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Influence Of Horoscope To Our Daily Lives

Many people are giving much importance to psychic readings, these psychic readings will provide you best psychic consultation and other things that goes with it. Their life is somewhat being influenced by so many factors, and of them is through horoscope and other psychic manifestations, to keep their thoughts and actions in a guided way. Reading horoscope, being able to discuss personal issues with a psychic and knowing the meaning of the star signs, are all being closely read and understood for a better way of living.

People have the urge sometimes to know the right guidance and advices in regards to life, future, romance, and even career. They believe that horoscopes is at present to tell them what they want to hear and to let them understand the significant feature of what lies in their life. There are at least millions of people who are fascinated by the power of horoscope, known or not.

Horoscope is used either daily, weekly or even annually to learn about what future holds for the people who believes it. Many things are tackled in the scope of horoscope. Horoscopes bring guidance to get the picture of what our day would be like. Its only a guide and it should not be used to look or see future as something that is of a regular basis for a person’s destiny. We should still keep on living normally and not rely on the scope of horoscope only, although it would be a beneficial thing for a person.

Horoscope came from the source of it all, which is Astrology. Astrology is the in the quest of giving its believer a partial guidance and predictions, since it is what the ancient ancestors who first started the whole idea and philosophies surrounding horoscope, astrology, psychic abilities and more.

To sum it up, it is quite interesting to know that horoscope has made a greater influence before and even today, as most ancient people used stars, moons, and birth charts to check their future. Even the kings and the queens, of different kingdom that ruled the earth in thousands of years ago. Now, we use horoscope to fill our thoughts on making our life easier and having our own guidance to follow.

Psychics could fill in the curiosity that you have regarding life and how it could affect you. They bring out the positive side of life. People go through hardships in life all the time- many do not have the hope of life improving in the future.

Blessed Psychic Love Experts Usually Accurate Powerful

There are many Blessed Psychic Love Experts out there. Their psychic gift is extremely accurate and powerful, some of them are the most well-known psychics around and are usually rated are the best in their local city/hometown.Their gift comes from the heavens above and are highly gifted psychics who focus on reuniting lovers and lost loves. Most of these psychic love experts have devoted their life to helping others solve life mysteries and difficult problems. Therefore, let the, spiritually guide you to your true love and help you bring peace and happiness you so richly deserve.

Love Spells Really Work!

When we find our true love, our life feels happier more joyous and we strive to better ourselves as well as create a loving environment for our loved ones. All because the power of their love, it’s affects are just simply amazing. Which is why love should be a selfless act, but sometimes can be taken for granted.

There are many negative influences that can cause love to go towards an unwanted direction that most people are unwilling to accept. A path that leads to unwanted separation and divorce from your significant other. When you’ve tried everything in your power to mend the relationship yourself but nothing seems to work, you may need a relationship professional love psychic to help.

A psychic love professional can cast powerful love spells to bring passion and love back into your relationship

A real psychic love consultant possesses powerful love spells that are guaranteed to restore the love and passion back into your relationship. You don’t have to lose hope and imagine a life without your partner, because there is true help here with Lady Jade.

These psychics on Best psychic reading online can restore your lover’s interest, desire, communication and loving bond to increase the stability and repair the issues that you two are facing in your relationship. Real love spells are guaranteed to work within only a short amount of time, and you can start seeing the changes immediately when they cast their first spell!

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing is a method used in psychic readings to disperse negative energy. Many people feel that negative energy fences us and is responsible for the many difficult things that happen within our lives and psychic reading or tarot reading can help.

Tarot Card Readings

When you come to a psychic love expert for a tarot card reading, do not always expect to be told about a future situation that may happen; although, many times the likely occurrence of future happenings have been gathered with surprising accuracy from what many psychics see through the Tarot. The tarot does not tell you of a certain result or an unalterable fate–it provides you insight into the forces both within and around you that are determining happenings and your opinion on them. This enables you to take control and make positive changes with a greater comprehension of the difficulties you are confronting and the personal strengths and resources that you have to overcome them.

