Blood Magic Minecraft Mod – These Spells aren’t for Noobs

It seems to me that Disney must have been developing the magic mods for Minecraft over the past few years – how else can one explain how tame and boring they are? Fireballs, blizzards, bolts of blue, blah, blah, blah. Where are those oldschool carnal magicks, the fleshbinding and shadowstalking and corrupting utilized by the dark tyrants of the multiverse? Oh, that’s right. They’re right here.

WayofTime’s Blood Magic Mod is exactly what it sounds like – magic founded on sacrifice. This isn’t some Bambi-tier sorcery – those with faint hearts may want to avert their eyes. Or not. You’re only chopping up virtual blocks of crimson, anyways. For the playing of the game, there is a requirement to create mojang account at the online platform. It will offer convenience and comfort in the playing of the games. The winnings are credited directly in the bank account of the players. The procedure of the account creation is simple and easy.

Anyways, this mod allows the player to tap into the darker side of magic – instead of fueling spells with Mana, you draw on Life Essence to cast an assortment of enchantments, curses, and jinxes. In order to collect Life Essence, you must collect blood. Of course.

Don’t worry – no needles necessary! As an apprentice blood mage, you will have to use your own blood to start, but that shouldn’t be a problem – after all, self-sacrifice is the root of all great things. As you grow in your unholy strength, you will gain the ability to harvest blood by sacrificing other living things at your altar.

I know, it sounds gruesome. Plus, how could someone bring themselves to slay a pig when it’s looking up at you with those big, cute, perfectly proportioned eyes? The soft of heart needn’t worry – you can sacrifice hostile mobs just as efficaciously as passive ones.

Getting into blood magic seems like some dark stuff, so what are the payoffs? I’m glad you asked – there’s actually quite a lot. The features of this mod include:

The key to any magic mod lies within its sorceries, so let’s start there. This mod allows you to create your own foci at a blood alter – these conduits for magic will have a certain spell attached to them as soon as they’re created. The properties of your spell depends on the materials you use to create it.

Did you use flint and steel? You’ll soon be spitting fire. Or was it an ice block? I hope your foes are prepared for some hail. Some of the spells you can create allow you to:

teleport the mobs around you to random places on the map

• create a floor of ice to thwart pursuers or intruders

• create an impromptu bunker out of stone and glass

Sigils are like spells, but with more extensive applications. These items, once crafted, will grant you temporary bonuses (like flight) or allow you to do things like summon lava, at the coast of health. Later on, once you craft Bound Armor, you are able to socket these sigils into your armor and gain their buffs permanently.

The sense of progression these add to the mod is amazing. You’ll start off losing some of your health to hard cast Sigil of the Dome (which repels water in a sphere around the player), but can later socket it into your armor and have the effects for good! Sigils add abilities like flying, elemental resistance, destroying fluids, and much more.

From Blood Orbs to Bound Swords and Bazookas, this mod adds a ton of usable items to the game. Creating bound tools will give them inexhaustible durability, but each use will drain a smidgen of health. Finding Demon Blood Shards and other crafting items will open access to new abilities and more.