Fashion Strategies for Tough Times

Here are a few fashion strategies for tough times. Until the economy picks up a bit, it’s probably a good idea to get creative when you assemble your outfits these days. As the recession has been vamping up for awhile, I have had ample opportunity to observe the “frugalistas” around me in their efforts to maintain their fashion groove, and to employ a few of their ideas within my own wardrobe. Here’s a summary of ideas from me and from people other than me, and where the ideas are borrowed, I shall label them as such.

Thrift stores are enjoying a resurgence in popularity these days. Formerly haunted mainly by university students, artists and people of dire need, it is now cool to shop at thrift stores. Indeed, I have heard many recountings of thrift store finds of designer brand apparel and perfectly new items. As an item of note, many fashion models like to shop at thrift stores and vintage clothing stores. In fact, Kate Moss even designs clothing based on inspiration from her thrift store finds. The attraction is that most thrift store items cannot be found at either Macy’s or Neiman Marcus, so the likelihood of one producing an original outfit with them is significantly higher. And what kind of savings are we talking about? I saw a woman in a thrift store buy four pairs of pants and three blouses for about $20. Try and beat that in a regular retail store. This is definitely a great transitional strategy till things pick up a bit.

Another possibility is to mine your friends’ and relatives’ closets. Hey, go ahead and mine other people’s closets as well! Many people these days are getting together at clothing swap parties. You show up with all of your worst clothing purchases (wrong color, wrong fit, or your spouse hates it) and then trade away. If you’re unemployed, this is a great excuse to get out of the house for a bit and nibble on hors d’oeuvres and white wine. This is not my idea – I borrowed it from Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, from their wonderful book What You Wear Can Change Your Life. The great thing about this strategy is that it’s free, free, free! Trinny and Susannah are fashion goddesses in their own right, and offer sound advice on how to dress well on a budget.

You can very well check here at Trinny and Susannah’s official website or visit their showroom or branch depending on the city you are living in because they are quite a popular brand with many franchises across the globe.

As we all well know, accessories create the outfit, right? This idea costs a little money, so brace yourself – make your own fashion accessories. This is not nearly as hard as you may think, and if you get really good at it, after the economy picks up you may have a new way to augment your paycheck. Here’s an idea for you – there are a number of single-cord choker necklaces, made of woven or interlinked metal, that have clasps which are thin enough to string on a number of wide-holed beads. Two of my favorites are the omega necklace and the Pandora necklace. There are Pandora bracelets too, by the way. Pick up a bunch of pendants and/or wide-holed beads and you have a potential variety of necklaces. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, try making your own scarves. They even have patterns for this in the fabric store, along with patterns for making your own handbags.

On the off-chance that you have a few bucks to spend, there are a number of retail stores that spawn imitations of popular fashion designer pieces at cut-rate prices. My personal favorite is H  amp; M (in fact, I own quite a few H  amp; M pieces!), but there are many others as well. If H  amp; M is beyond your budget, consider some of the discount stores like Ross or Marshall’s. I love the fact that you can prowl through their racks and see numerous clones of haute couture items. Of course, the quality of these items is the sticking point – don’t expect to own them forever – but you may not want to own them forever, so who cares?

Although you may want to throw a brick at me for saying this, this is actually an opportunity in disguise. The key to maintaining your fashion groove is to truly bring all of who you are into your wardrobe. I think this is harder when you have lots of money, because your first impulse is to take the easy road and spend it – to not think about it quite as much. If you track down accessories you truly love, however you acquire them, you won’t feel as much of a compulsion to just automatically buy stuff off the rack. And your accessories will draw countless inquiries of, “Where did you buy that? Where can I get it?”

So, these fashion strategies for tough times might make your non-tough times even better, in the long run. You’ll have more to wear, and you’ll really enjoy what you wear. You will attract friends and lovers who will want to know everything about you, forever, and find you endlessly interesting. You will be hired by every employer who interviews you – in fact, they might even have bidding wars over you! So don’t fret. Good days are coming, so you might as well get ready and be dressed for them.

Movie Watching Spree- Season to Watch Out For

The holiday season has long ended and we already want some more of it despite staying put at home for the past six months due to Covid-19 making everyone restless to move out of the house for a breath of fresh air.

Human beings are strange creatures that always seemed to say something or the other just for the sake of it and delight in keeping themselves in the spotlight in a big time way as they always yearn for a long holiday from busy work schedule and now when they’ve finally got one, want life back to normal.

Nevertheless, the youth brigade is making the most of this nationwide lockdown as they can watch their favorite movies online without blinking an eye and with no intervention from their parents which was unheard of until now, a grim remainder of the seriousness of corona virus.

Brief Description

While we’re at it, let us take a moment to recognize the fact that movies are tremendously popular throughout the globe where Hollywood is the leading kingpin among other film industries even though Indian cinema is the largest in terms of output.

You can watch films of different genres ranging from romance, action, comedy, drama, musical and others, which has been the case since the inception of cinema and we as the audience have had the privilege of watching each one of them.

Now different people have a different nature which reflects on their preference for a particular genre over others and this is why specific films are made for their target audience as they know that it will do great business in different cities that have such an audience in big numbers.

Even though such a practice continues to this day, change of times are evident right now as we are in 2020, which is the second decade of the 21st century as movie theatres are slowly getting replaced by over-the-top platforms.

To make matters worse, Covid-19 has shut down theatres while the lockdown has people shut inside their homes, thereby providing a tremendous boost to OTT platforms that are releasing web-series after web-series with both small and big budget stars.

With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, it is unlikely for the theatres to open in another year which has allowed online portals to thrive in a big way so therefore, let’s look at some important to watch free online content.

Free Lunch

  • YouTube is a global phenomenon that has become a preferred platform to upload and stream content in a legal manner where you can watch numerous films and start your own channel with some unique content and gain a decent subscriber base while earning good.
  • Downloading movies from Torrent has become a common practice these days because it is completely free without any hassles.
  • Take care to develop an antivirus software so that the system doesn’t fall prey to virus as mankind is already grappling with a big one at the moment

Tips for Better Gourmet Pizza Crust from Scratch

Homemade Pizza Dough

The homemade pizza crust is easy to make well as long as you start it a few hours in advance. Dissolve one packet of yeast (and optionally a teaspoon or so of sugar) in about a half cup of warm water and let it sit for 5-10 minutes until it looks foamy. In the meantime, put flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Bread flour will give a chewier final texture and a higher rise than all-purpose flour. When the yeast is ready, mix it into the flour, and add water a little at a time until the dough all holds together. Put flour on your hands and sprinkle it on the dough, then knead it a few times on a clean, floured surface until it has a smooth surface and slightly elastic consistency. Rub olive oil over the outside of the lump of dough and put it back in the mixing bowl. And on you will get the pans equipment for your recipe. 

Letting Your Homemade Pizza Dough Rise

Cover the pizza dough with a damp cloth and leave it in a warm place for an hour or two, then punch it down to get all the bubbles out and leave it to rise for another hour or two. The beauty of this process is that it only takes about ten minutes of actual effort, and will make a delicious homemade pizza crust.

How to Shape a Homemade Pizza Crust

We’ve all seen (or at least heard of) pizza tossing. Some maintain that tossing your pizza dough will make a better gourmet pizza crust, and with a little practice you may find that it’s lots of fun and easier than you thought. Luckily for the rest of us, you can make a perfectly good gourmet pizza crust without getting too fancy. Form your homemade pizza dough into balls, one per pizza, by breaking off a lump of pizza dough and folding it over on itself until the surface is smooth. You may have to add a sprinkle of flour to keep it from sticking. Place it on a floured surface and roll it out with a rolling pin, or simply smash it with your hands then stretch it out evenly to the edges of a pan or pizza stone. Gourmet pizza can be made in a small and irregular shape; far from making it worse, it can enhance the unique hand-made look and feel of the final product.

Baking a Homemade Gourmet Pizza Crust

The time and temperature depend on the size and thickness of your pizza. Bake at 350 degrees for your first attempt, and modify it as necessary for future pizzas. The edges of the crust should be golden brown and the center cooked through when it’s done. A pizza stone distributes heat evenly and allows for a much better crust than a regular baking pan. In baking a homemade gourmet pizza, it is also a good idea to bake the crust on its own for a few minutes before adding the sauce and toppings to stop the raw pizza dough from absorbing too much liquid and staying soggy and raw. Rubbing a drizzle of olive oil around the edge, outside the sauce and cheese, can keep your crust more tender and supple and add a subtle gourmet flavor to your homemade pizza.

Alternative Easter Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Typical Easter gifts are baskets of candy and stuffed animals, and although many teenage girls love those things, it’s nice to buy something a little different in celebration of Easter. Instead of browsing the candy aisle at your local discount store, consider the following Easter gift ideas for teenage girls. These gift ideas will help you choose gifts that teenage girls will definitely love, and many of these gifts can be kept and treasured for a lifetime.

Cross Jewelry Set

Most teenage girls love jewelry, and what better time to give a cross jewelry set than Easter? Jewelry is a fantastic alternative to the usual candy and stuffed animals. Candy only lasts for a few minutes, but gifts such as this will keep on giving.