Psychic Readings

Any decision can be resolved with a decision making psychic reading. Let a divinely psychic love specialist (or just a real psychic) help you on your choice making voyage with a little help from her/his psychic abilities. We all get stuck from time to time at making tough decisions in order to change the course of our life in a positive way or a poor choice can alter our course in a negative way. Avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong decision. Allow a decision making advisor to show you the path you seek. The decision making psychic reading is thorough and will give you insight that you can then take and create either a final decision or it can be utilized to give you options in your situation.

Psychics encompass people in a variety of roles. Some are theatrical performers, such as stage magicians, who use various techniques, e.g., prestidigitation, cold reading, and hot reading, to produce the appearance of such abilities for entertainment purposes. A large industry and network exists whereby people advertised as psychics provide advice and counsel to clients.

The Devil Card Has My Back – Know About Them

Don’t freak, just hear me out. I want to talk about this Devil card, its heavy connotation with all things negative and why we should consider calming down, and maybe even smiling when this one pops up every now and then.

You can do Online tarot reading and belief on the outcomes to have a bright career and future availability. It can put a smile on the face of the people who are interested to know about their future. Understanding every concept and treating it in the correct way is necessary to obtain the beneficial outcome. 

I partly blame past Christian imagery and the political desire to turn paganism into heresy for this card’s terrible reputation. Personally, I really can’t stand the traditional image of The Devil in tarot. Not to take away from years of historical symbolism and meaning in the card—because it shows some great insight—but I personally see the archetype of The Devil as more enticing than what the image suggests. That’s why I enjoy the Mary-El version (the center card above), which has more of a subversive (and slightly feminine?) BDSM vibe, the Gilded Tarot (to the right, above), which is simple, but still offers a subversive, defiant, and even secretive energy to the card, and the Ghost Tarot (to the left, above), which shows a bearded dude (I love beards) who seems to be in possession of some serious power. I’ve noticed lately that many modern decks portray The Devil as more attractive while still maintaining aspects of its beast-like nature.

Now, I’ve always been a huge proponent of seeing the cards from all angles. And something I kept noticing in the tarot community–from watching videos, reading articles and blog posts–is that The Devil is so often seen in a negative light. It’s usually relating to manipulative relationships, addictive habits, powerlessness, etc. And of course, these interpretations definitely apply to many readings.

But let’s try to see them in a wider view. Think of the basic traits of the type of person who would be seen as The Devil: They would have a strong mind, would know exactly what they want, and have influence over others. Maybe they would be the bad apple or black sheep of the family, breaking rules just because they can. They’re seen as attractive because they know right from wrong, yet aren’t afraid of the consequences of doing something “naughty”. When they want something, they’ll stop at nothing to get it. And of course, at their worst, they’re manipulative; preying on the weaknesses of others.

At certain points in our lives, when we’ve become bored with ourselves, these Devil-type people are the ones that pull us out of our ennui. We’re provoked to step outside of our comfort zone, and explore our shadow side. This, to me, is a more fitting depiction of The Devil. Generally speaking (and based off of the assumption that the majority of us play it safe when it comes to social conduct and experimentation with our own personal values and limitations), The Devil archetype is all shadow. And man, can that be sexy-er, I mean–tempting.

Not too long ago, I was doing a Spirit Guide reading for myself, and when I shuffled to find how my guide wanted to identify themselves, the Devil card showed up (I was using the Gilded Tarot). And I laughed out loud. I laughed because of all the cards to choose for the one guiding me through life, they chose the most unconventional card of the deck. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the reading, but it also brought so many words and so much imagery to mind. It was a reminder that we all have a darker side, and we should always work to embrace our inner duality and see it as two parts of a whole. Don’t fear the Devil, sit with them; hang out with them. Set aside your tendency to only work in the light. Submit for a little while, and let your shadow side have a go. This card could very well be calling you to create some more balance in your life.

