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The Warm Up & Cool Down For Your Fitness & Workouts

Are you aware of how important the warm up is in every training session? If not, watch this video as Craig Ballantyne shows you how to warm up for a strenuous activity. In this case, the 30 minute challenge.

Doing a proper warm up and cool down routine before you start working out is essential, especially as we age. The muscles are generally tight and not very limber or loose prior to lifting heavy weights. This means that the range of motion necessary to get a good rep rage is not maximized.

So when you exert force upon and put stress upon a muscle with heavy weight, it might tear, rip, pop or even break causing sustained injury. The idea is to loosen up the muscle and get it nice and warm so the range of motion can be fully explored while lifting heavy weight. Because you’re able to extend the normal range of motion, you exposed new muscle fibers to being torn during any exercise you engage in.

Now it is important to mention that a rigorous workout is no child’s play as not only you need to have your wits against you but also the interest and determination to give it the very best each day so as to achieve the target quickly but most importantly, you need to have a calm and peaceful mind for which practicing yoga through yoga burn reviews online is a must as that would become a double whammy in the game.

The more muscle fiber that gets broken down, the more build up there will be. That translates into more muscle growth, more healthy hormones released like testosterone and human growth hormone as well as a boost to your metabolism and fat loss. This simply means more muscle, less fat and you’ll looked ripped and shredded faster.

Now can you see why you need to warm up before you start pumping iron?

Have you tried Craig Ballantyne’s Bodyweight challenge where you’re going to do a certain number of sets? Doing everything in the shortest time means better results. When using body weight exercises it’s important to remember to warm up. In fact it’s possible to increase the chances of injury when doing body weight workout routines.

Why you ask?

Well it’s simply a matter of mindset. When you’re lifting many pounds of weight (especially free weights like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells) you tend to concentrate on using proper form and body alignment. Your physiology is correct. You make sure you’re not extending your extremities in awkward positions and putting them into comprising situations. Namely, you’re concentration and awareness or zeroed in on the task at hand.

When we perform strictly body weight exercises, we tend to think that it’s okay if we don’t have correct posture or our feet are too far apart. We think it’s easy so we let our minds wander a bit. And bam it hits. We feel a twinge in a joint, a pulling of a muscle or a tear of a ligament.

That’s when injuries can set you back months in rehab. Not only will you have missed out on potential gains but it might take you another six months just to get back to where you were. This puts you a year behind, simply because you didn’t do the warm ups before your exercise routine.

In the case of the 30 minute challenge, you’ll be doing as much as you can within the 30 minute time frame. However, you can’t just jump into that routine without warming up.

Warming up also allows for the body to prepare for the work that’s ahead of it by circulating blood, releasing endorphin, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the proper cells and more.

The goal of this warmup routine is to prepare your body for the intense 30 minutes you’ll be doing. As you progress, you will realize that your fitness level increases because you’ll be increasing the number of repetitions you’re able to do in time.

Trust me you’ll love this warm up. But don’t forget to do the cool downs after your training sessions either.

All of the warm up exercises here will only make use of your bodyweight primarily. However, in the actual 30 minute challenge, you’ll be needing the bar for the rows, but that’s about it as far as equipment goes.

I suggest buying a few pieces of equipment for your home gym that you can use any time you’re in a pinch for workout time.

Start with a bodyweight warmup, the prisoner sumo squat. Your hands are up behind your head, your stance is wider than usual. This way, you push your hips a little bit more and you’ll be able to stretch your groin a little bit more. If you’re not too flexible, don’t get your feet so far wide because it’s going to be a lot stressful on your groin.

It all depends on how limber your lower body muscles are. Try doing one exercise slowly to see where your range of motion lies.

Follow up with offset pushups. This only has a slight variation with normal pushups wherein one hand is pushed farther forward than the other. Switch over and do the same number with the other hand forward. Trust me on this one, you’ll be worn out and exhausted when you’re done with these.

Next is the stickup. To do this, stand 6 inches against a wall, with your elbows, shoulder blades and wrists touching the wall as well as the back of your head. Slide your arms up as far as you can while keeping them in contact with the wall. Then slowly tuck them back in. If you have a poor posture, you’ll find this exercise to be challenging.

The more difficult it is, the more you must push through and complete it. You have to create your own barriers and have the mental toughness and awareness to move beyond them. Only you know what those are for you.

