not stressed or super hungry, or you are going to eat lunch, plus dinner, plus the remains of breakfast right then and there, and have to listen to Sandy from accounting snidely whispering to everyone: ‘I thought she was on a diet’. Or you go into a restaurant: ‘No thanks, I have my Food Bucket’. And, not being allowed to bring in outside food, you will be relegated to a separate corner with all the other dieters eating out of a bucket. Alone, and ostracized by society, your Bucket will only grow larger as you attempt to fill the gaping hole in your life with fried chicken and deviled eggs.

The All-Juice Diet

Cleanse your body, cleanse your spirit. Eliminate harmful toxins that cause negative energy — and lose weight at the same time! Only one small problem: humans need food to survive. You would never have seen our caveman ancestors say, “Forget that mammoth! I just found a big patch of wheatgrass!”. Sure, you can live on juice, but only for so long. Then you are going to be very, very hungry. And you will probably eat a woolly mammoth equivalent in McDonald’s hamburgers (the mammoth has less fat, by the way).

The Eat-Half-Of-It Diet

I am proud to say I invented this one myself (although it has been invented simultaneously by others). The concept is simple: whatever you are going to eat, only eat half of it. You can have that slice of cheesecake…but only half a slice. If you were going to eat a box of cookies, you are only allowed half a box. Not only a great way to lose weight, but this diet plan will also cut your grocery bill in half.

I think I am going to write a book — “The Woolly Mammoth Diet”, I will call it. Mammoth meat is high in protein, low in fat, is not white, and does not contain rice. Those on my diet are still allowed marshmallow peeps and potato chips. The great thing about it, all those dieters half delusional from drinking nothing but orange juice for two weeks will think it’s a great idea.

An Introduction To Addictive Nicotine | Vaping It

Nicotine is considered a drug. In fact addiction to nicotine due to tobacco smoking is considered by the FDA to be a disease. The drug itself is colorless. It can also be slightly yellow and oily looking substance that is found in adequate amounts in tobacco plants. It is believed that tobacco plants produce nicotine as a way of protecting themselves from grazing animals in the ecosystem. In fact in the ecosystem tobacco leaves are poisonous to animals due to the present nicotine. If animals eat tobacco leaves they may even cause nicotine poisoning amongst humans should they eat the meat.

Nicotine can also be found in traces in such plants as tomatoes, potatoes and aubergine. However the amounts found in these plants are not enough to cause any addiction nor poisoning no matter how much potatoes nor tomatoes a person may chose to eat. The effect of nicotine in human beings will include severe dependence, cravings, tolerance and sensitization. The drug causes stimulation in the brain by producing the hormone dopamine which over a period of time creates severe dependency or addiction. This addiction is the anchor of the tobacco industry on whose strength the tobacco industry prospers. Nowadays, nicotine is not just enclosed in the concept of traditional tobacco. Nicotine is now also present in e-cigars but with a different form such as nic shot. A lot of people are very interested in this new breakthrough.

Due to the dependence caused by the drug, most smokers have to continue to smoke for fear of associated negative mood states which are psychological effects of withdrawal of nicotine. This therefore means for most people continued cigarette smoking is not by choice but is a mere state of slavery to the addiction which must be ruthlessly broken if one is to walk away smoke free. The most efficient and effective delivery of nicotine is through cigarette smoking. When a person smokes it takes less than 20 seconds for the drug to reach the brain. It enters the blood stream via the lining of the lungs and travels to the brain in the blood. It enters the brain by crossing the blood brain barrier were it attaches itself to receptors.

The forthcoming nicotine vaccine which will likely be administered via injection once a year will work by preventing this addictive drug from cross the blood brain barrier into the blood stream. It is hoped the vaccine will permanently disarm nicotine making continued smoking un-pleasurable and discouraging those wanting to start especially amongst school kids.

Another dimension to nicotine which is perhaps positive is that the addictive drug has found a place in the manufacture of nicotine replacement therapy products. These are used by people who are wanting to stop smoking. These NRTs as they are also known in short will include patches, gum and inhalers. Different people have found different results in using these products to stop smoking. many have them useful in reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms which often drive many crazy and into continuing smoking again commonly known as smoking relapse.

You may learn more about nicotine poisoning by following the link. Infants and pets around the home of smokers are at high risk of poisoning including people who use nicotine replacement products and continue cigarette smoking at the same time. Nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes is also known to cause high blood pressure spikes in the short term and hypertension in the long term by damaging nerves and blood vessels.

Japanese Weight Loss Tips

There are a number of different factors which can be held accountable for why the Japanese, in general, are known to be quite a healthy – and thin – population. By learning more about some of the ways that the Japanese have managed to stay slender, you may be able to find new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and weight, for yourself. Some weight loss tips can be adopted through the person with checking of resurge pills reviews to get the benefits. The finding of the best ways can be there for the benefit. The management of the life and style will be great for the enjoyment of the person with benefits. 

Driving isn’t too Popular in Japan

To conserve gas, most people in Japan find themselves walking or riding their bicycle places. What this means is that they get more exercise than the average American, who not only drives everywhere, but who also is sure to park closest to where he or she is going. Parking further away in parking lots, taking a flight of stairs rather than an elevator or just walking to where you need to get whenever you have the opportunity to is good for your body. You may find that walking more often will actually make you feel better about yourself.

People Eat Lots of Fish in Japan

You probably already know that the Japanese culture is well known for their love of sushi. What you might not know is that they also mainly eat other types of non-sushi fish. In fact, Japan eats more fish than any other culture. We have all heard how healthy the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are for the body, especially the heart, as they work to help prevent heart disease. Most people believe that fish does aid in weight loss, so it may definitely be something that you want to consider eating if you want to lose weight. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are many health issues regarding fish. Doing a little bit of research about these health issues is important to do before you decide to add fish to your diet.