Now, when I want to meditate on my Spirit Guide, I choose to see them as The Devil. Not only does it put me in the mindset to submit (well, it comes off as more of a “Sit Down and Shut Up” mindset because I’m neurotic) and listen closely to any messages they have for me, but it also reminds me that I have the strength to make my life whatever I want it to be, no matter what anyone tells me I should do, or what I think I should be to others.

What are the fantastic features of the YouTube Vanced app? 

YouTube vanced is becoming the most popular platform, which is attracting many people all around. It is recognized as the improved version of YouTube and is downloaded from other sources. People love the advanced version because it is offering various advantages, and that is golding the interest of the crowd. The specialty of this app is that it can only be downloaded on android mobile phones, which can be rooted or non-rooted. It is very safe, reliable, and the most appropriate one.

This is the alternative version in place of YouTube, and people are pleased by using it. There are many attractive features of YouTube Vance that you will get to know by reading further. One can easily install the app, and after that, one can enjoy its features on their phones. Here are the different features of using YouTube vanced –

Play videos without any hindrance 

 While playing the video, everyone expects that they can watch it without any disturbance. Hindrance comes with the ads, which come in between while playing the video. Thus it spoils the mood in watching any video. So the new version brings a fantastic feature with it that is goodbye to ads.

Now one can watch the video without any disturbing element and enjoy watching ad-free videos on YouTube Vance. This new version is so much better.

  • Use control system

 a person can use the control system and can change the screen versions as a person likes to on YouTube Vanced app; with a pinch on the screen, that can get zoom. There are various android phones, and this factor doesn’t’ matter with the variations of mobile. This feature applies to all android devices. Thus one can have a better experience by adjusting the screen for watching any of the videos.

With this, one can increase the volume and also can adjust the brightness as per the requirements.

  • Changing themes 

 Another part of the YouTube Vanced is that it is very much suitable to change the themes. There are variations in themes for watching the video, which is the best part of the app. it becomes the attractive features of the person that impress the people.

There are various themes available such as

.black theme

.dark theme

.white theme

Such is the toggle theme that a person can set according to his preference. This is an amazing feature and benefits to watching certain movies. For instance, if the person is interested in watching a horror movie in that black theme will act as cheery on the cake. Thus feature holds so much importance and makes the app stand different from others.

  • Can play it as background 

 This is the feature that is missing in YouTube as that app cannot open in the background. In the normal version, a person cannot do any other work by watching or playing music in the background because of which people are making their interest in the YouTube Vance.

The new app brings an amazing feature with it. With this, any video can be played in the background, and with that, one can do any of the work on the mobile with so much ease. Just by selecting the video and playing it, one can close the mobile or carry on other activity, and the video will be played in the background. This is the enhancing feature that attracts people all around. It becomes the reason that the new modern app is gaining so much popularity.

  • Want to listen to the song again?

One of the fundamental issues that people face when they are listening to a song on YouTube is that you will not get a feature of the song to sync the song on repeat. When you are backing home tired from the whole day prolonged stress, you will probably need a drink in your hand and your favorite music to be played on repeat. YouTube will ask you to play the song again and again, and that will destroy your mood. Well, if you want your evening to stay active and adequate, then you can get this version of YouTube where you will get all the things that you want and a nonstop replay feature of your lovely songs.

  • Set up the speed 

There is a facility to set up the speed as per the preference. So if you are busy with any work or want to watch any lectures, one can adjust the video sound as per the preference. With this, one can easily by watching the videos on YouTube Vance.

So, one can set up the speed accordingly.


 YouTube Vanced is the most fantastic version introduced, which brings on incredible features for people. So with this, one can download it on android phones and have a better experience with this new version.