Move into the next exercise which is the cross-crawl. Starting with your hands raised, raise your knee in order to touch the opposite elbow. Do the same with the other leg and elbow.

I like to do this on a rebounder but that’s just me. The cross crawl is good for your lungs, heart and blood. It’s also an aerobic/cardiovascular exercise second to none.

Next is the reverse lunge where you step back with one leg and drop your hips. This stretches the front of your back leg nicely. You can do about 5 repetitions for each side. This will help extend and elongate your current range of motion.

This is the end of the warmup routine. What you need to do after this is rest for a minute and go over the routine again.

Do this entire routine at least 2 times if not 3 so that you can be able to get the maximum benefit from your workouts each day.

Warming up your body is important in order to avoid injuries, so don’t forget the warm up.

Masks to the Rescue- Keep Yourself Safe and Sound from Covid-19

In current times, it is important to keep yourself fit and healthy given that the three most important ingredients like food, air and water are replete with pollutants that we consume everyday as a result of which even healthy food does more harm than good for the entire body.

The corona virus has become an added headache in the past few months as the number of cases has shot up big time and the federal government has to ensure complete lockdown to contain it to a certain extent while now things are slowly coming back to normal as the citizens have learnt to live with it.

However, some people are becoming extremely careless in matters pertaining to health as they haven’t realized the seriousness of the situation, especially youngsters that feel that this is nothing more than a casual virus that would be gone too soon, which is why it becomes important to make them aware of the precautions that need to be taken.

Case Study

Health is the greatest wealth that mankind can have and its none more evident than now when Covid-19 is at its peak and people are either confined to their homes or have to wear masks when forcing to venture out with most of them being numbered as N95 or KN95.

The masks would cover up the face through the straps on either ends and be wrapped around the ears so that one can breathe and sneeze freely, which would otherwise be dangerous as the virus spreads through contact and through air that can get contaminated from the germs emanated through sneezing.

These masks are all numbered the same and can be found at every medical store in all countries, a practice that has become a norm ever since the pandemic broke out earlier this year around February and now, months later, the citizens are slowly coming to terms to live with it.

This case study of the masks’ importance had to be mentioned as certain people need to know what they are bargaining for and so we shall look at the significant points of N95 masks that need to be looked into.

Buying Guide

The face masks with N95 rating have been declared as the best ones by health experts due to their capacity in keeping the pollutants in the air at bay and allowing the wearer to breathe freely underneath it.

This prevents contamination, virus/bacteria and allergies from spreading onto the people wearing the masks but heart patients have been asked to use KN95 ones as it is difficult to inhale properly with these.

While N95 masks are perfect for adults, the same cannot be said for children as they don’t have a sizeable fit for the young kids and would make them vulnerable to the deadly virus.

If the mask is torn or becomes cracked after sometime, be sure to dispose it off and replace it with a new one immediately otherwise one can get afflicted easily in a short while given how quickly the virus spreads.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been hailed as a great health benefit by many specialists and journalists. The benefits of smoking these devices or vaporising which is the correct term far outweigh the risks of conventional methods of receiving your hit of nicotine. Ecigs come in a wide variety of strengths, sizes, styles, and of course costs. So there is plenty to choose from which can only be a good thing as any smoker will know find something to replace your current brand is not an easy task. Coming to the e-liquids you all are well aware of the different flavors they come in. nasty juice bad blood is another best selling from the company. The ratings and reviews of the product by the consumers are very good for its taste that is sweet and simultaneously cool, just like a mint. 

Firstly let’s look at the costs of these devices and relate them to smoking conventional cigarettes. With an Ecig there is going to definitely be a cost benefit for you as although you may need to outlay an initial amount at the beginning buying the refills is not costly at all. In fact some kits allow you to make your own flavours and most cartridges are universal so this means that you can purchase cheaper ones from the internet.

The cost of the actual kit is around $15 to £50 and these can mostly be bought online. You will find some retail vendors selling these but to get the best prices on these devices the Internet should be your first option. You can also purchase disposable ones and these cost under £10 each and will last for a couple of hundred puffs before being thrown away. On average after you have bought your electronic cigarette kit you can save around 10% to 35% depending on how much you actually smoke and where you live. Basically one nicotine cartridge will cost approximately £2.50 and you get that same amount of usage from a pack of 20 normal cigarettes. This if you live somewhere like the UK where the price is very high due to tax then these devices make perfect sense from a financial point of view.