Tofu is a Favorite in Japan

Like it or not, tofu is known to be very healthy for the body. In the Japanese culture, tofu is consumed quite a bit. The phytoestrogens that can be found in tofu are known to help reduce your risk of developing both heart disease and cancer. You can easily take advantage of the health benefits that tofu has to offer the body by adding it to dishes which contain vegetables and whole wheat pastas or grains.

Slower Eating is Practiced in Japan

The main reason is because people use chopsticks. While you do become quite used to eating with chopsticks after you have used them for awhile, it still slows down the eating process more than using a fork or your fingers does. Since it takes twenty minutes to know whether or not you are full, eating slower can ultimately have a huge impact on how much you actually eat.

Canned and Frozen Vegetables are Avoided in Japan

Not only do the Japanese avoid vegetables that come frozen or in a can, but they also eat a lot more of them than Americans do. One of the main reasons that they eat so many vegetables is because their diet mainly consist of lean proteins. Vegetables are high in fiber, which means that you will be likely to satisfy your hunger cravings when you eat them.

These are just some of the many people that people of the Japanese culture have seem to maintain a healthy lifestyle and slim figure. If you take one or more of these tips into account for your own weight loss and lifestyle changes, you will be likely to see quite a difference!

Why Our Weight Loss Attempts Are Unsuccessful

Many of us have tried to lose weight and a great many of us have also failed at our attempts to lose weight. But why, what makes it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? With obesity being such a problem in our country, it is important to understand what works when it comes to losing weight and what it is that causes us to sabotage out efforts and give up on our weight loss attempts.

Many people make the attempt to lose weight, but of the ones that are successful most of them will gain it all back within five years and them some. It is very important that the changes you have made to lose the weight become lifestyle changes. Here are some things that often cause people to fail at their attempts to lose weight. Being aware of these issues should put you ahead of the game when it comes to losing weight. For successful results in weight loss, the resurge pills reviews should be viewed through the person. The lifestyle of the person will be changed with the reduction in the weight. All the essential information will be delivered to the person to reduce the weight in less time with plenty of benefits. 

Many people set unrealistic goals for themselves. Even though the ads say you can lose 10 pounds in 20 days, this is not realistic. If you are expecting to have that kind of a weight loss, you are setting your self up for disappointment and failure. A slow weight loss of one to two pounds weekly will allow you a better chance of making your weight loss permanent.

Lacking of planning for social situations is another cause for failure. You have to be able to make smart healthy food choices. If you are putting yourself in a situation where you are going to be tempted, you may want to eat before you attend the event or take something with you that fits into your weight loss plan. You may elect to skip the part of the event that deals with food completely and attend the event after the food has been eaten and is gone.

Another reason for not losing weight is feeling deprived and bored with your food plan. There are many weight loss plans available today and there is something that will fit everyone’s tastes and needs. Not everyone can succeed on a liquid diet. You must find something that will work for you. There are many food plans that allow you to eat anything. You just have to learn to be able to manage high calorie foods properly and be able to limit their intake.

Losing weight has been accomplished by many people. Are you going to be able to manage your eating and plan your life so that you are able to accomplish your goal? Only you can answer that, but if you don’t succeed at losing weight on your first attempt, that doesn’t mean that you will never succeed. Making mistakes is acceptable; it is when you give up because you made a mistake that is unfortunate.

Patients Beware: Your Doctor May Be Suffering from Lack of Sleep

Are doctors that work long shifts causing harm to their patients? According to a web based survey that was conducted across the United States doctors do present a greater risk to their patients after working long shifts. This study focused on first year doctors, most of which are still in their residency.

When working shifts longer than 24 hours some of the doctors confessed that they forget things, look up wrong drugs and in one case the doctor poked herself with a needle. But more importantly is the harm that patients will suffer from this. The journal Public Library of Science Medicine suggests that doctors who work more than five long shifts in a month are seven times more likely to harm their patients and four times more likely to cause a patient’s death.

This lack of sleep will also cause the doctor to become more emotional, which will affect bedside manners. Dr. Amy Hennessy agrees and said “There were several days when I would get home and just start crying for the smallest reasons, or would just feel angry at my patients when they hadn’t done anything wrong.”

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has tried to address the problem by setting work hour limits on all residents. These limitations restrict residents from working over 30 hours nonstop and a maximum of 80 hours in a week.

However, not everyone agrees that shortening the work hours will be beneficial. Doctors say that working these long shifts is crucial to the permanence of patient care. They say it is safer for the patient who has just gotten out of surgery to be cared by a doctor that was involved rather than transfer to another resident. That way in case of a post surgical catastrophe, the doctor on duty would already be aware of what needs to be done.

Residents do not believe that the reason they work long hours is for the continuance of patient care. Dr. Scott Teranella says “The reason residents are pushed to work these excessively long shifts is that they are considered cheap labor in a for-profit system of health care that is constantly pushed to its very limits to cover ever-growing costs.”

Patients need to be aware of this situation and should be able to refuse care from a doctor who has worked longer than 24 straight hours. Sleep deprivation affects an individual’s behavior, and therefore it should not be ok for doctors to be allowed to work as a result. Doctors are humans too. Sometimes they lack sleep because of the demand of the nature of their work especially those doctors with o1 visa Medical resident who usually travel abroad for medical purposes. 

The key is to have well rested physicians, and to do that they need to work on patient transfer. There needs to be better communication between doctors during transfer to ensure the safety of the patient.