5 Top Errors To Be Avoided While Directing An Explanation Video

Explanation videos where the firm explains the product, business, operations, services, and what they can do for their clients as a whole, are presently available everywhere on the internet. However, most of them are approaching and releasing the videos in the wrong way, not sticking to their purpose. By actively determining and focusing on what you put into the video as the content, you can boost sales and grow your business smoothly. It is significant to remember that the period of the video does not matter, but the correct content and way of creating and putting it on the internet can extensively increase your brand recognition and popularity more than a high-cost marketing campaign. So this page will note down the 5 elemental mistakes that you ought to avoid in your explanation video, to achieve your goal.

  • Making it too lengthy.

Patience is the quality lagging in most of the internet users and makers. Most advertisements are skipped through and ignored. To avoid that for your product, remember that the key to an effective and informative explanation video is to keep it below 2 minutes. That will portray your creativity along with clearance, conciseness, and meaningfulness, which will all attract the viewer.

  • Focusing too much on the video.

Now it is understandable that you want the video to be attractive, as the psychology is that the fancier the video, the better the quality and viewers. But above that, you need to mainly focus on your script to relate to your viewers, showcasing emotions that portray an understanding of their pain, and readily presenting a solution to grab their complete attention. If you follow these steps, there will be an immense rise in your conversion rates.

  • Forgetting a call to action.

The primary motive for directing explainer videos is to attract viewers. Well, once you get their attention you need to direct them to the next step, whether you want them to sign up for a free trial or explore your page and product. You need to be clear about those steps and comprise it all in 120 seconds. If you are unable to move your viewers and get them to take any action, the explainer video will be termed unsuccessful.

  • Trying to make a video go viral.

The significant reason behind directing and producing an explanation video is to welcome the newer public to explore your brand, site, and services, while ultimately increasing conversion rates and the number of consumers. However, most producers get disoriented from this motive and instead, focus on making their videos viral and grieving if that does not happen, although that is not something they should lose hope upon. One should invest in marketing and promotional videos to attract newer traffic.

  • Failing to plan.

If the firm is unable to determine the whole cost of directing and producing an explainer video before shooting one, and finally rolling out and placing it on the correct spot on their website, so this matter can cause a major setback and disorientation on an array of levels.

Can You Get Smarter by Playing Quiz Games?

Nowadays, there are lots of quiz games that you can play online. But do they really help you get smarter by playing them? Well, the answer of yes. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits that you can get from playing trivia and quiz them. Some of them are the following:

Improve knowledge

One of the common benefits that you can get by playing trivia and quiz games is that it helps us improve our knowledge. Quiz games allow us to keep our brain trained and in shape. We get lots of information from playing trivia games that we can use in our daily lives. It helps us improve and expand our knowledge even though we don’t notice it all. At the same time, quiz games help us to enhance our ability to focus.

Fluid Intelligence

Fluid intelligence refers to our capacity to think and solve problems in certain situations. Keep in mind that the human braid is considered as a true engineering machine that has the ability to adapt to different kinds of situation. These include creating new neural connections, learning different things and accommodating new information. As we answer trivia questions, our brain is able to adapt to the new question being asked and as a result, our brain operates and becomes more quick and clever to respond.

Cross Training

By playing quiz games, we can also do cross training. As we all know, quiz games and trivia games can touch wide variety of topics such as sports, health, general knowledge, history, science or even geography. When we answer trivia questions, our brain works hard too handle all of these topics at ones. This is now when cross training comes into the picture. It allows our brain to study different topics at the same time.


Apart from exercising our brain, playing trivia and quiz games can also provide us extreme emotions and happiness. As we all know, games are designed to entertain people. Hence, we can have fun and enjoy while playing trivia and quiz games. This is more evident if we are playing with our friends, family and other people close to us. Surely, the excitement and enthusiasm are promoted. Furthermore, studies say that being happy and having positive emotions are healthy for our brain. It helps us to remove the negativity, relieve stress and anxiety.

