5 Best Strategies To Advertise Your CBD Brand Online

Display Advertising

One of the effective ways to advertise your CBD products is through display advertising. While Google barred CBD products, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer display advertising for your business. There are several other platforms that you can consider if you want an access display inventory on websites. Some of these platforms allow CBD products to be displayed. One of the most popular platform that you can consider is Fieldtest. This site offers deals with premium publishers across the web.  This is an effective method since lots of customers are using the web to look for information about CBD products.

Marketing through Influencers

Partnering with influencers is also an effective strategy that you can employ to advertise your CBD brand online. This is a smart strategy especially if you don’t want to advertise on online platforms or websites. This strategy will allow your CBD brand to reach to a wider market. This can be possible through organic social posts. However, for you to be successful in using this strategy, you should ensure that you choose the right influencers. You have to keep in mind that some influencers only have small audiences. 

Traditional Marketing

You can also use traditional marketing to advertise your brand. This is also known as native advertising which is defined as a kind of digital advertisement placed on a publication that doesn’t not disrupt the experience of the user, Through native advertising, your ads are embedded in the content or are the content in some cases. Generally, this kind of strategy works in a way that your content is placed on third party websites and will be billed on a CPM or CPC basis. However, you also have to keep in mind that native platforms sometimes have restrictions on the type of content they promote.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered as a low-rish method of generating traffic to the site. This is because affiliate fees are dependent on performance of the site. Technically speaking, this kind of marketing works through a commission based on the sales of your products. You also have to choose the right affiliate platform for your brand. Some of the trusted affiliate platforms include CannAffiliate, ShareASale and Clickbank. This kind of strategy is more suitable for you if you want to get support in driving online sales for an agreed commission.


Lastly, you may also consider using podcast to advertise your CBD brand online. While this platform is not as widely used as other platforms mentioned earlier, podcast is being used by a lot of CBD companies in order to boost the awareness of customers towards their products. One of the trusted podcast platforms is Midroll. This podcast exist as a go between for advertisers and podcast producers. Through podcast, you will be able to deliver ads of your CBD brands and products. This will also encourage your market to go to your site and visit for the best deal of your products.