Beauty Product Review: Maybe Baby Perfume for Women by Benefit Cosmetics

When I come across perfume that is pink in color, it usually tells me that the perfume is going to smell floral. I always pray the floral note is not rose, because rose perfume tends to smell old fashioned to me.

When my mom came home with a bottle of Maybe Baby perfume for women, I was excited to give it a test to see if I liked it or not.

Maybe Baby comes in a cute bottle; although simple, I found it to be beautiful. It comes in a bottle that is shaped like a stretched out bulb…when I look at it though, I see a pregnant woman’s stomach, ironic seeing how the name of the perfume, matches my thoughts on the bottle. Baby!

I already had high hopes for Maybe Baby; before I even sampled it.


I sprayed 2 squirts of Maybe Baby on both of my wrists. Do not rub together, I was actually told that when you rub perfume into your skin it breaks up the chemical that holds the scent. Rubbing will not allow the perfume to last long. Just a tip I thought I’d throw in.

I wasn’t expecting it to emanate a fragrance of something like Eclatant when I sprayed it but still, it gave me an opportunity to test its scent although rubbing it constantly made my wrists become red after sometime.

Anyhow, my world was greeted with a lovely, lovely scent of flowers. Thank God, no rose. I was able to clearly detect Lillie’s. I loved it. It had a very playful and flirtatious kick to it, which in my opinion would make best for spring and summer wear.


I liked Maybe Baby a lot, and I hoped Maybe Baby liked me too; enough to stick around for the day. Sadly, Maybe Baby has little to no last at all when sprayed directly on skin. I did however get about an hour of lasting scent when I sprayed Maybe Baby directly on clothing. Spritzing a bit of it in your hair will also leave a lasting impression.

Pricing and Availability:

I have come across Maybe Baby online for semi low prices. You can pick up a bottle of it ranging in prices from $30.00 to $50.00. With a bit of hunt and pecking, you could google this perfume for even lower prices, I am sure. Ebay is also a good source to check, although I cannot highly recommend ebay, because some sellers are selling knock-off designer fragrances for low prices. You never know if what you are buying is the real deal, or if it is a fake. SO BE WARY, always read a seller feedback!


Maybe Baby is priced decently. I would recommend it, only because it does have some last, so long as you are spraying it where I mentioned. It is such a girly floral scent. It is a sure pleaser to nearly everyone who tries it.