Nowadays, there are several quiz and trivia games that you can encounter online. This means that it will be easier for you to access the games that you want to play. Apart from the games that you can play online through different game sites like QuizExpo, you can also opt to download different apps that offer wide variety of quiz games. All you have to do is download the app and with just a few clicks, you can now play any game that you want, anytime and anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Go now and play to make your mind sharper.

Selecting The Best Fit For Media Streaming Gratuit Device Is Now Easier

Entertainment through televisions and radio has been left behind by the various media streaming devices, in case of popularity. Or you can say that streaming devices boost your television performance. These devices may look little but can serve the exceptional features that lead you towards full enjoyment. You can certainly say that the ‘Small idol, great fame’ proverb relates here. It includes numerous media entertainment channels like series, movies, short films, reality shows, serials, music videos, sports channels, and much more to specify. Several media streaming devices are available to buy and connect with your smart TV, computer, and laptop. Some of the streaming devices can be connected wireless via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can buy these devices according to your requirements for entertainment, like various video streaming platforms. Some devices are such a beneficiary that you do not have to pay any cost further once you buy. These are designed to serve you streaming gratuit benefits. 

If you want to buy any streaming devices, the first thing you should do is write down your favorite channels. Only after this step you can acquire the perfect device that includes all the channels you want. A further step is to get out of your home and purchase a media streaming device to enjoy its eternal benefits.

Factors to consider while buying any media streaming device:

If you are looking for the perfect media streaming device, you are just a line away. The following considerations will surely ease your efforts while choosing a media streaming device.

  • Must be a perfect fit for your owned devices:

The streaming device you will buy should work conveniently with the devices you already have. So, ensuring the compatibility of streaming devices is necessary before you purchase it. 

  • Must include your liked content:

It is the very basic and required feature it must have. If the device you purchase does not fulfill the reason behind its purchase, what is the point of purchasing it? 

  • Review its features and specifications:

Reviewing its features and specifications can help you understand its performance. So, do not forget to review the specifications and features of the streaming device you will buy. 

  • Check its online reviews:

Many people who have earlier experience using the device can give the best reviews about it. But it is quite tricky to reach them. You may or may not contact those users, but you can go through the online reviews and ratings that may be more convenient and helpful for selecting the streaming devices.

  • Explore its additional information:

You can also look for additional information such as manufacturer Company, warranty, and additional uses and benefits to know the overall performance. Buying devices manufactured by reputed companies are always an advantage for you.

Compare the cost and specifications

You will get to see a variety of streaming devices. So, you can compare all its offerings to pick the best fit. So, if you are bored sitting at home, then it is time you enjoy free movie streaming services.

List of Equipment You Need to Stage a concert

The concept of a concert is getting more and more frequent these days. This is because of newer artists coming up. This is also because of people having the means of travelling to attend concerts. There are several different kinds of equipment required to host a concert. 

According to an audio visual company in Surrey, several different aspects should be considered when planning to host a concert. It requires a lot of different coverage and different angles and places. These things all require different equipment to meet their needs.


The first, most important requirement is different kinds of microphones. Without s microphone, hosting a concert is next to impossible. It is important to have different kinds of microphones depending upon the situation. 

Some people like wired microphones. These microphones can be charged and then used for a long duration of time. Some people like using wired microphones due to their personal choices. Microphones are very important, and they should be present in the concert venue.


Cameras are very important for concerts. This is because the audience in the back does not have a clear view of the events happening on stage. A camera is used to project the real-time events on a large screen so that the audience in the back also has a clear view of whatever is going on. 

Good quality cameras are very important if people want the concert to be a success. Having a good camera will help ensure that the details of the show do not go unnoticed by the audience in the large venue. It helps people enjoy the show better. A camera is also good for recording the concert of other highlights of the entire event.   

LED Screens

LED Screens are another important essential requirement while hosting a concert. These are required to help show the different things captured by the camera. These are used to project the images to the audience in the venue. 