I received a sterling silver and diamond cross jewelry set when I was a teen, and decades later I still have that set. It was given to me by my father, and it will be passed down to my daughter someday. It holds a great deal of meaning because of what it represents, and the meaning of this gift is far greater than any amount of chocolate eggs and jelly beans. For the Easter gifts, the selection of unique door gifts singapore can be done. The decoration of the gifts should be unique and different to get the benefits. The functions of the door should be practical with the right decision. 

If you want to give a meaningful Easter gift to the teenage girls on your gift list, a cross jewelry set is one of the best gift ideas for those who appreciate and understand the true meaning of the holiday. It’s a very special religious gift that will be kept and treasured for a lifetime, and it’s an ideal alternative to the typical bunny-themed Easter gifts sold in stores.

Beach Supply Basket

If the teenage girls on your gift list love spending time at the beach, forego the candy and make up a beach supply basket. This is a fantastic alternative for those who can’t indulge in candy, and it’s ideal for the diabetic teen or others who are counting calories.

Fill an attractive handle basket with Easter grass, and add a rolled up beach towel, suntan lotion, sunglasses, and other beach related supplies. Teen girls that enjoy a day at the beach will absolutely love this thoughtful present in celebration of Easter. It’s the perfect alternative to calorie-laden candy and plush animals.

Bath Basket

If you’re looking for an alternative to candy and stuffed toys, consider a bath supply basket. Many teenage girls love taking long hot baths, and a bath supply basket is a great present to pamper the teen girls on your Easter gift list. Best of all, the basket can be kept and reused again and again.

Fill a beautiful wicker basket with pastel colored Easter grass, and top it with bath and shower gel, bath beads, a scented candle, colorful bath salts, and any other appropriate bath items. When I was a teen I would have loved to receive a gift like this. It’s a great alternative to candy, but you can always toss in a few Easter eggs and a small box of chocolates.

Nail Care Basket

Teenage girls are usually particular about their nails, and a nail care basket filled with pedicure and manicure items are a fantastic alternative to the usual Easter candy given to younger kids. Teenage girls expecting candy will be surprised to discover nail care items they can really use, and even those who don’t use colored nail polish will appreciate the necessary supplies to keep their nails looking neat and clean.

Fill an attractive reusable basket with Easter grass of your choice, and include items such as a pumice stone for rough areas of the feet, nail files, polish remover, and an assortment of nail polish. Teenage girls that wear nail polish will be thrilled with this type of Easter basket, and they’ll appreciate this great alternative to Easter candy and stuffed animals.

Things To Consider When Buying Corded or Cordless Power Tools For Your Work

Corded and Cordless power tools are really essential when you are working at a construction site or fixing any object around the house. These tools deliver the power and stability that you need in order to fix anything.  Power tools allow us to do things at a faster rate and more accurately. If you are planning to buy a brand new set of cordless or corded power tools, then you must be aware of a few points. We have discussed them in the following section and it will surely help you choose better equipment for efficient work. If you are already using power equipment, then check out the 5Ah DeWalt battery for 2020.

Cord or Cordless? –

the very first thing to consider is to select between corded and cordless equipment. Each of them has its own set of benefits. Cordless tools are portable, can be used easily, and offer better freedom of movement when you are working. On the other hand, corded equipment comes with greater power supply, no hassle of running out of charge, and better stability while working. Now, each of them has some disadvantages as well. So, depending on the work you are involved in, you should select the right power tool. If you are going to do some small and casual work around the house, then cordless tools are good. Or else for major work, select corded tools.

What Features Do You Need? –

once you have selected between corded and cordless power tools, you must check on the features. There are many power tools that come with features that you will never need. So don’t pay extra for the features that you are never going to use ever. Do some research and check out the features that you desire the most. This will help you select the tool that offers all of that at a value for money price. Some features are really important like comfort grip, powerful motor, silent working mechanism, etc. Invest more money only if you think that a feature is useful.

Check The Safety Rating –

the safety rating of your power tool is very crucial as well. You must always maintain safety while working on these power tools. Unsafe power tools can lead to serious injuries and damage to property. It must be kept in mind that not every brand can offer you reliable and top-notch power tools. So you have to select the right one with great care and attention. Read the safety rating and match it with the general standards. You can even buy reviews and feedback from people on online forums regarding the same product. Avoid buying such equipment which does not come with any kind of power or safety rating.

By now you must have got an idea about how you can choose the best power equipment. Make sure to keep all these things in mind while purchasing the tools. This will help you to get the best power tool at a great price.

An Introduction To Addictive Nicotine | Vaping It

Nicotine is considered a drug. In fact addiction to nicotine due to tobacco smoking is considered by the FDA to be a disease. The drug itself is colorless. It can also be slightly yellow and oily looking substance that is found in adequate amounts in tobacco plants. It is believed that tobacco plants produce nicotine as a way of protecting themselves from grazing animals in the ecosystem. In fact in the ecosystem tobacco leaves are poisonous to animals due to the present nicotine. If animals eat tobacco leaves they may even cause nicotine poisoning amongst humans should they eat the meat.

Nicotine can also be found in traces in such plants as tomatoes, potatoes and aubergine. However the amounts found in these plants are not enough to cause any addiction nor poisoning no matter how much potatoes nor tomatoes a person may chose to eat. The effect of nicotine in human beings will include severe dependence, cravings, tolerance and sensitization. The drug causes stimulation in the brain by producing the hormone dopamine which over a period of time creates severe dependency or addiction. This addiction is the anchor of the tobacco industry on whose strength the tobacco industry prospers. Nowadays, nicotine is not just enclosed in the concept of traditional tobacco. Nicotine is now also present in e-cigars but with a different form such as nic shot. A lot of people are very interested in this new breakthrough.

Due to the dependence caused by the drug, most smokers have to continue to smoke for fear of associated negative mood states which are psychological effects of withdrawal of nicotine. This therefore means for most people continued cigarette smoking is not by choice but is a mere state of slavery to the addiction which must be ruthlessly broken if one is to walk away smoke free. The most efficient and effective delivery of nicotine is through cigarette smoking. When a person smokes it takes less than 20 seconds for the drug to reach the brain. It enters the blood stream via the lining of the lungs and travels to the brain in the blood. It enters the brain by crossing the blood brain barrier were it attaches itself to receptors.

The forthcoming nicotine vaccine which will likely be administered via injection once a year will work by preventing this addictive drug from cross the blood brain barrier into the blood stream. It is hoped the vaccine will permanently disarm nicotine making continued smoking un-pleasurable and discouraging those wanting to start especially amongst school kids.

Another dimension to nicotine which is perhaps positive is that the addictive drug has found a place in the manufacture of nicotine replacement therapy products. These are used by people who are wanting to stop smoking. These NRTs as they are also known in short will include patches, gum and inhalers. Different people have found different results in using these products to stop smoking. many have them useful in reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms which often drive many crazy and into continuing smoking again commonly known as smoking relapse.

You may learn more about nicotine poisoning by following the link. Infants and pets around the home of smokers are at high risk of poisoning including people who use nicotine replacement products and continue cigarette smoking at the same time. Nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes is also known to cause high blood pressure spikes in the short term and hypertension in the long term by damaging nerves and blood vessels.

Dyson Animal Vacuum Really Never Loses Suction

Over the years I have gone through more vacuums than I care to write about. I am so happy to share my newest find. It is called the Dyson Animal DC14. I bought this a few years ago so I don’t know the model numbers of the newer Dyson vacuums but I am excited to tell you about the one I have.

I have two dogs and a cat. My big dog weighs in at about 115 lbs and is three quarters Golden Labrador and one quarter Golden Retriever. My other dog weighs in at about 22 lbs and is a King Charles Cavalier. My cat only weighs about 12 lbs and I have no idea what breed. So needless to say I need the best vacuum out there. Did I mention that I personally have the worst allergies and asthma? Maybe having three animals wasn’t the brightest idea but I love them they are my children. With the purchase of hepa Filter Vacuums, the benefits are enormous with the person. Complete research should be done through the person to meet with the right results. 

Two years ago my husband and I built our dream house. I knew that I wanted to put hardwood down in all of the rooms but there was no way we could afford to do it all at once. The only room we ended up putting the hardwood down was the dining room. We put tile in the foyer continuing on to the kitchen, the bathroom and the mudroom. We had to put carpeting in the living room, family room, and all 4 bedrooms. I found myself breaking out into allergy attacks all the time and my asthma was pretty bad. I have started noticing that my 2 year old son was sneezing a lot as well. I needed to get a new vacuum desperately. My old one just wasn’t doing it for us anymore. As I said earlier we just built a new house and with new construction comes a ton of dirt from the outside and dust setting on the inside. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. So I needed a solution.

My husband had heard about this new vacuum called the Dyson Animal. It was supposed to be excellent in picking up animal hair and it was never supposed to lose suction no matter how full it got. I figured it was worth a shot. The only problem was that this particular model was very expensive. It can cost anywhere from $400 to over $500 depending on where you made the purchase. There was no where we were going to spend that kind of money on a vacuum cleaner. No way. Well, as luck should have it, It turned out that my husband was able to cash in reward points with his American Express credit card for Home Depot gift cards. After work he went to Home Depot and picked up the Dyson Animal DC14. This is the one that comes in purple. The Dyson vacuums come is different colors. It depends on which one fits your needs best. The one that I have is called the Animal because it is designed to pick up all of the animal hair. I can’t believe how well this works. I was amazed after I was done vacuuming how much hair it picked up. We must have been living with tons of hair in our other house which disgusts me when I think back now.