The next benefit you should consider when using ecigs is that it does not give off any smoke. So those who do feel guilty about passive smoking or have young children it is important to understand that the only discharge is an odourless vapour. This means you can smoke in your house or car and not have to worry about others. The other most obvious benefit is going to be to your health. This is very important and by not inhaling any smoke you are instantly reducing the risks in the future.

The next benefit is that because these devices do not come under the normal tax laws as they are classed as an electronic device rather than a nicotine product. This means that they cannot be taxed in the same way and as the prices of normal cigarettes rises annually the nicotine cartridges will stay at their everyday low price. This may seem like something trivial but to households that are on a tight budget and have to watch every penny this can really make a big difference.

Overall electronic cigarettes make sense in the real world and are Not just some gimmick of fad that will be over in a couple of years. In the UK where regulation is high these device make a safe and sensible purchase. Also they are very popular over in the United States where there are many thousands of users. You can also join one of the many online communities that are dedicated to ecigs and you will be able to meet up with likeminded people and trade recipes for custom flavours. You can find out more on how to purchase these devices online or at your local retailer.


What Is Social Media Thought? How it is useful?

What I do know is that I am a social media participant. An excitable learner, early adopter, a vocal advocate and critic. I am attempting to put it out there by being real and being involved. If this is leadership then that’s great. but that’s not my goal. My goal is to continue growing and learning. And my business is to help companies and colleagues learn to do the communities and conversations part better. Learning of the benefits of YouTube will offer growth and development to the business. Voy Media YouTube services will advertise the products at the platform. The understanding of the features of the brand is effective for meeting the desired needs. Complete help is provided to the business companies to have success. 

It’s easy to point atand a handful of others and get the idea of “thought leadership on social media.” And in this tender young enterprise the definition would be spot on. But what about the rest of us hoping to add value and make some insightful observations about social media? What does “thought leadership” mean exactly?By exploring and actively participating in social media, the practitioners begin to get some ideas of how things could be done better, ideas about what would make the social media for business proposition more fruitful.

Does that make us social media thought leaders? Simply by writing about social media I would guess we are trying to “become” thought leaders, but what if the observations are proven false? Is it better to put it out there and get it wrong, to engage in the discussion about social media and then watch as the crowd goes another direction?Brogan is great because in addition to evangelizing social media he practices what he preaches.

He has WORKED in the business of social media for years. Perhaps now he is speaking more than participating. Perhaps he’s even “thought leadering” more than he is helping companies execute on refined social media strategies. But a certain amount of time in the trenches trying to figure it out, trying many different things, learning from failures, does, in my mind, qualify Chris Brogan as a thought leader on social media.So what about the rest of us? I certainly have spent 4 – 5 years working to build “communities” and add “web 2.0 features” to corporate websites.

Heck I even got to work within the famed Dell Global Online team and work with the Communities and Conversations group to define, build and launch Telligent’s Community Server platform. And boy did we learn a lot in that process.So maybe I AM a social media thought leader. Or maybe I’m just a social media thinker. And perhaps the “leadership” part of my thoughts comes from insights that are echoed, challenged or refined by others. It’s in the doing and the participating in social media that I have learned my greatest lessons. And I continue to attempt to lead by putting these ideas out there, onand several other blogs where I contribute.I am excited announce that I will be joiningon his social media team, as part of. For as Bob lead the majority of Dell’s social media programs, and guided me on several projects, he is a voice for rational business objectives and how we can better accomplish them using leading edge technologies and innovative community ideas.

Buy Oreck Vacuum Cleaners Filter – Know the tips to buy it

The function of the vacuum cleaner filter

The oreck vacuum cleaners filters ensure that your house remains dust-free by retaining all the dirt from the sucked-in air. You can distinguish different filters in the vacuum cleaner. First and foremost you have the vacuum cleaner bag that holds the dirty particles and then the engine and exhaust filter where the air passes before it leaves the vacuum cleaner. With the different filters of your vacuum cleaner you guarantee, therefore, a clean and pure air in each of your rooms. With the following of the right tips, there is the availability of the best robot vacuum cleaner. The robot aspirapolvere amazon has the unique and impressive features for the cleaning of the house. The cleaning of the rooms and curtains is great with the use of the best robot vacuum cleaners. 

