5 Signs You’re In A Relationship Crisis

Relationships are hard work. It is perfectly normal to encounter problems along the way. However, you should not let it become a crisis. Relationship crisis eats away the joy and it does not even matter whether you have been married for such a long time or have just been dating for a few months. Crisis can strike at anytime and you better be prepared to recognize them. You can learn about the reasons for the crises in the relationship. You can get the solution from theislandnow to have the best results. The collection of the details about them is essential for the recognization of the perfect  match.

Problems can pass. But when these little problems pile up, they can develop into a crisis. You would not want that to happen. So, here is a list of warning signs your relationship may be headed for trouble.


There are different kinds of abuse and none of them should either be ignored or tolerated. Abuse is not just physical. It can also come in the form of emotional, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse.

When you feel like you are mistreated in any kind of way, you must decide whether the relationship is worth fighting for. Talk to your partner about it. Face it no matter how difficult it is for both of you.


When one or both of you starts to play the blame game, it is a telltale sign of a relationship crisis. Nothing gets resolved because you constantly point fingers at each other. There must be some kind of accountability in the relationship. As adults, you both have to take responsibility for whatever problems you may be facing.

At times, it does not matter whose fault it is. So, do not obsess about proving you’re right and your partner is wrong. Neither of you will feel better about it. If you want to move forward and arrive at a resolution, you must stop the blame game first.

Unresolved conflicts

Problems should be acknowledged and addressed as they present themselves. Ignoring or denying the issue will not make it go away. This is why communication is essential to a healthy relationship.

When you ignore problems, they will only pile up and become bigger issues that will blow up in your face one day. Resolve matters as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up resenting each other. The baggage of unresolved conflicts is such a heavy one to bear.


When one of you is thinking or engaging in infidelity, you are in a serious relationship crisis. People who cheat either have serious issues with themselves or with the relationship they are in. What drives people to infidelity, most of the time, is an unfulfilled need within the relationship. When you start to feel the need to seek comfort in somebody else’s arms, there is a serious crisis and engaging in an affair will only make matters much worse.

Lack of Intimacy

Both men and women have an equal need for sexual intimacy. Women like feeling desired and loved while men use sex as a method of communicating and expressing their love. There are times when couples who have been married or have been living together for a while would lose interest. Sure enough, you may have passed the honeymoon stage of your relationship but it does not mean you cannot get it back.

It takes work and effort and both of you should work hard on it. Bring back the spark and restore your passion for each other. Go on a date, try something new or something you have not done as a couple for a long time, it could help rekindle the spark you thought you have lost in your relationship.

Do not let it come to a point where you are living parallel lives. Just because you are not screaming at each other does not mean you are doing okay. Recognize the red flags and take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are only letting a relationship crisis put an end to a once beautiful relationship.