This particular vacuum does not use bags either which is great. You don’t have the added expense of buying replacement bags every other week. This model comes with plenty of attachments to help get under the furniture and hard to reach places. I would suggest turning the vacuum over every two to three cleans and clean out the roll. I was surprised to see how much hair was stuck and wrapped in the roller. It would have eventually started to smell like burning hair.

This vacuum also works well on tile and hardwood. All you have to do is switch the button on the bottom of the vacuum from carpet to bare floors. I use this vacuum to clean my entire house. After 2 years of giving this vacuum an unbelievable workout it is still going strong. By now my other vacuums would have started to break and who wants to spend money fixing vacuums. To this day it has not lost any suction. It still picks up the dirt and hair just like the first day we got it.

I highly recommend purchasing any Dyson vacuum. My mother in law and father in law just purchased the same vacuum from for $400. Get this, they don’t even have any pets!

Handpan- Modern Day Percussion for New Generation Understanding

We always want to have the best things in life especially the elite spoilt brats, who despise anything out of the ordinary and aren’t satisfied with anything less than royalty because that is what they’ve been brought up with.

The less than privileged class have to earn everything through sheer merit and hard work simply because their crime is that they aren’t as privileged as their elite counterparts and at the end of the day, it is they that emerge as the victors by being the torchbearer of struggle and hard work while the brats are deemed products of nepotism.

Speaking of talent, there are many out there and if it relates to something as sweet and diverse as music, you can be sure that the discussion is going to be an interesting one as the topic is universally adored by one and all as music makes the world go round or so the experts say.

Basic Knowledge

When the discussion is on music, it is obvious that musical instruments will find their way into the discussion but we aren’t going to mention all of them but focus on one particular instrument that doesn’t immediately ring a bell as it isn’t used in conversations or concerts as much.

So it can be said that a handpan is grossly underrated as a music instrument of excellent quality that can give the best of the best a run for their money because it is so beautiful to look at and has a pleasant sound that is easy on the ears.

It is used for a group of musical instruments and isn’t confined to just one but what is important is that it is taken under the subset group of steelpan, which can be called as its parent instrument as that is where it originated from.

Handpans are typically in the shape and size of cymbals which are taken in the hands and beaten together to produce a crashing sound that you must have seen and heard in symphony orchestras but handpan is a little different than its erstwhile counterpart and more recent.

The handpans are taken from Hang, which originated in Switzerland that was used in old times during musical nights that were quite popular and slowly started spreading throughout Europe in a big way apart from becoming a household name in North America and so much so that there are regular musical concerts with handpans involved.


Handpans are extremely popular in European countries like Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and many others but steelpans have origins dating back to the French Revolution of the 18th century when the colonial leaders were fascinated by what they termed as unique plates that reverberated on contact with each other.

British colonials fell in love with the musical idiom that originated from the sound and took it back to Europe from where they devised certain unique ways about how to give the instrument a modern day outlook.

All in all, handpans are extremely useful instruments that deserve to better known than they truly are.

Tips for Getting Your Dog to Potty Quickly

I know getting your dog to go potty outside is challenging enough at times, but getting them to go potty quickly is a blessing in the cold or wet weather. I know that when I finally got my dog to go potty outside I would be outside typically for ten to fifteen minutes at a time when I took him out. I know that I would always come back in from the cold weather in winter or rainy weather during the summer thunderstorms either soaking wet or froze to the bone. I did find a couple of ways to finally get my dog to go potty quickly outside though without freezing to death or coming in looking like a drowned rat. This article is all about the tips that you can get follow to get your pet potty trained in a lightning-fast way.

The first tip that I have is after you know for sure that your dog is potty trained that you can take them out and encourage them to go potty quickly. I know if your dog is anything like mine they have a favorite spot for peeing and going poop. I know that if I walk my dog to the pee area if I think that is what he has to do first he typically will go pee within seconds of reaching that area. The same goes for getting my dog to go poop quickly as well.

The second tip that I have is if you do manage to get your dog to go potty faster than normal outside you will not want to waste as much time outside. Some dogs will like to go potty really quick then stall outside by acting like they have to go again. I know that one of my dogs does this and he will stop and sniff every few seconds then act like he is going pee again to throw me for a loop. However, he doesn’t do anything else. So you will want to try to bring your dog in as quickly as possible after making sure they are done going potty.

The third tip is that if your dog does go potty quickly when you tell them to you will want to reward that with a treat. I know that it sounds pretty straight forward, but some people will forget to give your dog a treat. I know that when I started rewarding my dog more often for going potty quickly he would keep in that habit, but if I slacked off or forgot to give him a treat the next time he would take a little bit longer.

Getting your dog to go potty quickly outside is not that difficult to do. The hard part is first getting them potty trained and figuring out where the certain potty areas are that your dog uses. While all of these tips helped me get my dog to go potty quickly I am sure you will find some additional ones to add as well that help you get your dog to go potty quickly outside so you no longer come in as a popsicle or drowned rat.

Ways To Get Ready When Bringing Home a New Dog

Did you and your family just adopt a new dog or thinking about adopting a new dog? If so then here are some tips you should know before bring home your new dog to make him feel the most comfortable when he arrives to his new and loving home!

First thing, make sure you have bought everything necessary to simply take care of your new dog. Your going to need a food and water dish, and maybe a dog placemat to catch all this little spills. Your also going to need a leach, a collar, a name tag with your family’s hone number, and of course, everyone’s favorite, the pooper scooper! Buying a few new special toys may also help comfort you new dog at his new home with his new family. He is also is going to need a place to sleep. Even if you plan on letting him eventually roam from room to room and letting him sleep where he feels that most comfortable, he will take comfort if you teach him one specific place that is “his spot” so he knows exactly what you want for now. Almost all dogs thrive on knowing what their owner want from them and where the boundaries are. That way they know exactly what is expected of them and they will know how to please their master. Now, although you certainly can go out and buy a dog bed, a clean warm blanket will also work just as well as a dog bed.

Make sure before bringing your new dog home you have set boundaries around the yard where he will be allowed to play and go to the bathroom. Then when you bring home your new dog hook him up to his leach, hold him close (within just a few feet of yourself) and walk him around the boundaries of the yard a few times. Do this at least twice a day for the first couple of weeks to help him learn where his outside territory is. Of course, you may want to set up boundaries for inside as well. This is usually best done by just keeping “off limits” room doors closed. What about your furniture? Will your dog be allowed to sit and sleep on the couches or will that be off limits? A good way to train new dogs that couches and chairs are off limits is, of course not letting them jump up on them in front of you, but what about when you are gone? How can you be sure they stay off then? One handy way to make sure they stay off is to buy office chair plastic carpets (you know, the ones with the little plastic “spikes” to keep the plastic carpet attached to the carpeted floor) and turn those upside down and lay them flat on the furniture. That makes it uncomfortable enough that your new puppy dog will want no part in sitting on them, without hurting him. Just make sure everyone is clear on theses boundaries before bringing home the new addition to the family. That way there will be no confusion for anyone when the new dog is brought home.

No table Scraps! Of course, this is a rule ultimately left to the master(s) of the household; but just remember that even if you do it just a few times in the beginning your dog will always try for more scraps from everyone with food all the time, including visitors. Although you can eventually train this behavior out of them it can be very difficult and take a long time so it’s best not to even start. Most importantly, dogs have different digestive systems than humans do so they don’t respond to food in the same way that we do. What does us good can do them harm so it’s best to not even take that chance.

Decide before bringing home your dog who is going to be the main trainer. Meaning that although everyone should enforce good behavior, there should be only one or at most, two people doing the actual trick and command training. Anymore than two people and it can get too confusing because people naturally have different ways of talking and enforcing, you don’t want to confuse your dog when trying to train him. You don’t have to worry because there are several online content where you can get helpful tips on how to train your dog properly. You just have to choose a reliable sources. To help you out, you can [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]browse around this website.

Now there are many different things to talk about and prepare before bringing home a new addition to any family, hopefully theses tips have helped. Now, if I can leave you the one most important tip before bringing home your new dog, be ready with lots and lots of love! Believe me, you will be getting more back than you can imagine!

Five Good Reasons for Keeping Your Cat Inside

The indoor versus outdoor cat argument is probably as old as when humans invited the first cat to live in the Bronze-Age huts and share a bit of milk for mousing. Until fairly recently, cats have been more of an outdoor critter – or at least an indoor/outdoor pet – rather than an indoor-only animal and with good reason. Until the invention of kitty litter in 1947 by Edward Lowe, cats and cat owners had few options when it came for somewhere for them to relieve themselves, so the natural tendency was to allow cats to run loose (since it’s hard to fence in a cat). But nowadays we do have access to kitty litter and most people live in urban, or at least, suburban, environments. And even where I live, out in the wilds of Montana, there are plenty of reasons for keeping kitty indoors. Let’s look at them.