After the dust bag has absorbed as much dirty particles as possible , the engine filter ensures that the particles that have not been absorbed by the dust bag are retained . Then you have the filter that stops the smallest dust particles before the air is expelled outwards. These are HEPA filters and are usually used as an exhaust filter. She keeps 99% of the dust particles and is therefore very efficient for those who suffer from dust mites and animal hair. Most HEPA filters are, in addition, washable but should be replaced once a year to ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum cleaner.

Replace your oreck vacuum cleaners filter

If you want your vacuum cleaner to continue to deliver optimum performance, it is important that your filters are in good condition. If the air flow of your vacuum cleaner becomes more difficult, this usually indicates that one of your filters needs to be replaced. A timely replacement of your vacuum cleaner filter is necessary to avoid damage to your engine. If your exhaust filter is washable, you should wash it off every 6 months. A motor filter, on the other hand, can not be washed and must be replaced immediately in case of saturation. This happens, usually, once or twice a year

That you are now looking for a motor, HEPA or exhaust filter, each of these parts are available separately in our Direct Repair shop . All our spare parts for your oreck vacuum cleaners can be ordered quickly and easily in one go and are also delivered to your home within 24 hours.

Do you want to replace your oreck vacuum cleaners? Be sure to take a look here!


The Philips company was founded in Eindhoven in 1891. Originally the Dutch were known as a lamp manufacturer, but the company systematically extended its offering with consumer electronics and medical equipment. Today Philips also produces, among other lamps, small household electrical, vacuum cleaners, televisions and stereos. In 2009, it took over the Italian coffee machine manufacturer Saeco. Together with Braun, Philips is the market leader in the production of electric shavers.

Discover our most popular oreck vacuum cleaners filters

As you can see, you can easily replace the filter in a vacuum cleaner. You do not have to call on an external technician or look for a new vacuum cleaner. Because of this you will be able to save a lot on costs and time. In our Direct Repair shop you can easily find the right parts for your oreck vacuum cleaners.

Marijuana And Depression Heres Why You Might Want To Stop Smoking Weed

When it comes to mairjuana and depression, there’s a lot of debate that surrounds the topic. Some folks will say that it can help people with depression to be able to remedy some of their problems caused by the illness whenever they smoke weed, while others will state that marijuana will only add to their problems. This post is about the effects of marijuana smoking to help those with depression.

If you’re depressed, you’ll know all about not having interest in many things and not really caring about life in general, somedays anyway. The days when you can’t be bothered doing nothing and can’t bring yourself to speak to anyone either.

With the consumption of cbd for pain, there is reduction in the smoking of weed. The strength of the people is boost with the intake of the cbd products. The correct information should be provided to the people to reduce the pain. The curing of the depression and anxiety is great to meet the desired results. 

I certainly know first hand, what like it is to wake up in the morning and not even want to get out from under the duvet. That will probably sound scary for those who don’t have depression, but it is the truth of the illness as it will cause you to lose the will power to get through the day.

It’s due the effects of weed and it creating a natural high, where you feel better just by smoking it a bit, at least in the beginning, you’ll feel that it’s helping your depression.

The times when you begin to feel like your life has meaning again, you can socialize easier and you start to take interest in the things that are going on around you again. Creating a more positive outlook to life in general…

Then, the nightmare creeps up, without you realizing it…

After you’ve used it for a wee while, marijuana and depression start to become a twofold problem, where they coincide with each other and create an even stronger sense of depression.

Heightening your depression by smoking more joints, spending more money and all the time, feeling worse and worse the more it goes on. You end up in a never ending loop.

On top of that, once you start smoking weed more heavily/regularly, it starts to really affect your cognitive functions. Slowing down your thinking as well as your ability to carry out daily tasks. Such as housework etc.

Despite how bad you feel your depression has got, you can get your life back on track without smoking weed!

So marijuana and depression don’t need to go hand in hand and it’s not an effective coping mechanism for the effects of depression. It merely masks the real problem.

It’s never something that should be considered for even short term relief as it will eventually make matters worse. In the beginning it will give you the illusion of feeling better within yourself, but after pro-longed use of marijuana, depressive symptoms will eventually be heightened to the point where you really start to struggle. Even more than you were before smoking weed.

Naturally, you’ve got to want to do something to change your way of life. It is only you that can make the decisions to better your life, deal with lifes problems head on and put the steps in place to overcome the hurdles that can block your path to a cleaner life.

By quitting weed, you can make a start on the right path to better your life and you might even find that when you do stop smoking weed, that your depression is a little better too.