LED screens are very important in terms of concerts. This is because they help the audience sitting towards the further ends of the venue have a look at the events on stage. Without its presence, the audience sitting behind will feel left out. Also, these screens help people enjoy the concert more since they are able to have a clear view of what is going on. These equipment help people feel included. 

Different Types of Light

Lighting is very important for a concert. It helps with the mood, the feel, and the overall atmosphere of the concert. It also helps in keeping people’s interest on the stage. It is also important since it helps people view the artist and understand the different activities happening on stage even better. 

This is a very important aspect of the concert. This should never go unnoticed. Lights are very important since they help people have a good look at the artist. They also help people have a better idea of the happenings on the stage.

Stage Mixer and Speaker

A stage mixer is another essential requirement for a concert. This is so because it helps mix the sound and the microphones altogether. Speakers are important since they help people listen to the songs and understand the audio elements of the event. These are both very important for hosting a concert. 

These are some of the most important equipment required for hosting a concert, as mentioned by an audio visual company in Surrey. They help people enjoy the concert better. They also help make sure that everything in the concert runs smoothly. They are needed for the proper functioning of the concert. 

Decent Pictures And Used Cars For A Newly Married Couple

For most people, their wedding day is something that they not only look forward to with great anticipation but also an occasion that they will look back on fondly over the years. A photograph album with good quality pictures of the big day is a great help in reminding couples of the excitement and emotions of their wedding, which is why it is well worth hiring a professional photographer. Once the ceremony and honeymoon are over it is time to settle down and start married life for real. Conducting a used car search online can turn up some good deals and a vehicle that does not cost a fortune to run often makes life a lot easier and eliminates the problems associated with relying on public transport.

Some pictures of the vehicle used on your wedding day usually feature in the wide selection of shots that a professional will take. It is not necessary to order copies of every single picture of course; any Nottingham Wedding Photographer would give their clients the option of picking which shots they like. If you like used Honda cars then there will certainly be a wide selection of examples to choose from at second-hand dealers, whichever model is your favorite. This is one of the advantages of choosing to buy a vehicle made by one of the major manufacturers and it also means that it will be a lot easier to find local service centers to carry out maintenance and repair work on your car.

Stretching your money

The cost of hiring a professional photographer is something that couples need to include in their wedding budget and part exchange car prices may help them to work out how much they will need leftover in order to buy themselves a vehicle in good condition after the wedding. Fess charged by photographers vary by quite a lot and usually depend on the skill and experience of the professional in question, as well as the area that they work in. 

The cost of a second-hand vehicle will depend mainly on what make it is and its age, mileage, and general condition. If you are thinking of purchasing a low mileage used BMW 1 series then it will obviously cost a fair bit more than a high mileage Toyota Corolla, for example. Photographers, on the other hand, will usually increase their fees as they get older and become well known because their skill and experience will normally increase over time. Some people may decide to save money by asking a friend to take pictures at their wedding instead but this can often turn out to be a mistake. 

Although it is worth looking for the best price, whether you buy a Vauxhall Corsa Doncaster dealers are offering at a discount or some other model advertised elsewhere you should bear in mind that most of the time you get what you pay for. Spending too little on a vehicle or a wedding photographer are both decisions you may live to regret.

Saving time

Many people travel around their local area to see what is available on the forecourts of nearby dealers but this can be quite a time consuming so searching for a car online is growing in popularity. When looking for a decent Ford Focus Swindon will probably offer a lot of choices but it is much easier to check this out on the internet instead of driving there, especially if you live quite a distance from the city. It is not usually worth looking for a photographer in parts of the country that are nowhere near where you are getting married but, as with second-hand vehicles, some people are willing to travel or pay a professional to travel to their location if they know it is for a good reason. 