  1. Reduce the feral cat overpopulation. Feral cats are a big problem in the United States. Cats, when they breed, naturally have kittens because breeding stimulates ovulation. While a good portion of those kittens die (some 75%), enough make it to the point where a single cat can produce 98 offspring within seven years if you count the number of kittens the single cat and her offspring can produce. Considering there is estimated some 70 million feral cats out there and – you get the point. Spaying and neutering removes the potential breeding, but if your cat gets lost or wanders off, that’s one more cat out on the streets.
  1. Prevent your kitty from bringing home zoonotic diseases and parasites. Cats don’t just hang around and do nothing. They get into things, which could bring diseases and parasites back to you. Cats get into fights with wildlife and other cats, which makes them susceptible for getting diseases such as rabies, which, of course, is lethal to both you and your cat. Cats are the number one domestic carrier for rabies. And even if you get your cat vaccinated, vaccines do fail and owners do forget to have their pets vaccinated. Your cat can also bring home other diseases such as bubonic plague (from fleas), ringworm, various roundworms, toxoplasmosis, and ticks that carry Lyme disease.
  1. Prevent your kitty from getting sick. There are plenty of cat diseases out there besides rabies. Some, like Feline Leukemia cause more deaths in cats than any other disease. Some diseases such as Feline immunodeficiency virus infection (FIV) and Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) have no vaccination and no known cure. Your cat is at risk if you let him wander.

It is important to keep your hand in the best of health and they are more prone to diseases at a faster pace so most people should strictly keep an eye on them and you can learn more about it through [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]my site online that is titled ‘wildlife’. 

But, there’s more to sickness than just disease. A cat that is looking for something to drink in the wintertime may stumble on a puddle of water with antifreeze in it. A few licks could kill your cat in a painful and agonizing death. Likewise, if your cat catches a mouse or rat that has eaten poison, your cat could die eating that mouse or rat. Cats will often scavenge in garbage as well, which could make your cat very sick or even kill him.

  1. Increase Your Kitty’s Lifespan. Cats who live outside have greatly reduced lifespans. Indoor cats can live an average of 12 to 18 years with forays more than 20 years. By comparison, the outdoor cat is lucky to see eight years of age, with the norm being around four to six years old. Outdoor cats usually die violently – usually due to being hit by cars, attacked by dogs or wild animals, or harmed by evil people who hate cats.

Years ago when I was a child, a remember seeing my best friend’s cat being run over by the school bus. It was very traumatic to see that happen and my friend was beside herself. The reality is all of this could’ve been avoided if the cat had been an indoor-only cat.

  1. Reduce the destruction of native species. Cats hunt and kill small animals, including birds. According to the American Bird Conservancy, scientists estimate that cats kill birds in the hundreds of millions and more than a billion small mammals, many of which may be endangered. Domestic cats can carry diseases to native cats such as the bobcat, lynx, mountain lion and Florida panther. What’s more, predation by cats can compete against native predators and reduce those predators’ numbers.

The benefits to keeping your cat inside far outweigh the negatives. So, the next time you’re tempted to let the cat out, think again. You’ll be keeping your cat, yourself and your environment healthy by keeping your kitty inside and at home.

5 Tips on How to Be Ethical when You Pick Out a Puppy

You are walking down the street on a bright sunny day. This is the kind of day that allows the tourist industry to market your region to those with a more northerly abode. In fact, it’s September and the thermometer still reads 95F.

While you are enjoying your walk to the corner store you come across another pedestrian with their dog in tow. Their pet is rather large, being it’s a St. Bernard, so you are obliged to yield the right of way to the mass of fur before you. Pleasantries are exchanged, while you patiently navigate this minor inconvenience, wherein the dog owner extolls their love for their furry friend but still finds opportunity to make reference to the overwhelming amount space the creature takes up in their apartment. You retort with something like, “Yeah, I can imagine!” and continue on your errand.

Did you really just imagine that scene? A huge dog, with a ton of fur, in a tiny apartment. What must that be like? Can the dog be happy? Can the owner? This premise leads to other thoughts that would imply the overall condition. The ethics of the person can be fulfilled when there will be availability of a [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]fantastic read at the blogs. The owner of the house should select the best breed for the house. The reading of the blogs will be beneficial to gather information about the pets and different breeds. The ethics should be followed carefully through the person. 

That is a St. Bernard, a breed created for northern climates, not 95 degree Septembers. That owner, who professed their affection for the animal, probably has a job so they can afford to feed the object of that affection. This must leave the creature to fend for itself for hours at a time in that aforementioned tiny apartment. The breeder who manipulated the Saint Bernard into the work animal it is focused on creating a dog with mass, strength, and a resilience to the cold, not a pet that would be suitable for a Florida efficiency apartment.

Dog breeders are specialists at the art of accentuating the traits people want in an effort to make their product as marketable as possible. There are breeds of pets that are so mutated they can’t drink water without it going up their snouts. Some have so much excessive fur that they have to be cleaned manually after they defecate. To make matters worse, some animals are subject to conditions so far removed from the environment that they were bred to live in, that they will have to tolerate 110 degree temperatures through four inches of fur!

The conflict is glaring to anyone who would give it even a moment of thought. How can anyone say they love a Saint Bernard or Husky, then force it to endure climates that will melt asphalt, or leave it in a space that cannot accept an animal of their energy or mass for hours every day?

People often pick out puppies entirely for their own pleasure. They don’t often consider what quality of life they can offer the animal. They can somehow still profess their undying love for their apartment hostage even though their choice of companionship was based on purely selfish reasons.

If you are in the market for a new puppy, try considering what its life will be like in your custody. Puppy ownership is a responsibility. Your puppy will bring you unconditional love and companionship, and hopefully you will give some thought as to how you can reciprocate. Choose an animal that suits your personality and environment. If you don’t have time to spend with an animal right now, then it may be wise to wait until sometime in the future when you do. Avoid supporting puppy mills, unethical breeds, and the breeders that promote them. If people keep making money for breeding animals that are intentionally handicapped for the sake of novelty, there will never be an end to it.

Tips to remember:  Be sure you can handle the responsibility of puppy ownership (maybe try keeping a plant alive first)    Pick a breed that will thrive in your environment (ie. house, apartment, and climate)    Puppies get lonely too so wait till you have time to spend with it before getting one.    Avoid breeds that are overly manipulated as a novelty.    Avoid unethical breeders. (this can be tricky, just pay attention to details like cleanliness, health of the puppy and its’ parents, number of litters currently on hand, use referrals from friends, ask about a warranty on the animals health*.)

*Any ethical breeder will have an ongoing concern for the puppies health and will want to maintain their good reputation for producing healthy puppies. They are more aware of the puppy mill problem than anyone else so they should be doing their best to avoid being classified as one themselves.

How to Keep a Dog at Home

I see that there is an increasing amount of people that seem to have trouble keeping their house pets from bolting into the street and getting run over. Would you believe me if I told you there was a way to keep your dog at home without needing to keep them locked in the house, on a leash, or put in a fenced yard? I do realize there are laws to keep a dog on a leash or in a kennel, and I’m not asking you to break any laws, but this method also helps to keep dogs content to stay on the leash and in their kennel. However, the method I use to make my dog choose to stay home is no quick fix-it pill and it takes more dedication than just remembering to take your dog for a walk everyday. Are you up for it?

My practice ring is my home in the country, but location is not important in order to use this method because even country dogs have a tendency to disappear on their owners when let out of the kennel. My dogs don’t have a kennel and yet they stay home. Here’s the trick-you must bond with your dog. You may already know what this means, but let me explain the type of bonding I mean.

Your dog needs leadership, lines of right and wrong. Dogs are sensitive to different types of punishment and reward. My dogs have always been very sensitive to verbal commands. Say, for example, they won’t come to me. I lower my voice and let my anger come through. My dog instantly will stop what he is doing and creep over to me with his head and tail down, and after he comes to me I let him sit and think about it. Then I still refuse to pet him as I tell him to follow. After a little bit I will call him to me again and if he comes promptly, I praise him and pet him in all his favorite spots as if all is forgiven. Thus, he learns the punishment for not coming when I call and the reward for coming. Play around with your dog. Do their favorite things for their reward, make them feel guilty as punishment. Don’t ever get soft-hearted and let them get away, just once, for disobeying you; it could mean the difference between calling them away from a moving car and getting them run over.

The next and last part of my method for making your dog want to stay home is simply-attention. It’s great to take your dog for a walk once a day. It gives them and you exercise and that may be all you can manage. But in order to make them want to stay home all the time you must take time to be with them. If you [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]see here, you will realize the importance of spending some time with your dog. Surely, he or she will appreciate a walk in the afternoon. You should make time to plate with your pet. My dogs have no fences but love to stay home because they never know when I will come out to give them treats, play with them, or just come out to check on them. It doesn’t take much, only five minutes every few hours, but they want to be sure they are there when I come out. I have a full-time job, so I only see my dogs two hours in the mornings and four hours in the evenings, but I make it up to them on the weekends by giving them as much attention as I can. They are content, feel loved, and make a choice not to leave home.