That’s because of the sense of achievement you’ll have by setting yourself a goal and following through on that. It’s self empowering. A lot of people have made the choice to break the chain reaction between marijuana and depression and go on to live happier and healthier lives and state that they’ve beaten the blues.

So would you like to quit smoking weed for the good of your health?

People who have smoked marijuana for years, often feel that it’s like reaching for the impossible to give up the habit of smoking weed. That doesn’t need to be the case. Depression is treatable, or at least manageable, without self medicating on dope.

When you do tackle the problem, you’ll find that life isn’t all as bad as you might be feeling. You don’t necessarily need to use marijuana rehab centers to quit weed either, as there’s self help techniques you can start applying today.

2 programs are available through WeedAddiction.Net that can assist you to stop smoking weed.

You can access the Mighty Oak Program Here and the “Quit Weed” self help program is available here. If you want to quit weed, I would recommend having a look at what the services offer and decide which is the best treatment option suited to you.

With the right support and information at your disposal, you will be able to stop smoking weed for good!

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Whats Great Davinci Portable Vaporizer

There is a lot to love about the Davinci Portable Vaporizer, despite its relatively small size. It is a vaporizer that brings some old-world charm and classic components to a new world hobby that is built on advancing technology. But with the DaVinci vaporizer you are certain to find that the collision of old and new leads to a fantastic portable vaporizer. For the regular inhalers there are developed voopoo pod by the trusted and most famous company voopoo. There are other ranges of products too that people buy from here. You can shop them online. the reliability in the products have attracted many customers. Let us understand more. 

Beginning with the Basics

There are actually two DaVinci portable vaporizers on the market and creating a lot of interest among the vaping community. The DaVinci Vaporizer was originally released in 2012, and is still showing strong sales. Its newer counterpart, the DaVinci Ascent is also a portable option with a few more updates.

There are definitely some differences between these two devices, and a few new reasons to spring for the more expensive and upgraded version. However, both are solid portable options among the incredibly wide range of devices available today.

The DaVinci is designed for both dry herb and certain extracts, mostly oils. While it can turn both of these substances into a smooth, comfortable vapor, certain aspects of the DaVinci make it ideal for dry herb. Given that not many portable vaporizers turn out a great dry herb vapor, this quality is particularly valuable for people that want to use dry herb while out and about. In fact, the DaVinci is especially designed with dry herb in mind.

Digging a Bit Deeper

A DaVinci portable vaporizer is incredibly easy to use. There is a simple on and off switch located on the side of the device. When set to on, the device will heat to a comfortable, low temperature. This is basically like idling your car, it is ready to go but you still need to take it out of park before it could cause any damage. This small feature can really help for anyone who might forget to hit the off switch before sliding the DaVinci back into a bag or purse.

To turn up the heat there are simple plus and minus buttons on the device. This lets you pick your desired temperature, which is a must for dry herb vaping. Once you are at the right temp, you press the bigger power button on the device. This is separate from the on/off switch, which is also handy.

The DaVinci will heat up pretty quickly, and you are ready to go. The ability to select between multiple temperatures and quickly setup the DaVinci are two of the aspects that make this portable device different from others in its price range.

The Deep Dive into the DaVinci

One thing about this device that is pretty great is how much dry herb you can fit into the chamber. Portable devices are usually designed for that purpose first, and the other features fit in where they can. However, you get the sense that DaVinci thought of usability first and then figured out how to make it work as a portable device. Case and point, you can pack a lot of herb into the chamber. Of course, this helps make your session last longer.

Admittedly, the packaging of a product doesn’t have anything to do with functionality, but DaVinci’s packaging is still top notch. The company spent time designing a look and feel that exemplifies its brand, fit the product, and also makes a great impression on customers. From the moment the DaVinci arrives, you will feel it is a high-quality product that you want to use immediately.

Minecraft- One Way Trip to Wonderland

There are certain things that keep reminding us of our childhood like playing games with friends, riding the bicycle for the first time, playing in your parents’ lap and many others that bring back some great memories that seem too good to be true, which is why we reminisce it from time to time after growing up.

The most popular ones are arguably playing video games where the likes of super Mario, Swat Kats, Dangerous Dave, Contra Experiments, Ninja Roberts and their ilk would dominate the bookshelf where their video cassettes would be kept in a neatly assorted pile.

Those were the days when we had nothing to worry about as there wasn’t any stress or tension to deal with as that was mum and dad’s department where they fulfilled all our whims and caprices while we all had the time of our lives but slowly things started changing with the evolution of the 21st century.