A VW golf Doncaster residents are not interested in might be just what somebody from Peterborough wants and using the internet will help them find such models. In the case of a photographer, once you are convinced that the extra expense is justified, you will have to convince them that the job is worth traveling for as well. Most professionals are open to offers so as long as you are prepared to pay what they want, there should not be a problem. Sometimes people are just fortunate when it comes to buying vehicles. A BMW 3 series Swindon dealers have been trying to offload might be exactly what you have been looking for so you may find a real bargain online.


It is obvious that the way a photograph is composed will affect whether or not you like it and an experienced professional should have enough knowledge to take a large number of aesthetically pleasing shots during the course of a wedding ceremony and the celebrations you hold afterward. Aesthetics are also considered when people choose a car. If a Vauxhall Zafira Doncaster dealers have on their forecourt is painted black then it will probably sell more quickly than if it is mustard yellow. 

This is simply because black is far more popular and usually more complementary to the outline of a vehicle. A decent photographer should instinctively know what colors look good and may even have some useful suggestions regarding the dresses and flowers at your wedding. If these have already been chosen, they can still adjust the way that they appear in pictures when printing them. 

The fact that used cars have of course already been made means that your choice will be based on what is available, not exclusively on what you want. Having said that, the vibrant second-hand market in the UK has a very wide selection so it is more than likely that most people will be able to find the make, model, and color of the car that they want, without too much effort. The effort a photographer puts into capturing unusual shots can be a good way to judge how dedicated they are so it is worth asking to see examples of their work.

July 4th on Lake Minnetonka

Since living in the US, July 4th has become one of my favorite holidays. I love the atmosphere, the camaraderie (which, as a Brit, both amuses and delights me to be a part of), and the firecracker celebrations that you can fp3 online kaufen. I first experienced the Independence Day celebrations over the Charles River in Boston in 1993. Now I am treated with the parties of Lake Minnetonka each year. Below are my 3 highlights from 2010 which I am excited to revisit this year.

  1. The Firecracker Run (10K), Excelsior, MN.

My first 10K since returning to running a few months earlier. In fact, it was my first race ever in the US. Although I tried to treat it as a simple training run in preparation for my August half-marathon, the nerves still got the better of me and kept me awake the night before! It was the perfect race to re-start my running craze though – a small, local affair; a beautiful course and enough of a crowd to keep up the motivation. Although being July 4th, the weather conditions were not ideal for running – we began in rain and finished in high heat and humidity. My target was to finish the race in under 1 hour – a chip time of 57:11 left me comfortably inside that. I was all pumped up ready to begin the July 4th celebrations on a high!

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  1. The kids’ red, white, and blue bike parade.

Many children, my own included, like to parade their bikes, spruced up with red, white, and blue to honor this special day. I met my family as I traveled back from the race. Proudly wearing my newly earned race shirt, still pink-faced, with achy legs, high on endorphins. Their enthusiasm and excitement paralleled my own as they set off (at speed) with their friends and neighbors to parade their creations past local residents who obligingly cheered as they cycled by. The cheers were as enthusiastic on the fifth lap as they had been on the first! Now we were all pumped up ready to bring on the fireworks!

  1. Excelsior Firecracker display.

Following a traditional Minnesota grill gathering with friends, we loaded two families onto the boat. Each one of us as excited as the next for our first experience of the firework display from the water. Sharing drinks and appetizers, we gently made our way over to a suitable spot to anchor up in anticipation of the show. We watched and waited as other boats gradually made their way over, filling the bay with families, party-goers, couples; anyone who wanted to share this moment from the lake. Occasional mini-displays nearby whet the appetite prior to the main event. Around 10 pm, The Excelsior Commons fireworks began and the sky really began to sparkle. The calm waters lit up with each explosion treating revelers to a 360-degree display culminating in a mass of color and bangs. The lake sprang back into life as the hundreds of boats left the bay, their occupants enjoying the balmy evening and a night-cap as they journeyed back to the empty docks. The children cuddled up under hoodies and blankets, snuggled into the warmth of their parents as their eyelids grew heavier, drawing a close to the drama of July 4th, 2010.