The Bavarian Mountain Dog Breed

The Bavarian Mountain Dog is a breed of dog known for its skills in overcoming large patches of terrain in Bavaria. Being from German, this dog is one of the most popular breeds for German hunters and has a great sense of smell to track down any prey that might be afoot. These mountain dogs are most popular in Germany, meaning they are rarely heard of anywhere else in the world.


These dogs have been known to be n Germany since the late 6th century. Used by farmers to help herd their cattle and flocks, Bavarian Mountain dogs also were strong enough to uphold small carts and drag them to a horse to be attached. They were also used by royalty for hunting purposes, to which they would track down pheasant and other game for their hunter masters. Today, they still have this purpose as well as being a friendly noble companion.


With soft short fur and a usually tanned coloring, these hounds have a typical floppy eared look of their dog type. They have black around their short muzzles and droopy tired looking eyes. They are quite muscular for their medium size and can weigh up to fifty pounds. Their tails hang down low to the ground unless they are excited and their legs are sturdy and long. Their chest is well developed and exudes the strength they have used for centuries.


Being courageous is one of the traits this dog shares with other hound dogs. They have this trait because of their fearless actions when it comes to hunting and tracking prey down. They are quite agile since their legs are long, a difference from the French Bassets. They are loyal and are always ready to please their master with whatever they bring back to them. As a companion dog, they enjoy the company of their family and children and always need to be in the same room with them.

Grooming and Health

Grooming is a snap since their coat is so short, they need to be groomed at least once a month to stop the little shedding they can produce. Health wise they can live as long as fourteen years and needs plenty of exercise. This dog is not suited for the city, and needs to live in a rural area with plenty of space to run freely. This will stop a lot of joint problems he can get in his senior years.

To learn more about this breed of dog, their behaviors, the proper ways of taking good care of them, things you should do, things you should not do and even the food they are allowed to eat, you can [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]click site for more information.

Bavarian Mountain dogs are a dog most often seen in Germany for hunting reasons. Although they are a great pet, they need a big space so they can feel as if they are home in the wild.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

75% of dogs over age 3 suffer from periodontal disease. This is an irreversible condition that can lead to loss of teeth, abscesses, and other painful conditions such as bone loss and plain old tooth decay. Nobody wants that for their dog, but for owners on a budget, taking the dog to the vet for a cleaning every six months simply is not an option. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent these issues to begin with.

Brush Your Dogs Teeth

I spent a total of $10 setting my dog up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene when I purchased my dog ClearQuest Dental Gel (a toothpaste I highly recommend both as a dog groomer and dog owner) and a dog toothbrush made by ProDental. Never use human toothpaste on your dog. Not only is the fluoride bad for him, the foaming action can make a ridiculous mess.

Start off slow. If your dog has never had his teeth brushed before, jamming a brush into his mouth and scrubbing away might not be the best introduction. Get him used to the taste of the toothpaste first by letting him lick it off your finger, or if he needs more incentive place some on a crunchy treat and offer it to him.

You can also get him used to the idea of having his mouth handled by rubbing his muzzle, lifting his lips, and massaging his gums with your fingers before introducing the brush. When your dog seems comfortable having his mouth handled, place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your dog’s toothbrush and gently brush from back to front on both sides of your dog’s mouth.

For best results, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily, although weekly will still give positives results. Always try to make tooth brushing a positive experience for your dog. Even if you can’t brush your dogs teeth right away, a few positive sessions with you may be enough to change your dogs mind. [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Next step that you may also consider to know the proper way of brushing your dog’s teeth is through online tutorials. Aside from consulting with vet, you can also check some tips online. As a responsible pet owner, you need to know what’s best for your pet.

If you can’t brush your dogs teeth

If your dog simply won’t allow you to brush his teeth, there are still several options open regarding your dog’s oral health. First, many groom shops offer tooth brushing for a minimal fee of $5-$10. Many times dogs will allow strangers to brush their teeth, but not their actual owners. This is also common with nail trimming and a few other aspects of dog care. If the groomer can’t brush your dogs teeth either, be sure to have a vet check to make sure your dog isn’t simply reacting to pain. (See: When the vet is necessary.)

Another option if you can’t brush your dog’s teeth is to get a water additive such as AquaDent Water Additive. Be sure to check the bottle to make sure the label says it reduces plaque. Some water additives are simply scented to cover up the smell of your dogs breath!

When you should go to the vet

Before beginning any at home oral hygiene routine, visually inspect your dog’s teeth and gums. If you see sparkling white teeth and healthy looking gums, you’re on the right track to successful oral hygiene. If your dog has some yellowing, you may already be seeing gum disease. If you notice very bad breath, excessively red gums, thick tartar build up, loose teeth or obvious pain, your dog may need tooth cleaning, or possibly even some teeth extracted. Don’t delay in taking your dog to the vet if you see any of these issues. Your dog may be in a great deal of pain.

You can prevent your dog from ever having to have a professional cleaning by starting tooth brushing early, and supplementing your dog with plenty of chew toys to help massage gums and scrape teeth in between your own efforts. Have your vet look at your dogs teeth each time they go in for their vaccines to make sure you’re dog’s oral hygiene is adequate, and that his gums and teeth are as fresh and clean as possible.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Weight Loss Pill

If your like a lot of overweight people your looking for anyway you can to lose weight fast. There are quite a few people that turn to weight loss pills. Sometimes referred to as diet pills. Sometimes diet pills can work for you but you need to take some precautions before using them.

If its your first time using diet pills to lose weight there are some important points you need to consider. These points will help you and make it easier when deciding which diet pills to buy and use. As well as make the experience a safer one. Lets outline some key points in determining which diet pills to use.

One thing you need to consider when choosing a diet pill is the cost of the pills. There are a lot of diet pills on the market that have considerably high costs attached to them. Thankfully diet pills range widely in price from cheap to very expensive. Remember that expensive diet pills don’t always mean they are the best or rather best for you. You can find diet pills that cost as little as twenty five dollars in some stores. Some though can sell upwards of hundreds on dollars. If the price is a factor for you though you can always check out more natural ways to lose your weight.

Next you should look who makes the diet pill. You need to be aware of the companies history in making diet pills. Check out if they are a well established company that has a history of selling diet pills. Also make sure to check and see if the company has a not so good reputation for their diet pills. You can find a lot of free consumer reports online that will aid you in finding out more about diet pills and their respective companies. You need to find a company that has a long and good standing reputation in making and selling diet pills.

Once you have found a couple of diet pills you would like to try you need to again take a closer look. Certain diet pills work for some people and not for others. Make sure you find a diet pill that has a proven track record in working for a majority of people that take them. This will save you a lot of time and money. It will also save time in losing the weight itself. Again you can find free reviews on the internet to aid you.

You might also want to check out the ingredients of the diet pill before you choose one. You need to know if you will have any allergic reactions to the pill. An allergic reaction to a diet pill can be very dangerous. Consult with your doctor about any possible side affects or allergic reactions if your unsure about it. You could also do a individual internet search for each ingredient of the diet pill to get a better understanding of what’s in the diet pill.

Weight loss pills, or diet pills, are a great way to lose weight. Though you should always be aware of what your taking. Becoming more aware about the pills will make the experience much more rewarding and more successful.

Pills have a dubious reputation of having grave side effects that are more dangerous than the problem itself so therefore, it is better to try out protein supplements after consulting the doctor or gym trainer because they are the experts at the job and would recommend something useful for shedding those extra kilos like [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]leptitox reviews, which would help you understand the product better.

What Are The Essential Facts To Know About Computer Repairs & Its Importance?

Computer is an electronic device which is known as commonly operated machine which is used for trading, e-commerce as well as research engines. For considering records, listening music, storing data, playing games, searching information, we all need a computer. This is a gadget which can be access for multi-purpose work. With the use of computer there are several services which help in repairing the internal defects of the computer. This device also needs repair and maintenance because it is an electronic gadget which requires time to time care. There are lots of situations in which you found a defect or any problem in your computer. More often these problems can be resolved because there are lots of [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]website for computer service.

It is highly beneficial to go through computer repair services as well as applications because it helps in maintaining computer as well as repairing it. You can easily choose the service because there are lots of options and services available. One of the most complex things to be considered in choosing the right service for repairing computers. It is important because you can’t call a virus repair service if your computer have problem in hardware. These are the crucial aspects and one need to go through each term wisely. 

Now, in the lower section you will be going to read about some essential facts to know about computer repair and its importance so that you can consider the right and appropriate website for computer service.

Some essential facts to know about computer repairs & its importance:

There are various website for computer service and it is important to choose the right computer repair service so that you will get satisfactory results.