When there is a mention about the best video games ever, a lot of good names are missed out as there are way too many of them to be covered up like Minecraft, a game that is unique and fun aside from being a highly creative exercise for your brain.

Now that is an interesting combination that deserves to be mentioned so let’s get into the discussion about Minecraft and the huge role it has played in debunking the myth that video games are nothing but fun and frolic.

Minecraft is a product of the reputed Mojang Studios, a Swedish developer of video games that has become a leading name among the best developers in the world that was launched in 2009 as a pilot test mechanism reserved exclusively for personal desktop computers.

The trial mode was quite successful and therefore after adding some important serial aerials to the levels, the official launch took place around November 2011 where Jens Bergensten, a reputed game designer took over the development process that furthered the credentials of the game.

Day and Night Cycle

Now that we are through with the preliminaries, let us get into basic structure of the game and how it has become a leading name among the ones to have come out during the 2000s.

Gamers are often interested in knowing how long is a minecraft night and day as the cycle is an interesting one to deduce as the blue sky is clearly visible during days and provides enough sunlight that allows the plants and other flora and flaunt to blossom properly along with killing the zombies and ghost elements.

The nighttime begins at level 4 where you can get to see the moon and stars in their full glow that emanate a great radiance that makes the white sands below look like the moon in its full glory, a testimony to the fact that most players get into their final level.

While this doesn’t work well with the plants and trees, it still provides a sense of security for the players that are on the lookout for potential predators and prevent them from escaping in the lieu of darkness.

How Long Does it Take for a Cartomizer to Work?

The main variable to consider when answering this particular question comes down to the battery’s manufacturer; different manufacturers focus on different quality levels and e-cig battery sizes and for those not into e-cigs, can buy vape liquid from here. With that being said, most 900 mAh batteries are good for roughly 800 puffs, 650 mAh batteries for 400 puffs, and 1100 mAh batteries for 1,000 puffs. Once again, those numbers are general estimations that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as much as from user to user.

Depending on the type of cartomizer you are using and how you maintain your cartomizer that will determine the rate at which your battery charge. If you are making use of a low resistance cartomizer, this simply means the battery life of that cartomizer cannot be all that long cause a low resistance cartomizer essentially draws a lot of power from the battery. In other words the low the resistance the higher the voltage.

Due to the fact that low resistance atomizers draw on more of the battery’s power, they tend to burn out more quickly, as well as requiring the battery to be charged more frequently.

Another factor that may determine the rate of charging in the cartomizer is if the electronic cigarette devices use removable, rechargeable batteries. Most electronic cigarette batteries have the physical battery permanently enclosed in a casing. The entire unit is then charged as a whole. Mods, on the other hand, allow for the batteries to be removed from the casing and charged separately. Although mods are generally much thicker and larger than standard electronic cigarettes, they do have their benefits.

Also, mah of a battery determines how long a battery will take to charge. mAh stands for milliampere-hour. This is a unit of measurement for electronic devices, such as electronic cigarette batteries. There are six primary mAh sizes of vapourizer batteries: 280mAh, 380mAh, 650mAh, 900mAh, 1,000mAh, and 1,100mAh. The bigger the mAh, the longer/larger the battery will be, and the longer the battery will last before it needs to be charged.

There has been the approximate value of charging each mAh respectively provided that the cartomizer batteries are original.

When your battery runs low power the LED tip will begin to flash several times indicating a re-charge is required. To charge your battery, remove your USB charger from the starter kit box. Unscrew your cartridge from the battery and place it in the kit box for use again later. Screw your battery into the USB charger, then plug your USB into your computer to begin charging. Your computer needs to be powered-on to enable charging. The VIP battery LED tip will stay lit while charging. When the LED goes out your battery is fully charged, and you can eject the USB charger and unscrew your battery. Screw your refill cartridge back on the battery and you are ready to ‘smoke’ your VIP E-Cig again!

  • Never charge or leave the battery in the charger overnight
  • Never charge a battery for longer than stated
  • Never place a battery next to mobile phones, e-readers, or magnetized objects
  • Never attempt to charge a battery that has been dropped or damaged
  • Never charge with an unspecified charger
  • Never attempt to modify the battery
  • Never dispose of batteries in fire or water
  • Always use the adapter supplied with your battery
  • Always keep your batteries away from extreme sources of heat
  • Always recharge the battery if fully discharge