  • One of the most important things one needs to consider is acknowledging the defect and problem in your computer system. It is important so that you can manage all the things wisely and pick the right computer repair service. You don’t need to directly pick the service. Firstly examine what the problem in your computer is. It is important because it will help you to choose the right service for repairing your computer.
  • It would be beneficial for you to ask from a professional and experienced person because they will help you to resolve the issue as well as helps in finding the right computer service. All these things are very important because it will help you to go through the right and best option.
  • Make sure that the computer repair service which you have chosen doesn’t imbalance your budget. As a reason, there are several computer repair services which are little bit expensive. It is your duty to examine the computer repair service which comes under your budget as well as helps you to repair the defect in your computer. If you choose an expensive computer repair service than it will resolve your problem but somehow it will also in-balance your budget. 
  • It is important for you to go through the service which will give you warranty on their service. It means that within a short period of time if you again found any defect in your computer than you can again repair it from the same service without giving any money. It is highly crucial to consider this aspect because it will become beneficial for you to save your expenses on repairing computer. 
  • When you are choosing a computer repair service, than it is beneficial for you to check all the reviews as well as feedbacks so that you can choose the service wisely. It is beneficial because feedbacks and review sections help a lot in considering the statement of other individuals who have chosen this computer repair service. According to a research more than 92% of the individual go through the review section because it helps them to pick the right service according to their need and requirement.
  • Check their previous records so that you can talk with them and consider whether you wanted to choose the service or not. As by doing this you will get a rough idea for choosing the computer repair services.
  • All these things are considered so that an individual can choose the right website for computer service as well as application. With the help of this information and feedbacks you will surely get best results and ways to repair your computer. 

Last words,

In the above section I have mentioned all the useful and essential information regarding the facts to know about computer repairs & its importance. If you will wisely accommodate all these things then within some time you will be able to get the best results and outputs by choosing the appropriate computer repair service. May the above listed information will be beneficial for you to acknowledge all the things. 

Top Stores to Buy Energy Star Kitchen Appliances

So you are ready to upgrade your home for energy efficiency? Congratulations! If you are in the market to buy energy star kitchen or home appliances, there are stores you should keep in mind for best quality products and great deals. Here is the list of stores to checkout so you can buy your energy star products and begin to save money. You can also go to for list of products that are truly energy efficient and where to buy them. Good luck!

The Home Depot

The Hope Depot is a great place to shop for man y home appliances including energy star kitchen appliances. Beginning August 28, through September 3rd you can now save 10% on appliances that are $399 or more. Save on refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, like the LG Electronics Kitchen Series Tall Tub dishwasher which is currently selling for $1499.00, and other kitchen appliances that are guaranteed to make your kitchen look like new while saving you money on energy use. Go to for more information and purchases.


Save a lot this Labor Day weekend when you shop at Lowe’s for your energy star kitchen appliances. From August 28 through September 1st, Lowe’s is having 10-25% off sale on selected appliances. Check online and enter your zip code for your local location and type of appliances available. . They also have other home appliances that are energy star quality, including clothes washers and dryers.


Walmart is known for selling pretty good items at dirt cheap prices. They have quiet a selection of energy star kitchen appliances including energy star portable dishwashers, energy star designer compact refrigerator for your home or office, which is selling for $183.98. There is even the Danby 4-place setting energy star compact countertop dishwasher for $229.98, and more items from Danby. Save even more on energy star kitchen and home appliances this Labor Day weekend as they are bound to have some specials. Visit Walmart online at for more info or to shop on the internet.

Appliances Unlimited Located at 23326 Lyons Ave, Newhall, California 661-255-0260. The top stores will offer the best kitchen products to the person. Along with the available information, find more information about the working for the purchase.  The rankings of the store should be great to offer the benefits to the person.  All the information available should be correct and true about the kitchen products available at the stores. 

Get your energy star clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, and refrigerators here. They are located in Old Town Newhall on Lyons Avenue. They have been in business for over 24 years and have quality products including whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Maytag, and Frigidaire to name a few. Visit them and get a great deals and superb services. They are always open online at

Luxury Living in the exclusive gated community

Calgary Luxury Homes is a dream of many and reality for a few. If you are interested in learning more about luxury living in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the surrounding communities, then you should definitely take note of the luxury gated community of Rose Creek here in the Edmond Area.

One of the biggest factors moving people in their desire for high-end luxury living in OKC and Edmond is having SPACE. Everyone wants more space in their home and living area. Space gives you options for style, design, entertaining, display and decor of high-end furniture and lifestyle possessions and just plain room to grow. Spacious, upscale, and quality constructed homes are what make Rose Creek homes really stand out!

The homes for sale in this upscale luxury community are huge and beautifully landscaped and designed. You are close to all the choice activity in Oklahoma City and Edmond but secluded behind a gated security access controlled environment. You have access to a beautiful country club, private pool, and golf course.

Living in luxury in this distinctive gated neighborhood is like living in another world, but you can still easily get to the ‘outside world’ due to its perfect location close to turnpike access and the growing North Memorial Road OKC area. Quality school systems such as Deer Creek and Edmond are available if you choose not to utilize the excellent private school options here in OKC.

Call me direct at 405-414-5022 for a personal consultation on your goals for luxury homeownership here in OKC. You can also review the luxury home listings in Rose Creek HERE and keep up on what new property is coming on the market. If you are interested in the private off-market ‘pocket listings’ that sometimes come up on my Realtor database, call me and I can keep you notified of private luxury home buyer opportunities in this very desirable community as well as other luxury home options in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

Buying a home in Rose Creek is a project that requires plenty of serious planning. You need to be getting good solid and current pricing data for your new home neighborhood. Buying a home in this private community of luxury homes can be a pleasant and stress-free experience if you use the tools and resources of an experienced local Rose Creek Realtor to educate yourself on making the best offer for your new dream home.

Feel free to call me at 405-414-5022 for immediate assistance on making your move to the luxury living options of Rose Creek or use the web-based resources at for all the tips and community data you will need to understand and effectively buy a home in this fabulous housing community. I look forward to helping you achieve success in making your new Rose Creek home purchase a reality here in Oklahoma.

Work at Home with Squidoo: How to promote your site!

Squidoo is a relatively new web 2.0 website that was launched in March of 2006. Work at home with Squidoo allows people to build web pages, or lenses, that offer unique information to visitors. Squidoo lenses come with built in income programs like Adsense and affiliate programs like Amazon and Ebay.

What many people don’t know about Squidoo is that lenses have a tendency to earn top Google rankings in the search engines. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that top Google rankings mean lots of traffic. Many webmasters pay a small fortune to get pages indexed within the top Google rankings.

Before you go crazy and start building hundreds of Squidoo lenses, it’s a good idea to have a look at some of the more popular lenses. Whenever you are entering some kind of new market it’s usually a good idea to take a look at the competition. Look at many of the top ranked lenses and see what the owners are doing with their lenses.

After all, lenses that are top ranked have to be doing something right. You should next take the time to write out a plan of what exactly your lens is going to look like. Decide who your lens will target and what kind of content you will provide on your lens.

The next step is to do some keyword research for your chosen niche and uncover some low competition keywords that you can use for your work at home with Squidoo lens. The low competition keywords you uncover will serve as the headline for your lens. Having Squidoo lens with the keyword you are targeting in the title will give you a huge head start in battle for search engine rankings.

The best keyword research tools available on the market right now are and Keyword Elite. I personally use and their research tools are absolutely top notch.

Regarding Squidoo, Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is an interesting platform to learn more about this venture and keywords would help in identifying the research tools in a better manner as they are important to get to know about if you want to buy a squidoo lens.

For your Squidoo lens to do really well you need to add as much high quality content to your lens as possible. You can actually use articles you may have written in the past to use on your lens if you are not up to the task of creating new content. Fresh private label rights content is a great way to get content as well but make sure that you purchase the freshest content possible. Adding some professional graphics can go a long way in making your lens look more professional. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create a few unique graphics for your lens.

The best way work at home with Squidoo to send traffic to your website is to use the RSS feed module. The RSS feed module is an option offered to you when you are first building your lens. All you really need to do to make the RSS feed work for you is to load the RSS feed from your website or blog and the Squidoo lens will then update automatically as you update your website. After you have started a few lenses you should start to notice a substantial improvement to your websites traffic.

Car Accident Doctors Orange County, CA

This is a reply to a previous blog question to illustrate the truth about low damage auto collisions. This information may be used by auto accident victims representing themselves or his/her attorney trying to negotiate a settlement. Lastly, it can be helpful to remind doctors treating these cases, to take them seriously and rather than just disregard chronic complaints after a low speed auto crash, to investigate further.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. It’s a common one. A big problem is that accident victims’ attorneys and doctors do not understand the scope and severity of injuries from low-speed collision so they discount them. That only emboldens the insurance co’s further. Her’s the proof of their deceit; I have many cases that involve completely destroyed vehicles and the insurance co’s still say the patient can’t be hurt that bad… They will fight over every accident, low impact or not. It’s up to the attorneys and doctors to fight for the patient and not accept less.

Right off the bat, I can tell you, you had several “accident intensifiers” at the time of the collision that make a seemingly “low impact” collision cause more severe bodily injury:

  • Female occupant: smaller, thinner joint cartilage increases risk of initial damage, while women statistically have longer periods of treatment and increased risk of long-term pain, headaches, nausea, numbness and tingling compared to men
  • Head restraint position: the vast majority of people do not have their head restraint positioned properly because it was not manufactured correctly.
  • Surprised: if you did not brace by sticking both arms out hard on steering wheel and plant both feet hard to the floor and on your brakes then you stand a 15X greater chance of injury

Has your doctor shown you your x-rays? Is your neck curve straightened? Did he/she do bending films and show any signs of abnormal slippage of the bones due to torn ligaments? These are a few things to look into.

Important to remember: “Low vehicle damage” does NOT mean “low impact.” Vehicle damage means nothing. Unfortunately your attorney may have bought into the “no crash no cash’ position successfully perpetrated on all of us by the insurance co’s. No scientific paper has found a link between the two. But many studies have proven the opposite. Most injuries occur at relatively low speeds <12 mph. Some cars can be crashed at 20 mph and not show any signs of damage while the majority of cars require impacts of 10 mph+ to show damage. BUT the human threshold for injury is only 2.5 mph. A crash of only 10mph is 4X the threshold for injury!

If you haven’t already done so, go sign up for my free online video seminar: The Truth About Whiplash or at Sounds like your attorney might also want to check it out. It’s based on info I have lectured to doctors and attorneys from oakwood legal group lip specializing in auto crash cases.

Get Started In Escape from Tarkov with these Useful Tips for New Players

If you are looking for a not so easy game unlike the usual ones that you can find online, Escape From Tarkov may be the best deal for you. This game is considered as one of the most difficult and challenging games in the gaming community. It comes with a high level of challenges and difficulties especially for beginners. Basically, Escape From Tarkov is a tough survival shooting game where players play a soldier from a private military who fights for survival in a sealed-off city. Since this game can be very challenging for new players, it is important to know some tips and strategies on how you can be victorious and successful in the game.

One of the most important thigs that you should put in mind once you start playing the game is that you should be ready to die. Escape From Tarkov, as mentioned earlier, is not an easy game. With just a simple mistake and it might be the end of your raid in the game. Bunch of buttons, doors, key controls are not so easy to use in the game. As a new player, you will encounter difficulty in getting stared and it will really require you to have a lot of patience. Hence, it is advisable to play a few rounds, stay tuned, and try to approach the gameplay very slowly, In this way, you’ll have more chances to succeed.

It is also important to be a keen observer in the game. This means that you should always take a close look at everything. Escape From Tarkov is a game that has a lot of various elements. Hence, it is your job to be open to any items that you ay encounter along the way. You could get decent items, eft money, gears and weapons. Apart from these, you could also get and see your hiding pace, different dealers, items, and many more. It is also an advantage to familiarize yourself with the gameplay maps. In this way, you won’t get lost and you will know exactly which way to go.

One of the key was for you to be successful in the game is to learn and master the important control elements. This is very important because Escape From Tarkov is a kind of game that doesn’t show key controls on the screen. Hence, not knowing the basic and important controls might be the difference between life and death. To help you easily learn and remember the controls, it is advisable to make a list of the most important buttons and place them next to your monitor. Surely, you will need in as you play along.

Last but not the least, it is also an advantage to plan your approach. It is not advisable to just go in any direction and look for loot an exit. It is important to plan your route in detail and follow your path consistently. 


Tennis Elbow Treatment Guide – Follow the essential to play!!

Sporting persons and everyday working people are prone to developing a condition known as tennis elbow. This is an injury which affects the tendons in the elbow and can cause pain and movement issues. There are many different tennis elbow treatment options available for sufferers of the syndrome. Whether it is a mild case or more severe, the range of treatments available should provide some comfort.

The symptoms of tennis elbow often present themselves in an obvious manner. The tennis elbow treatment options are most effective when they are applied to the area of the arm which is showing the most symptoms. If someone is suffering from this type of injury, then the following symptoms would be likely to be apparent. Elbow stiffness is the most common symptom, this is usually coupled with pain in the elbow which can stretch from the wrist, right along to the end area of the elbow. The best tennis elbow treatment that provides direct relief from this pain is either a cold or heat press directly applied to the arm or on the most affected area.

There are several other effective treatments for tennis elbow. The one that is appropriate for the patient is the one which is the most relevant and potentially effective. As the following are all natural remedies, then they may be used in conjunction with each other, if it is necessary to relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow. While playing the tennis game, several injuries can occur to the players. The tennis elbow can be remedied relatively quickly with the effectiveness of the doctors. The treatment is provided with utmost care and intelligence for easy movement. The charges of the professionals are less in comparison to other treatment for fast recovery. 

Tennis elbow wraps have become more popular over the last few years in the sporting injury world. These are a form of brace which are attached to the upper forearm and aims to provide support for the wrist and elbow joints and can be an effective tennis elbow treatment. These wraps generally help to reduce stiffness, promote healing and cure pain. Using this form of cure can help to promote natural healing and help the problem to subside in time. This will typically occur after several weeks of wearing the elbow brace. The inflammation in the joint, must be allowed to reduce completely. This type of tennis elbow treatment is effective and can prevent further damage to the elbow is applied quickly after the injury develops.

Hot and cold presses are another popular way to treat tennis elbow at home. These are designed for fast tennis elbow relief and not as a long term tennis elbow treatment. These packs can be purchased and then used alternatively to bring down inflammation in the elbow joint. They can provide fast relief or can be used as a temporary solution. Lateral epicondylitis is a condition which must be treated in the long term and cannot disappear in as little as a few days. This must be remembered when searching for useful tennis elbow treatment choices.

Perhaps one of the most popular and trusted cures is formal sports physiotherapy. This is often the tennis elbow treatment of choice for professional tennis players as it is particularly expensive form of cure. This option involves hiring and consulting with with a professional physiotherapist who can discuss exercises and therapy and devise a formal set of physical therapy sessions for the patient to participate in.

How Twitter is set to become a better place to do business?

Recently, as you may have noticed, Twitter has introduced some quality changes that seems to range from deletion of mass accounts and the suspension of accounts that appear to contain the wrong type of tweets. For a long time we have known that Twitter is capabable and active in suspending poor accounts but more recently there seems to have been more activity by Twitter that all adds up in our opinion to make Twitter a better place.

Tougher to do business in, but a better place. It all started a few months back with Tweetlater, now known as SocialOomph rejecting the automation of identical tweets and just a few weeks ago the update of user terms and conditions in a mass email sent out to all account holders.

It would now seem that this email was a kind of early warning and that failure to follow Twitter ‘Rules’ could result in an account being suspended and in the worst case deleted. The rules and regulations are followed for including ads examples in the social media videos. The warning about the failures and success is provided to the people for the posting of the advertisement in the videos. If there is any offence, then the video is deleted from the platform. 

You may wonder why it would matter. It matters if you are a genuine account holder and you have tuned the account for business development – or just enjoy talking to many followers. To lose a long list of followers would be quite a loss, not to mention that the name of the account may be precious and of course, for some, a high number of followers infers bragging rights.

As can be seen by the graph below the more followers you have the more tweets people make.

So now we know the main changes and some of what affects the quality of a twitter account, what can we do? – In a phrase – tweet more often! It seems that not only should your tweets be unique but the majority should be conversational and not include any links.

The acid test to me is that your tweets should ideally be RT’d (re-tweeted: forwarded by others). I am pleased to say that on many occassions our ‘offer’ tweets, those that contain links are RT’d across the Twittersphere.

These are technical considerations but where does that leave the time poor business man who is interested in Tweeting for fun whilst building up their network. Well I am pleased to say, still in the game!

These ‘rules’ are my suggestions based on my opinion and experience. Indeed, as we concluded with SEO and Pay Per Click, we can conclude that there are certain ethics appropriate to Twitter marketing that should be employed for best practice.

Twitter account holders needing to be more inventive and creative is not such a bad thing and in my opinion should help the market place. Twitter account holders need to create more offers and tweet more often.

So to help, we have compiled a database of 2800 ideas, quotes and jokes and set up a twitter account where we will twitter one idea, joke or quote daily. You can follow us at or simply check in for some instant inspiration.

For clients we deliver a unique set of 3 jokes, 3 quotes and one idea per day – plus bonus information – only useful to subscribers… It is possible for you to simply retweet the ideas and in the case of quotes and jokes that is all you can do. The objective however is to provide a joke, quote and an idea in order to spark your creative juices in order to lead you to use the quote, joke or idea as a stimulus to create a unique twitter blog post, standard blog post or even as I have discovered, to create video content.

Of course, quotes and jokes by definition are worth repeating and are not unique by and of themselves and simply retweeting is a possible option, but not the best one. The best outcome would be for them to work as a conversation starter that will lead to ongoing relationship building.

The intention is to ensure your twitter account is original and has varying tweets, some with links, the majority – 85% without.

The safest thing to autotweet is a quote. It is harder to autotweet a joke as jokes can have many meanings and often offend as well as entertain as a number of comedians have found out. The joke above, will no doubt offend some of the French, although not intentioned, it serves as an example that could cause some offence.

Jokes are not always good for business either. Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but in my opinion, a light hearted approach with serious intent generally works well.

With regard to tweets with links, we need to get more creative. Often I find we are limited to what we can tweet as Clients usually have a limit of ideas and offers we can tweet about.

I have created a mind map dedicated to digital product development that you can download and use as the basis for creating digital proposals to attract enquiries.

It is intended that this mind map is only available to fee paying clients, so I can’t give you all the answers here. You can sign up as a Tweetmaxi client and you will get access to this and a ton of other resource material.

Most of the ideas outlined requires clients to do nothing apart from watch their in-box and let us know how they would like the content delivered.

If you would like us to help you further with idea development please note that this is a chargeable service that we are happy to provide if you want more help.

Discount on HCG

The HCG diet can be expensive. I won’t waste your time telling you what you already know about the diet: it works. But you can definitely agree with me that any supplement package you purchase is going to cost a pretty penny.

Well, I do a lot of research on these products, since I use them all the time. Yes, I am very heavy, and I have a lot of weight to lose. So, when I found Discount HCG Diet, I was curious to find out if it works or not.

The product is designed to work just like any other HCG drop supplement, but for some reason, the makers were able to offer it at a significant discount when compared to the competition. Yes, it works like other HCG diets do. But let’s put it to the test and run it through the ringer, just like every other product featured on this site.

The kit is incredibly simple. You get a basic guide, but other than that, you are only going to receive the drops. That’s it! You may also check some proven reviews online to give you more insights and ideas. This will also educate you about the proper way on how to lose weight properly and accurately. 

The diet is cheaper than the competition. In some cases, it is as much as half the price as competitors offering an identical package.

There’s a huge lack of information, which means you should only go after this product if you are already experienced with the HCG protocol. If it is your very first time trying this approach, it is highly recommended to pay a bit more for another program that will teach you the ins and outs of using a diet like this.

It can be really, really tough to adjust to surviving on only about 500 calories a day, and you are going to need to do that in order for this diet to succeed. As a matter of fact, if you were to take these drops and continue to eat a regular 2000 calorie diet, you would gain weight faster than you ever thought possible.

So skip this if it’s your first time on the HCG product, and get one of the kits that includes a full diet and exercise regimen. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money, gaining a ton of weight, and thinking that the HCG diet is a hoax.

There is no special offer on this product, because it is always cheaper than the competition. You can get a 21 day supply for $59. That is about half the price of many of the competitors. So, over the course of 21 days, you can lose about 21 to 30 pounds, very easily, for about $2 a pound. That is a really great value.

Lots of testimonials on the Disounct HCG Diet site, and they are all from people who are experienced with the HCG diet. This just verifies my earlier statement that this program is not for people who have no experience on the HCG diet.

Of course, if you have a friend who has gone through the diet before, you might be able to borrow their guide, or you could purchase a 21 day supply of Discount HCG drops and you friend can provide some guidance. If you are short on cash and know how the plan works, then this is a really great deal.

Natural hair Extensions for daily use

Clip in hair extensions are the latest trend in fashion and soft and precious accessories for all girls and women, beautiful long hair like the stars they want. Are available in a wide range of different lengths, widths and colors and can be the right option to get a standard or wavy hair.

Many girls are now discovering the benefits of clip in extensions, especially since there’s only a glimpse extended this immediately, but it also has many advantages over permanent extensions.

Clip in extensions offer many advantages of permanent hair extensions. Really, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy a new look with clip in extensions, because they are quite affordable. There are various designs to choose from, and because they are not permanent, you can actually try on different styles that suit your personality.

 The daily use of extension cheveu can provide harm to the hair of the people. The advantages of the natural synthetic hair are massive to meet with the right results. Different styles are made available to the people with the artificial hair to generate self-confidence. 

Permanent extensions cost anywhere from $ 600 to over $ 2000. Apart from the fact that not everyone has the money for permanent extensions should be preserved and removed by professionals of the salon, which of course makes it even more expensive. Clip in hair extensions are the best options for finding affordable styles, ranging from $ 50 to $ 400. Even the high school girls can try clip in hair extensions, before you decide to grow your hair long, not really invest money on a piece of hair.

Another advantage with extensions of clips is that there is no need to glue these pieces of hair on the scalp or perhaps your hair. You don’t have to weave in hair part in your hair, so if you’re there. With a permanent hair extension Clip in extensions can be easily mixed with your natural hair without. The need for glue or weaving, which resulted in permanent damage to yourself this makes the application of clip in extensions much easier and less harmful to the natural hair.

This function is similar to many clip in extensions, because they are not final and are very versatile. Enjoy many women with short hair every day, because it is easier to maintain and clean, but want to have the ability of long hair for special occasions or a night on the town. Clip in extensions, in order to have this flexibility, and you don’t even have to have an appointment there. Since the extensions of different lengths, one day you can shoulder-length straight hair and the next day you can have curly hair halfway down the back.

Are all ways to make your clips, hair extensions are very useful.Some major benefits of clip in hair extensions are versatile and are a great addition to any outfit. Clip in hair extensions is for a special occasion or normal wear and tear, so that many women have long hair and have always thought wonderful. With so many choices on the market, are working to clip in hair extensions which become cheaper and easier. Everyone is probably the perfect hairstyle they want.

Do these errors with the clip in hair extensions?Clip in hair extensions are the latest trend in fashion and soft and precious accessories for all girls and women, beautiful long hair like the stars they want. Are available in a wide range of different lengths, widths and colors and can be the right option to get a standard or wavy hair. Many girls are now discovering the benefits of clip in extensions, especially since there’s only a glimpse extended this immediately, but it also has many advantages over permanent extensions.

Clip in extensions offer many advantages of permanent hair extensions. Really, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy a new look with clip in extensions, because they are quite affordable. There are various designs to choose from, and because they are not permanent, you can actually try on different styles that suit your personality.

Permanent extensions cost anywhere from $ 600 to over $ 2000. Apart from the fact that not everyone has the money for permanent extensions should be preserved and removed by professionals of the salon, which of course makes it even more expensive. Clip in hair extensions are the best options for finding affordable styles, ranging from $ 50 to $ 400. Even the high school girls can try clip in hair extensions, before you decide to grow your hair long, not really invest money on a piece of hair.Another advantage with extensions of clips is that there is no need to glue these pieces of hair on the scalp or perhaps your hair.

You don’t have to weave in hair part in your hair, so if you’re there. With a permanent hair extension Clip in extensions can be easily mixed with your natural hair without. The need for glue or weaving, which resulted in permanent damage to yourself this makes the application of clip in extensions much easier and less harmful to the natural hair.This function is similar to many clip in extensions, because they are not final and are very versatile.

Enjoy many women with short hair every day, because it is easier to maintain and clean, but want to have the ability of long hair for special occasions or a night on the town. Clip in extensions, in order to have this flexibility, and you don’t even have to have an appointment there. Since the extensions of different lengths, one day you can shoulder-length straight hair and the next day you can have curly hair halfway down the back.

Are all ways to make your clips, hair extensions are very usefulSome major benefits of clip in hair extensions are versatile and are a great addition to any outfit. Clip in hair extensions is for a special occasion or normal wear and tear, so that many women have long hair and have always thought wonderful. With so many choices on the market, are working to clip in hair extensions which become cheaper and easier. Everyone is probably the perfect hairstyle they want.

Fortune For Scorpio

Bold and busty or petite and feisty, this woman is unmistakable! She’s always the most dominant force in the room, she gathers people to her side like a magnet and holds their attention like superglue! She’s a, “Hide it and Ride it,” kind of gal: IF any thing intimidates her, any one at any time, the FIRST thing she does is hide it! The NEXT thing she does, is figure out how to get on top of it and ‘ride it.’ Once she owns it, it’s hers and hers alone: a job, a man, a friend, a goal, a prize or a pay off. She rises to the occasion no matter what the need. She is fiercely devoted to her dependant charges, whomever they are. She can place anyone before herself, if needs be, and then revert to ‘job one,’ in a heartbeat.



Try to sell, persuade or change the mind of this woman and before the end of the discussion, you’ll be the one buying, agreeing or converted to her way of thinking! Her motto is, “Save a horse; Ride a cowboy,” no matter how proper the exterior appearance may be. Tame this Stinger and you will have the thrill of your life or spend the rest of it trying to recover from the encounter.

Did you ever buy a piece of expensive real estate without, ‘walking around it,’ examining each square foot, poking into closets, sizing up each room, testing the water pressure, examining each tree, investigating the view from each vantage point, knowing the bottom line cost, the comparative investment value? No. Probably not, if you’re sane. Most of us never invest in a, ‘big ticket buy,’ without at least kicking the tires. But many woman blithely waltz into the arms of this entrancing man, become enamored, sold and vested without ever, ‘really knowing him.’ He is the most stilled pool in the Zodiac and still waters, My Friend, DO run deep! His ties to mother and family are critical, regardless of the success or failure of its history.

His image of himself, indelibly imprinted and rooted in the relative relationship to the, ‘authority figure of his youth,’ usually his ‘father,’ or grandfather. That dynamic, is your key and the place to start. Examine it closely and know all there is to know about its length, depth and breadth, for it will be the answer to what kind of husband, father, provider and companion through life that he will be, along with what level of loyalty and devotion you will receive. These men are dynamos in the bedroom, the boardroom and in ‘the good old boy network.’ The movers and shakers; so if you land one of these Big Fish, you’d better have the bait it takes to keep him. To learn more about your astrology, horoscope and any other related concepts, you may visit This site will give you more insight and Ideas about your zodiac sign.